Your guide to the Fighting Games of 2021 -

Your guide to the Fighting Games of 2021

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Fighting games! Turns out a fair bit of the fighting games of 2021… were the fighting games of 2020! We all know how 2020 turned out so lets try this again 🙂

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Guilty gear strive
1:59 – The King of Fighters 15
3:05 – Coreupt
3:45 – Hellish Quart
4:57 – Street Fighter V Season V
6:01 – Samurai Shodown Season 3
6:36 – Tekken 7 Season 4
6:55 – Dragon Ball FighterZ, more characters
7:12 – Virtua Fighter x Esports
8:09 – League of Legends Project L
9:13 – In closing


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  1. Melee constantly being updated too! We got rollback doubles now and ranked is coming out this year too!

  2. Why can't they give us a jojo hftf remake I beg the gods please

  3. Surprised you didn't talked about Die by the Blade. Not only is a spiritual successor to the Bushido Blade series, it also features mo-cap animations and downright looks eons better than Hellish Quart.

  4. Hellish Quart: Hold my beer… Nah

  5. Excited to get my ass whooped in my first guilty gear ever.

  6. man, I can already see the GG playercount on steam going to the low 200´s after a month of the release lmao

  7. This is the year… a current gen MvC2 release! Come on baybee!

  8. Kiryu about to be busting heads in Virtua Fighter!

  9. I really wish someone would promote fighting ex layer, it is so much better than Street fighter 5 and is on the psn sale.

  10. Does anyone know if giovanna is a charge charecter or more of a shoto

  11. Hellish quart reminds me of the deadliest warrior xbox arcade game

  12. 6:28 no it isn't, I made the mistake of buying this dead desert of a game and I can't expresse my regret enough.

  13. I don't know why I'm watching this, I won't ever touch a fighting game, not even with 10 foot pole…

  14. Skullgirls is also getting a new character soon
    I hope this ultimately revives the community again and continue to grow

    Thems Fightin Herds too with the new pirate-ninja goat character

  15. You forgot about Phantom Breaker Omnia and the three remaining Smash Ultimate characters.

  16. Never played guilty gear but it looks soooo gooood! For sure im going to play it at launch

  17. I'm getting my first ever pc in march so I'm super hyped for Guilty Gear.

  18. Guilty Gear Strive is amazing, it´s the best game in that list

  19. Tbh capcom should make a new darkstalkers that would be cool

  20. Oh and the League of Legends game, it can't touch the kind of brandability Nintendo possesses. Even if it had an installed base of a hundred million people Pokemon is the highest the highest selling media out there not Star Wars not Harry Potter not even Marvel is worth more.

  21. I somehow missed this upload lol, but much love for the Coreupt coverage. You really have your ear to the ground Sir Roof. I tip my hat to you.

  22. I watched leffens vid about the fighting games of 2021 and the only one he really seems to love is smash melee.. im sure there has to be more great ones.. im new to the FGC so I hope its not dying

  23. I really want to get into the fighting genre but I need a new and fresh game with a fresh community for PC. Does anyone have suggestions, I really want to get started with fighting games.

  24. Guilty Gear Strive looks absolutely stunning! ive never played a Guilty Gear game but id want to play Strive.

  25. Ahh yes all the games i can't have cuz i own a switch

  26. Faust can make people grow afro?! I know who I'm gonna play in GGS!

  27. KOF XV got delayed and there's only suffering

  28. I refuse to buy street fighter 5. Screw them and their crappy business practices.

  29. Just picked up SamSho and love it. Great gameplay and characters. While I like the art direction of the game I can’t help to think how much better it would be if it had Guilty Gear style graphics. Would love to see something like that for Samurai Showdown 2 (if they make it).

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