You Don't Need Much To Be Effective In Fighting Games -

You Don’t Need Much To Be Effective In Fighting Games

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  1. Extra reinforcement to those still struggling:

    I climbed to the 8th floor in GGST as May recently hardly knowing directional input attacks (this includes that dolphins attack), grapple or combo. While facing dudes who combo and juggle the hell outta be for not blocking.

    Y’all should be fine.

  2. I don't play Melty Blood because it's intimidating to me, but because I never lied the source material it originates, but I do love Guilty Gear and I want to get into KOF and Blazblue

  3. It is so true. I play street fighter 5, only few people can do what pro players do. Many people drop combo, mashing, dont know how untiair even when that are ranked pretty high. Fighting game is demanding and has lots of depth to explore, but you don’t need to master all of them to have fun. Sometimes it is fun just to mashing and jumping sweeping everywhere.

  4. You may not need much but what if you feel you got nothing?

  5. finally someone who says that the fighting game genre is infact difficult. Honestly the only problem i find with fgc is that i rarely see any newbies, its so inaccessible to newbies that even the newbies that do try getting past the gatekeeping aspect of it, end up just meeting sweaty long time fg players, and yeah i understand theres no solution to that but it just makes you more aware how inadequate you are as a new player even tho its suppose to be like that. I wish i knew how i can find the answer of how i can just enjoy fighting games as they are, cause honestly thats all i wanted. You may be right that its more just in our mind, but cant help it… when you see youre the only one having filthy dirty inputs, seeing youre the only one inputting an auto combo, seeing youre the only one not able to consistently fire off a super after a combo, makes you think that you are alone. I feel like i've just been so overly conscious about improving since thats how the fgc has been badgering newbies since forever, the "ged gud" or scrub quotes… I understand thats just building up some bro level competitiveness with people but honestly for me im not really into that.. I just want to enjoy the game, and people saying how bad you are even tho its just for fun and good sport, does the opposite for me. thank you for this talk, Its not the first time i've heard it and someone else have said it before too, but i feel like us newbies just need it at times.

  6. This was perfect. I am in love with MB Lumina because of my love for the Nasuverse and my main Vlov is just the coldest character I have ever played. While I am only a D rank, I manage to boost my win rate from 8.5% to 30%. It is such a magical feeling when the feeling of combo and block just clicks somehow.

  7. used to play Lost saga and there are so much combo potential there's never enough time to learn them all let alone understand how each character plays. so instead its easier to just make up your own combo set and master that then move on to longer and harder combos with hero swaps and such.

  8. sick video man, I'd love to see some more game plan type vids for newbies like me

  9. I really needed to hear this. I’ve been struggling somewhat with this. I’m pumped for MBTL, had to pre-ordered it. I recently bought DOA 6 to help me get familiar with fighting games in general. Its challenging but the key is to not give up. I don’t have to work Thursday so ima definitely be on MBTL all day. Thank you for posting this. 💯

    Edit: I have always enjoyed playing fighting games when I was younger but I gave up on them to quick. MBTL is the game that’s going to help me branch out and explore more fighting games in general.

  10. As a newbie to strive and soon to be melty I disagree with the video but I respect your grind and love for fighting games keep up the good work

  11. This definitely rings true for me. I remember being put off SF4 because I couldn't do Ryu's DP FADC into Ultra and people online said you might as well not even play the character if you can't. (also the terrible netcode). Fighting games have helped me develop a learning mindset over time – I think that's something fighting games are uniquely well suited for.

  12. Very good message! Took me playing "dumbed down" Strive to realise it haha

    The one thing fighting games are really disadvantaged in though, when you are getting combo'd you can't do anything.

    While you're getting shot at in Overwatch you can still shot back, when you are attacked in StarCraft your units still attacks back, not the case in a fighting game.

    I think this is a reason why (some) fighting games are daunting.
    Also it feels kind of bad knowing your throw combo should be 22 hits, but you can only do 5 hits.

    This is why I think Strive is an excellent starting game for newbies, and I understand why veterans don't like it at all.


  13. I also am the guy that got all of my friends to at least casually pick up fighting games. I don’t think I will be able to talk them into Melty Blood though. They JUST night GGS and are still having too much fun with it, and actually want to to some tourneys in the future.

