You Don't Need Much To Be Effective In Fighting Games -

You Don’t Need Much To Be Effective In Fighting Games

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  1. so glad this popped up on my recommended, absolutely love the content

  2. I will probably eternally be a spectator to fighting games. They look cool, but are absolutely grueling to learn. I tried to learn SFV and spent hours learning a characters combos and watched videos to learn. Just to get absolutely stomped out like I walked away after character select by someone in the lowest rating. I went to Discords, Subreddits, and spoke to people to try and learn but nothing really clicked. So I felt content just playing something else. I don't have any friends that play fighting games so online was really my only choice.

  3. Great video bud! I think the harder approach is accepting your loses and not getting frustrated

  4. Was about to comment how much I needed to hear this but a lot of people already did that so I'll just go back to spamming 2A

  5. Combos and all of that stuff are ways to capitalize on situations of advantage. The harder combos, as an example, are more effective when it comes to cashing out as much damage as possible.
    But a lot of times they require specific set ups, or some other things. The easier combos will still let you capitalize, and since they are easier you can care less about the combo itself and focus more on creating these situations of advantage. The game is about creating these situations, combos are a consequence.

    When i learn a new fighting game i will usually try to learn like, basic mechanics, an anti air combo, a bnb and try to get a hang of how the game is played. Once i'm confortable with the game and the tools, i'll start to try the harder combos, and start to incorporate other mechanics.

  6. This is so true, bro, i have been playing fighting games for 20 years probably, i'm not a pro player but i realize that there is a perspective that fighting games are about those 20 string combos, for me this is the least important, every time i play a new fighting game i just go in training mode for 15 minutes, find a simple combo that i can do, see the normals and go online, i always lose the first few matches, because i know that i'm not used to the flow of the online environment, and my muscle memory isnt there yet.
    The other problem its that, people new to the genre dont think that much of what they're doing, they just repeat what they learn, and commit the same mistake every time, fighting games are a constant thinking game, they dont think as to, why am i always been punished when i do this move in this situation, and because of that they perceive fighting games as hard because they are getting bodied every time in a match, and i feel like the games in other genre they make you feel awesome without putting much of an effort in it, fighting games are the total opposite, you have to put the work in it, but when you do and see that your effort is worth it, you'll fall in love with this genre, its all about the mindset imo.

  7. The hardest thing about fighting games is being comfortable with sucking for a long ass time. You will lose and you will lose a lot. There is no one else to blame but yourself. Team games are easy to pass the buck and blame someone else, never yourself. This took me a long time to understand and it's the reason I only play fighting games now at the age of 38. I like seeing the improvement in my game. I feel like I accomplish something every time I play.

  8. Great video man, hope you cover melty blood when it comes out

  9. Great video man keep up the amazing work

  10. As a complete beginner of the genre what I DO need to know?

  11. Hahaha this video makes me so happy. G'job.

  12. Damn this truth made me sub, you spitting out here boi.

  13. The moment i was like "I wanna buy Melty Blood, but i afraid of people who's just gonna casually destroy me", you make this video. Thanks.

  14. The tip of take things you can do and discard the rest is so important in any activity. I used to think that way with shooters and MOBAs and now when I watch top players play my character I use the stuff I can see working. One addendum tip would be to learn what all your moves look like, especially in a game with proximity normals, it helps a lot when watching a pro to be able to see a combo they are doing and be able to write it down or just repeat it back to yourself for later.

  15. This why I chose Ky in every GG titles, because he's so simple and I can work around with all of his moves.
    Even tho I can't do complex combos or utilities his tools to the max, I still have fun playing him because I have a sense of control when I play Ky.

  16. Recently some of my friends expressed interest in me teaching them fighting games but they all have Xbox 😭. I'm probably gonna teach them with the next NRS game just bc it will have crossplay.

