Za Warudo Compilation - Fighting Games -

Za Warudo Compilation – Fighting Games

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00:00 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
01:11 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R
02:20 Fantasy Strike
02:57 KOF 2002
03:10 KOF 2002 Unlimited Match
03:43 Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
03:58 BlazBlue Central Fiction
04:39 Sonic Smackdown
05:00 Skullgirls
05:32 Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
05:54 Castlevania Judgment
06:26 Arcana Heart 3
06:47 Mortal Kombat 11
07:09 Mortal Kombat 1
07:39 Psychic Force 2012
08:03 Tatsunoko vs Capcom-Ultimate All-Stars
08:15 Yuu Yuu Hakusho – Makyou Toitsusen
08:57 Eternal Fighter Zero
09:12 Touhou Hisoutensoku
09:47 Guilty Gear Strive


  1. Izanami's follows the 5 second rule too. It's counted by her halo's rotation timing.

  2. ソウルキャリバーのザサラメールは?

  3. A non-fighting game example can be Tales of Graces' Cheria.

    Her post-game special attack allows her to stop time while hurling countless throwing knives at the enemy that won't close in until she allows time to move again.

  4. You forgot samurai shodown vi.

  5. Whats the name of the first game ? The jojo one

  6. Love Time Stops in fighting games that also stop the background music.

  7. Alguien tendrá una lista con todos los juegos??

  8. Doin elder Toguro durty by making him look like what he is… 😮

  9. Axl being able to stop time made no sense, whyd they add that?

  10. 5:54 this… this is very similar to the Part 3 opening what the hell

  11. Another time stopping character is zasalamel from SC6, kinda sad I didn't see him here

  12. Should've shown off the 22S specials of all the time stoppers and actually stop time. (Including 4taro)

  13. Wow…. I wasn't expecting a Dissidia Final Fantasy section in this video. That surprised me.

  14. HFTF nailed the time stop super with it gradually draining the super meter and the player can do whatever they want until the meter fully drains. It's a shame so few games have the balls to fully replicate it.

  15. you missed a ref in Skullgirls! Cerebella has a reflect attack that's the Jotaro finger point pose. It only activates on projectiles and is done with a DP input.

    There's also the jotaro and Dio colors, too, on Big Band and Eliza.

  16. Geiger's got that swagger when he stops time. 😂

  17. Its hard for me ro actually consider Somic Smackdown as anything…ignored

  18. I love how the title says "Za Warudo" instead of "time stop" lmao.

  19. I'd like to add that you missed A few more from Castlevania Judgement. Aeon can stop time during the match when his clock is glowing yellow. You can also pick the stop watch ítem with anyone and stop time.

  20. British dio be like “oi, the world innit! Sickle Storm!”

  21. no jump games eh? especially the ds one

  22. Axls pose when timestopping bro is it just me or is it a jojo reference?

  23. You missed izanami's "Hour of Nihility" super, that starts from a command grab, but the timestop lasts half as long while costing half as much meter

  24. What about zasalamel from the soul calibure series. In 6 his special stopped time

  25. Don McRon from Hyperfight also has one

  26. Why didn't you put Kof MUGEN's char Kulou? That character also stops time.

  27. Another: black mage in súper smash flash

  28. Most of principle behind the time stop: Standard, time machine, time power stuff….

    Chang: Fat and some awkward dance

  29. I totally forgot about Ultimecia. Besides her Ex-Burst that's shown. She also has her Time Crush. Basically Za Warudo but it's just the actual Time Stop.

  30. 9:02 How many Jordans can you stomp within the frozen time?

  31. ayy bro didnt include Valentine's counter (Skullgirls)

  32. Surprised no Zasalamel from Soul Calibur 6. He was one of the first ones I thought of, mainly because it's one of the cooler critical edges from that game.

  33. You missed Soul Calibur 6 Zasalamel super move

  34. Another za warudo type Attack is on M.U.G.E.N with wart and Daniel tiger

  35. Bruh sonic smackdowd basically uses the same sound dio uses for timestop

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