You're Not Actually Playing A Fighting Game Until You Start Blocking -

You’re Not Actually Playing A Fighting Game Until You Start Blocking

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  1. I don't know if blocking is the least exciting part. It's not my default mode, but defending against block strings and mixups feels tight imo, as an attacker or as a defender, like "yo, we playing now!".

  2. Jiyuna just saved Guilty Gear…


  3. Tell them to stop constantly throwing out unsafe moves while you're at it.

  4. I like the PSO poster on your back.

  5. If they wanted me to block they'd call it the BGC, Blocking Game Community

  6. TIL Americans aren't actually playing fighting games

  7. Remember bois n girls, the harder you press the button, the faster it comes out.

  8. Blocking is one thing, knowing when to block high or low is another… :')

  9. Jiyuna, how do you time wake-up reversals and instant blocks?

  10. Not that this justifies it, but… if they're anything like me then they're trying to wake-up super, missing the timing, and getting the stand-there-and-eat-it wake-up.

  11. i don't remember to block until i lose to someone around 4 or 5 times then its like a "oh yeah, there's more than just 3 buttons"
    then when i do block it still doesn't work

  12. Between this and S***am's videos I might just make it out of tower 4.

  13. you don't need blocking as a pot player all you have to do is eat paint to be immune to damage

  14. Lol, my two options on wakeup are block and dp (I try throw but often they are out of range so DP works better for me.)

  15. Potempkin approves of this video

  16. Meanwhile my little brother highest level play is, block n spam heavy…

  17. I run into people who would spend burst first chance they get and also spend all they're meter on rc just to not have to deal with something because they don't wanna block.

  18. Once you block in an anime game you lose the round 100%

  19. I can keep F9 with any character because I block

  20. Thanks for making this video. I'm tired of people doing things on wakeup instead of blocking and letting themselves get hit with pot buster. Stop throwing DPs and jabs, just block and get busted.

  21. Dude i was just thinking this the other day. I almost dropped the game because it was a spam fest. Coming from SFV I was really disappointed. So I decided to join the dark side and spam myself LMAO. Your absolutely right. 😆

  22. what annoys me about getting counter hit on wake up for trying to DP is not that my DP didn’t come out; it’s that my opponent thinks they “mixed” me with strike/throw. because of how damn near impractically tight the reversal timing is, i get punished for guessing right.

  23. One day I want to fight against you with my Dollar General Pot. (I promise, it's work in progress). I've also been having fun making bit badges and emotes from various screen shots of different GG games. The mini Potemkin bit is lit. +R Faust is a beautiful animal. I just don't understand why Faust is going through an edgy hot topic phase in Strive.

  24. Its a trap he wants us to block so he can grab us with sol don't listen to him

  25. I tried blocking, Jiyuna. My opponent was a Millia. It didn’t work. Did you lie to me? What happun?!

  26. This is true, I'm a shitlord and I've challenged heaven a couple times already just cause I know how to block a meaty. I'm also going to give you guys another tip, from an I-No player that has been getting too much stuff for free: sometimes, wake up blocking overhead against I-No. Seriously, meaty instant overhead for me has had a hit rate of like, 80%, please, block overhead sometimes.

  27. I was actually making this mistake too. I uploaded my gameplay and had a bunch of people point it out, and holy shit I felt like an idiot afterwards. Much better results.

  28. If I block then I get grabbed with a 2 frame grab wtf

  29. @2:36 "What's going on??I pressed the button even harder that time!" Felt that, love it. Cheers.

  30. blocking is a great way to build risk gauge so you can die in 1 combo

  31. Been blocking Ram pressure since I started watching the video

  32. Ya know ngl I've won hella matches playing sf4 bc ppl refused to block. It always confused me and I thought people just block so they don't take damage. Makes me realize how dumb people are in these games lol

  33. am new to GG, I know blocking is crucial in fighting games, but this game actively punishes you for blocking with Risc. not only that there seems to be way too many characters that can just push buttons with no repercussions (Ram, Sol, May, Gio, Axel) so blocking just feels like am setting my self up to get destroyed when my opponent eventually guesses right, especially since this game has very few reversal options.

  34. I once played a Gio who never blocked. After I washed him two games he started blocking. So I command grabbed him on wakeup instead. Chipp is funny

  35. honestly the hard part about blocking for me has nothing to do with meaty's
    it took me a while to finally get used to crouch blocking stuff, since in tekken that's just you asking to be launched

  36. Only solution is to give every character a dp which can be cancelled if blocked. There you go , no more meaties

  37. 2:43 What are you talking about?! Blocking is the most fun part of any fighting game. That's why i play them. When you are blocking you basically on the brink of death and there is no better feeling than surviving it. If you never blocked you never lived!! (at least for a long periods of time)

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