  17. Am never really good at fighting games so I always tend to just give up near the beginning. Getting bodied all the time can be a bit humiliating lol. Yesterday i tried playing MBAACC and one of my first few matches was against a Satsuki that bounced me around like a basketball (I tried playing Kouma bc he looked cool.) I'll try to not give up this time and keep at it. Especially since type lumina is around the corner lol. Just gotta learn how to deal with Satsuki as Kouma lmao

  18. "You don't need to know frame data to be effective in fighting games"
    This made me feel a lot better

  19. When i first player ggxrd i played ky.

    Literally all i did was 2k,f.s,6p,2h and barely even moved left and right. I confirmed those into knockdown and did basic girder oki, breaking the game down as fundamentally as it could possible be. I learned how the pressure works, when i had a chance to attack and when i didnt, After only a couple days of this i was already pretty comfortable to jump into more advanced stuff. Start at the basic level and you will be shocked how far you can get.

    This may sound stupid, but games like striver are harder to get into in terms of online. Its so easy to play optimal or near optimal that you have to learn way faster to not get washed online, while a higher skill ceiling in a game like melty actress again means that they arent gonna 2-3 shot kill you at quite as low of a level. Gives you a chance to learn neutral and pressure.

  20. I know this is another comment, but in some games there are characters that just have massive combo execution barriers. The classic is tekken with electrics, or certain characters that in order to confirm off many hits have to do some difficult link. There is real execution barrier to play at a decent level for online in many games, sometimes you have to swap to another character if you dont wanna deal with it.

  21. I love your videos lmao. "Man that shit looks hard and I got a job and kids"

  22. I think its important to note that you dont need to know how to do much to HAVE FUN playing fighting games. I've been trying to learn GG coming from Smash Bros, and yeah it does feel really intimidating and confusing, but it's still insanely fun to just mess around and hit buttons.

  23. For me is that it does have to click something in me. Even of GG Strive is "beginner-friendly" I don't like how it works due to me not being a fan of how GG works in general with things like Tension and Roman Cancel. Having the community pushing it to make all people tyring it doesn't help me either since I don't like to be forced to play a thing.

    I'm not a fighting game person. I like watching them from time to time and I try to play them sometimes (it doesn't help that between my IRL friends I'm the only one who is slightly interested in the genre and not even in a hardcore way) but I'm more of a Platformer and RPG fan, my mind works differently so I lack skill for executing a lot of stuff, sometimes even basic stuff.

    Somehow I did find UNICLR to be a game that works for me even if the netcode sucks. I just really enjoy playing Akatsuki when I boot up the game up.

    Maybe I'll find something even in the Melty Blood remake or the new KoF, who knows.

    Surely not in Guilty Gear Strive for me, that's for sure.

    Probably doesn't help also me not being a fan of PC gaming and I avoid using mods a lot.

  24. Thanks man, I really needed to hear these words, truly inspiring and motivating. Still the best FGC content on Youtube.

  25. Honestly man thank you lol. I've been playing a lot of fighting games recently and sometimes feel as if I lack what it takes to be a somewhat decent player for not knowing all the mechanics in the game or even frame data.

  26. Honestly after all the hours grinding melee and Strive and feeling like I'm getting nowhere in my practice sessions, I needed this.

  27. "Tekken's move list are longer than the time it takes to boot up GGST"

    Mankind knew they could not change the Loading Times,
    so instead of reflecting on their time, they talked Mad Sh*t.

    . . .

  28. "the best combo in a fighting game is the one combo you can hit consistently, without fail"


    if i crafted a grateful comment to praise each & every nugget of wisdom or observational humor you slip into your vids,

  29. you called smash a fighting game, im mad at you 🙂

  30. Gets me hype to put in the hours in Type Lumina – thanks!

  31. Hey man I've never seen any of your videos before but last night a friend that I've been trying to get into fighting games recently agreed to try out MBAACC and had me show him the ropes after years of "nah man I can't play that. Fighting games are just way too hard and I can't be bothered." After we played for a couple hours and he started getting decent with just the buttons he knew and his execution started getting better, he posted this video in the group chat and said it's what pushed him to give it a fair shot. I can't thank you enough for helping my friend get into the game, giving me new ways to share my love of this genre with people, and for those hours of fun I had last night. Thanks man and I'm gonna check out the rest of your content

  32. Fighters are always best when you are playing against someone of equal skill unless you are really looking to learn in which case someone of higher skill who is willing to teach you is a fantastic way to rapidly increase your effectiveness. Really all it comes down to is being just slightly better than your opponent in that match (like any game) the higher the skill and knowledge is the more likely it is to become massively lopsided.

