Your Guide to the Fighting Games of 2024 -

Your Guide to the Fighting Games of 2024

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Hey, Fighting Games! Pretty cool genre huh? 2023 was a banner year for the fighting game genre and its gonna keep on going strong in 2024 with a bunch of new releases, and ongoing support for current titles, so lets talk about what you need to know about fighting games in 2024 with this video guide!

0:00 – Intro

1:00 – Under Night In-Birth 2

2:32 – Tekken 8

4:05 – Rivals 2

5:05 – MultiVersus

5:43 – Blazing Strike

6:21 – Coreupt

7:18 – Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

9:10 – Street Fighter 6

10:39 – Mortal Kombat 1

11:32 – Guilty Gear Strive

12:20 – Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

13:21 – Project L

14:20 – In Closing


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  1. It is a great time for fighting games. If you are interested in 2D fighters I would encourage SF6, GBFV and GG. Tekken 8 is pretty much the only 3D prevalent fighter currently. Mk1 is ok, but I disagree with the cameo system relevance. There are only a few cameos that are viable. The rest are like place holders. Also, MK1's online is suspect and there is still quality of life functions that are missing from it that were found in pretty much all other 2D fighters at launch.

  2. Shout Out to NASB2, a hidden gem of 2023

  3. Love this for the fgc 😊under knight launching the same time as tekken 8 might be a problem tho.

  4. didnt wait for the hunter x hunter fighting game info to drop before making this video… big mistake………………………

  5. Woah Multiversus was such a let down, F for anyone that bought into the collectors edition

  6. We're all the way back baby! I'll see all of yall in ranked and at the majors!

  7. Whats your personal favourite fighting series?

  8. Rivals will NOT take the throne of Smash, it will be completely miniscule compared to it, as any platform fighter (except Brawlhalla as a casual game).

    That's not a slight on Rivals at all btw, the game looks sick.

  9. Dont know when you recorded but quan chi has been out for a while you only mentioned omni man

  10. Is any support for KOF15 expected this year? Or has SNK moved on?

  11. OMG Samurai Showdown is forgotten! It recieved rollback recently.. Might need to check it out.

  12. rivals 2 will be peak but nick all star brawl 2 is also a masterpiece despite lack of attention, fighting game players eating good

  13. You missed DragonBall Sparking Zero/Budokai Tenkaichi 4

  14. Nothing new on KOF XV? I feel sad… At least the new Garou might come out!

  15. Do you think Tekken is easier than sf6? It seems like you have much easier execution but a lot more moves

  16. fun times are sure to ensue when a video starts with "HELLLLLOOOOOANDWELLLLCOME!" thanks!

  17. I think one game people need to get into is Pocket Bravery that is a great fighting game. Where each character is a joy to play as. Its one of the more serious fighting games as well story wise. Its only steam at the moment though.

  18. One day… VF6 will be on a video like this.

  19. Heihachis daughter design I shyt

  20. Excellent video! Already sent a link to my friends who like FGs.

    I only missed Pocket Bravery's inclusion, I'm pretty sure they will be releasing characters this year and Rooflemonger had great coverage of the game previously.

  21. I recently have gotten into fighting games. Been playing Mortal Kombat 1.

  22. Ive had terrible experiences with getting into older games. I started with MKX, which was already to old and couldnt get into 11 at all. With guilty gear strive those issues didnt exist tho, great game of youre looking to pick up a game with a great community and gameplay

  23. hope MultiVersus will be available in SEA region

  24. DNF Duel probably the only that sadly going down….hopefully pick up steam again like Granblue did….😅😅😅

    P.s. Tekken 8 so close! 😮

  25. Tekken 8 looks like it will be the best fighting game ever

  26. Poor pocket bravery got forgoten 😭. It will get the console release this year and 2 seasons of dlc already announced.

  27. I am by far the most excited for Project L. No other game does tag fighters with two players one for each team member.

  28. As a fighting game fan with a potato pc, guilty gear strive and granblue fantasy versus rising seem my only choices lol

  29. Oh how I wish there was new bloody roar game coming out

  30. Roof my friend, I just gotta say that I get a little hit of serotonin every time I hear you do your intro. I always say hi back to you. Best intro in the business!!

  31. I don't like tekken
    It is the most boring fighting game ever

  32. Sf6 is my first sf game and i am in love with it

  33. I've been a sub for awhile now and everytime I get back into fighting games I always watch your videos. I think you are one of the best content creators for anyone interested in any fighting game. I think your videos serve kind of as a "gateway" for fighting game newcomers and are great for people just learning about a fighting game they are interested in, and if that one game they are interested in hooks them, then they join the community. Also, when Project L releases definitely drop as many videos as possible on it (lots of views and channel traction) because you know every league of legends and valorant player and their momma is gonna at least try the game once.

    Thanks for the videos and I hope you have a good 2024 year and many more!

  34. Been playing a lot of Garou the past few weeks, would really love to see how they could bring that game into the modern age

  35. great video, but the expression is "long in the tooth" lol

  36. Fatal fury city of the wolves the future. What does that mean the future?

  37. Oh man is diesel legacy not coming out this year ):

  38. I’m a complete beginner in the FGC, I know I’ll get destroyed at first but that’s part of the process. I’m looking forward to the new DB game, but I’ll try GBF first. Great video.

  39. Really need some Virtua fighter! It’s perfect time

  40. what is the song when streat fighter part was playing

  41. Can you please do a video where you compare Tekken 8, SF6 & MK and explain their mechanics and try to somehow give us an idea which one is harder!??
    If that even can be said because at the end of the day they are just different I think and it can't be said which is harder…

  42. I would pre-order Coreupt should it ever drops on Xbox!

  43. Fighting Games blew up in 2023 to say the least, and its gonna keep going strong in 2024! So in this video lets talk about whats coming up, whats getting ongoing support, and maybe a little bit of a look into the future of the genre of Fighting Games!

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