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Capcom made a unique wrestling fighting game called Ring of Destruction that features professional wrestlers and it ACTUALLY plays like a fighting game! This underrated fighting game has so many unique elements to it. I truly loved playing it! Have you guys played this game before?

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  1. So was this the sequel to Saturday Night Slam Masters?

  2. Yo this game is fire! Never even heard of it but I want to see more. haha

    Can't complain about command grabs if EVERYONE has one. haha

  3. Play the first one I like the freedom of movement better in Muscle Bomber 1

  4. Plz do part one.. SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS… MUSCLE BOMBER: BODY EXPLOSION 💥..has oni and no way..plz try other characters..u know u keep videos short n very 🧁 sweet..but if possible u think u could do more with other people ya know n that shows ur talent/skill plus we get to experience it and those sweet moves

  5. I never play this or the super Nintendo game, but the best wrestling game on arcade is WWF WrestleMania the arcade game without doubt.

  6. 8:40
    El Stingray is like Rey Mysterio, Scorpion is a mix between Tinieblas and Tiger Mask

  7. Do Weaponlord for Sega Genesis or Mace: The Dark Ages for n64 next, please.

  8. Yo Jay out here playing Saturday night slam Masters that Game is God tier bro I'm happy you were playing it bro

  9. This game had as character designer, if Capcom ever makes a sequel they should hire him to make more characters and if they really want to step up his game, they could put Kenshiro and Raoh as DLC.

  10. This Looks awesome. Never heard from this Game. Hey Justin, why you dont make a mini tournament via fightcade with RoD just for fun? 7 days for Training and then begin the k.o. phase 😬

  11. If haggar and ortega didnt have infinites this game would be the best old school capcom game imo

  12. I was just talking about this game online. A shame Capcom didn't include it in the upcoming fighting collection, it is really great.

  13. Sir, what is going on with the nose pads on your glasses?

  14. Is this a sequel to Saturday night slammasters

  15. I noticed the fireball with the hair guy is an old wrestling trope of spitting ink in the eyes of the opponent. The jumpy state is supposed to simulate blurred vision on your part.

    Also did you notice your guy's fireball is a Spiderweb which attracts your opponents to you as well as damage them.

  16. I've been wanting Capcom to bring this to their various collections for years.

  17. If El Fuerte doesn't return to SF6, we need El Stingray.

  18. Idk why this game Hasn’t been remade yet, another hidden gem on Capcoms list

  19. Why this game isn't on Capcom fighting collection is beyond me they should of put this instead of puzzle fighter smh 🤦🏿

  20. Plot Twist: Black Widow here is a She.

  21. Man, it's a shame we don't see any of the Slammasters in a Capcom Crossover fighter. As much as I love Mike Haggar and Alex we could certainly use more powerhouse/grappler characters.

    Hell, a high-flying luchador-style fighter would also be a nice change of pace. ^^

  22. Bro, Justin be out here learning new games, just to wash players who've been playing for years. That's crazy.

  23. If Zangief was in this game Capcom would of have to give him a fireball and a anti air…that's too much for Capcom to handle Justin🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. I just realize this almost when the video is about to end…..he is not playing the CPU,he is playing an "actual human opponent'!

  25. This game was the sickest. I hope it makes it to Capcom Classics Collection with netplay – it's HIGHLY underrated and super fun, and I wish it got a sequel. This is where Haggar gets his MvC3 moves from!

  26. You alright with that? Grapplers with fireballs and DP? Lol!!

  27. As a huge pro wrestling and Capcom fan, I want a remake of this so badly, especially with all the possible inspiration they can use for the current roster, as well as potential for new wrestlers!

    Also, Black Widow is actually a woman! It's revealed in her ending

  28. hear me out. low budget sequel. bring back the characters. add in r. Mika, gief, and Alex. that goes well, dlc with Honda balrog, Hugo and poison!

    no need to give it re graphics or anything, just a slick stylish 2d update like a Skullgirls or something just to gauge interest. let the rope mechanic be the game's gimmick and maybe add a jumping off the top mechanic for kicks. if it works, you have an avenue for sequels

    AND if gives you time to develop potential supers for other games

  29. Hey Justin, if you want to tap into a couple really great underrated fighting games that I never see brought up, Chaos Code, and Nitroblasters. Check those out man, great mechanics

  30. You should play some Primal Rage for us. Great graphics and unique controls

  31. A grappler with DP and Hadouken… isn´t that SF4!Seth?

  32. B. Widow's got the juiciest legs I've ever seen I'm in love.

  33. ortega looks like he is wearing boxers several sizes too small, and his penis is just out there

  34. They should redo this and add the current grapplers like Abel, zangief and definitely Alex and Hugo, is this where Alex super came on sfv from with planting you in the ground?

  35. Looks like fun – I'm surprised that it isn't in the Capcom Fighting Collection.

  36. Sir Justin Wong i really loved your professional skills and gameplay in fighting games but this game pure garbage don't waste your skill in such a garbage fkin game like this, the first Slam Masters is way better than this pathetic garbage game this game is the 💩💩💩 itself

  37. "Ring of destruction"
    gets immediate yugioh 2005 PTSD thank god they banned that card

  38. This game is pure garbage, pure trashy, pure 💩 the first Slam Masters is way better than this piece of garbage. This garbage become fighting game trash they removed the wrestling elements and placing with a garbage features, Pro players is just wasting their time in a garbage game like this

  39. Why is Black Widow look like Platinum Sperm from One Punch Man? Is it just me?

  40. 8:02 Ha ha ha ha ha ha… xD
    8:20 The character has the mask appearance of Tineblas (famous mexican wrestler).

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