    I just wish there were more singleplayer modes or even casual silly MP modes so that players could improve on basics without it feeling like work. Stuff like SC1-3 had for example. Ive always loved just taking fighters round to some friends houses and having a casual set but that happens rarely nowadays due to updates and DLC thats if its not digital only altogether.

    The games I have gotten best results in though for fighters are not ones I went into looking to be effective but ones I went into to have fun with and experiment with. If I am only having fun winning then I know its not the game I am enjoying its just my victories.

    Eventually you will hit a wall and have to put in real work to be effective against players you will face but I agree in that you can get pretty far with some pretty basic stuff. Its rare I ever look at frame data personally. Usually I just feel a move out and only if I still cant get my head around it I look at its data and properties and figure out how I can deal with it (and hope its not a rare case of extreme lopsided character matching).

  33. I play Nago in Strive. I only know one combo and I got to floor 7.

  34. I had a similar experience trying to learn Zato. The first few matches I went into, I came to the conclusion that I'd have won the majority of them if I could just actually do "Zato offense", but then when I tried to do that, I got way worse and went on losing streaks against low-ranked players. This of course isn't really a bad thing in the long run, but it was pretty discouraging until I changed my approach and started trying to use moves that I wasn't using. I can still barely do any of Zato's oki but at least it finally kind of feels like I'm actually playing the game.

  35. Thanks for the beginner friendly content, it's helped my mindset, and I have improved a lot. I have a friend that's like you, convinced me to pick up strive when it came out. I always thought I hated fighting games and that they were too complicated for my monkey brain. I used to go 0-30 but now I can finally take some sets.

    One question I have is how do you take what you lab and apply it to your real games? I spent a lot of time in training mode w different setups/combos my friends use on me and I'll figure out a way to play around it or counter it, but once I'm in the match I just completely forget, or don't think about it. If you're going into a match with some concept you wanna master do you just go in with the attitude like "fuck it. I'll take that DP to the face 50 times as long as I counter X concept I've been labbing" ?

  36. Liked for the eloquent usage of “nigga”.

  37. You don't need to use every mechanic to be decent at games, hell I didn't use Faultless defense intel just under a year of playing Rev 2 and rarely used Roman Cancels as well.
    And in Under Night I rarely use shield and that grd charging mechanic

  38. In the efforts of having full information here, it's very understandable that you can do decent in Tekken 7 without doing Korean BackDash.
    It's the Tekken entry in which KBD and sidestep are at their least effective, by dev design.

    I'd say the closest 2D fighter equivalent is someone who can't do consistent motion input specials playing Granblue Fantasy Versus. If your other fundamentals are on point, you can still outplay someone who is doing all the motion inputs well.

  39. This rings even more true when you consider the oldest fighting game, Chess, is still continuously played at all levels of play despite being centuries old. You just gotta play the player in front of you.

  40. This video has given me the confidence to continue playing type lumina. I get my ass usually handed in online matches but hopefully i'll get better at it with enough trial and error.

  41. Honestly, I feel the best ways to learn fighting games are to watch what others do then go online and lose, u watch other to figure out what u can do, and u go lose online to figure out what u can't do, after a while, u start to win more and more

  42. I heard that all you needed was sole good pokes and an anti-air, so when I bought MK11 on sale I saw Jade had a ridiculous anti-air and thought “ok, this should work” and man she carried me so far lmao and in Tekken I realized I had to do LESS not more! Sometimes just flat-out stand still until it’s my turn to press

  43. Its a shame that this only has 8k views you explained things so clearly and put into words the main reason why I like fighting games. Its all about you and the progress you make. More people need to see this.

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