    I’m sure we’ll pick this game up in 18 or more months when it’s on sale sometime.

  14. Preach brother, preach 🙌🏻. Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work to produce such high standard/quality videos man!
    I started my fg journey with you and your videos on the GG Xrd Rev2 and i have followed you ever since. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 👍🏻

  15. It’s cool that your friends tried and liked fighting games. Unfortunately whenever I bring it up to my friends they just say some shit like “…why? So I can spend 400 hours in training mode learning a combo just to get bodied by some sweaty loser virgin online? Fuck that.”

  16. I don't think I've ever hit an optimized Magneto combo in my life, but I'll still pick him.

  17. @7:35 "Most modern fighting games have a fair ranking system in which they will match you up against people who are of an equal skill level to you."
    Not Skullgirls. And if you complain about that, the fanbase of that game will go mental on you for pointing it out as a negative aspect of the game.

  18. The thing that made it click for me and when Strive became the first of several games I've tried that I actually was able to have fun and feel progress in was watching a Sajam clip where he said to just start off figuring out how to sweep and how to anti-air. Is my Pot's damage nearly as extreme as it's supposed to be? Hell fucking no, but I can 2D->Megafist->Megafist the shit out of you and that has gotten me wins.

  19. This is why I picked up Axl in Strive. He doesn't have super long combos to get work done. Most of the time people online don't know what to do when I'm blowing them up from full screen in the floor 6 range where I'll likely stay.

  20. I will say as a complete newby to fighting games and still on floor 5 of Strive I do think just having most of the fundamentals down to decent proficiency allows you to go a long way. I have a friend who is super into fighting games and has been for years but I was able to win one out of three games against him just by using the basics to keep him from backing me into a corner for most rounds. I didn't know long combos, I literally forgot that half Ramlethal's move-set existed, but I could still be able to take advantage of certain game play elements to not be completely annihilated by a much more proficient player

  21. I think this is the result of the modern era of the internet and the abundance of available information and the mindset many people developed because of it.

    You see all those people who've been playing fighting games for years and their results of their work in videos or Twitch and (reasonably so) get intimidated thinking that the bar for entry is so high.

    I started to get my first real understanding of fighting games with BB CS and I didn't have much access to the internet at that time. So I just picked up the game from a shelf of my local store because the cover looked cool and dived into it, learning it by my own pace without any of those high expectations.

    Looking back I was obviously bad at the game but I didn't care and barely had anybody to compare myself to. Learning my first FG in such a way was a blessing I'm constantly reminded of when I see such conversations pop up time and time again.

  22. You're right, but you're also, really wrong. Dropping a new player into a 5+ year old fighting game is going to be hell for them. I know this from personal experienced. I picked up DBFZ two years ago when it went on sale for 20usd. I love dragon ball and the game marketed itself as easy to pick up. It has auto combos, just spam square, right. And you wanna know what happended?

    And I got my ass handed to me basically every single match. The queue times for matches were insanely long, and I rarely got matched up with someone at my skill level. I lost about, 70-80% of my matches.

    Of course, I knew I was going to get my ass handed to me by more experienced players. And I don't mind losing, as long as I learned something from the lost. Like, I should block instead mashing. Or wait, instead of mashing, or whatever. But some matches, I would just die from a single touch and my opponent would give me bad manners for not understanding the game properly. Frustrating to say the least. But when I did match up against a player at my skill level, it was absoutely a wonderful experience. The appeal of fighting games really opens up, when you finish a match, and you're analyzing tiny decisions on why you won or lost and going to use that knowledge on the rematch.

    Anyway, I'm getting off-topic. My point is, you should have mentioned, new/inexperienced players should play the latest fighting game. Because the player peak is ALWAYS on release day and slowly drains over the months/years. This increases the chances of new players playing against other new players.

  23. When you were saying you dont need frame data and stuff. Reminded me of borp from melee, mans is so good but looks like he just been playing for a week or 2.

  24. i really try my hardest in these games. I'll will only 10% of the time when i play any fighting game with bud. i always feel like like a waste of space afterwards, but he says he feels like we have GGs.
    so just try to have good games. fighting games always end in a binary win or loose, but that's just how it is. Just gotta do your best.

  25. I'm going to subscribe for more Melty Blood content.

  26. Yo great vid I feel like this also just applies to people learning new characters as well too many people are scared to branch out to other characters as well it is a great way to learn to fight against a character and adapt your style. Even if you don’t end up playing them in the long run.

  27. Facts. Take it from a guy who only footsies knows one combo and mashes DP like a god in gg acent core.

  28. God I am absolutely loving this channel, hope you grow bigger bro. I've only been playing fighters for a couple years and I still don't really consider myself that good, but I still fucking love fighters. I've decided that Melty is gonna be my game when it comes out though. I've been playing AACC nonstop to prepare, and I'm totally determined to get as good as I can in Type Lumina.

  29. This is so important! Feeling like I needed to know everything was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for me mentally. It held me back for a while, as learning everything at once is literally impossible.

    I don't bother with long combos usually, and try to look for favorable situtations on knockdown from shorter combos, as combos aren't really my favorite part of fighting games. That's served me for a while, but I'm starting to want to have to interact with my opponent just a smidge less lol. Looking to branch out a little more in that department with Lumina!

  30. Overcoming the mental hurdle of thinking you need to know everything to be even ok at something is important for life in general. I threw away too many years of my life (and I’m only in my early 20s!) not doing stuff because I was worried about being bad at it at first. Video editing, event running, YouTube projects, music, all these are things I wish I’d started earlier but am not afraid of being bad at now.

    Fighting games taught me that mentality. Whatever it is you’re wanting to do, just start doing it. Be bad at it. You’ll get better way faster than you think, and you’ll be glad you got in there when you did. Play some sick ass fighting games, they’ll fucking change your entire worldview if you let them 👌

    P.s. Brendan, your channel and a few other fgc creators like sajam and Maximilian have kept me in the fgc and striving to grow and enjoy the process. The stuff you’ve made means a lot to me and helped to both spark my love for fighting games and then keep building that flame. Thanks man 😊

  31. Lol gg players want people to try another fighter and migrate with them.

  32. More people need to do videos like this, Most of the FGC like, BIG NAMES are always like "Fighting games are really hard" or "this game is so hard than your hands can't handle it" and no dude, it's just a game, you don't starts bring a pro in a shooter, or a rpg, you need to learn, and adapt, or read, or even just, Put the damn tutorial, Then arcade and congratulations, you learned how to play a character, Now try to master that character, or don't, just have fun

  33. Everything you want to do in a fighting game you WILL learn to do, so long as you're enjoying yourself

  34. Wait how is Xrd considered one of the most difficult fighting games ever? Any guilty gear game before Xrd was faster and required more specific timing. That was an explicit design that they took further in Strive. That alone should take it out of the running.

  35. I love the energy here I just started fighting games this year.

  36. Great content as always and I know im a bitch for saying this but…Platform fighters should not be classified as a fighting game lol

  37. while i super agree, i wish you had footage of people mashing auto combo in uniclr or someone doing an easy launcher bc bc throw combo in melty.

  38. I got a job and kids…but i WANNA play that (speaking of melty blood)! Hope i can find the time and energy to get into it.

  39. Wow you don't want to play fighting games? smells like bitch in here

  40. I'm actually picking up Melty Blood from Super Smash Bros Melee. Both of them have insane learning curves and are extremely mechanically deep. Only one of them will give me carpal tunnel though.

  41. Where’s the Battle for the Grid content

  42. I love watching fighting games and those cool moves but am indeed intimidated by the amount of work to put into the game looking i know what im doin lol. Anyway i found you through your meltyblood videos recently. What do you think wich platform should be the best choice to pick up this game?

  43. I vibe with that attitude. I always thought FGs are so effing hard, but ever since I started playing DBFZ I changed my attitude and am so happy with it :v I know there are tons of combos that I can learn and optimize to kill my opponent faster – and that's great I love that aspect of FGs – THE POSSIBILITIES! – but at the same time I'm more than fine with using that one generic combo with hard knockdown that works with 99% of the cast and sometimes add some character specific flavour :v same with Tekken, one combo and just knows what to use when and let's go :v
    Guilty Gear? So many games where I didn't even once use RC – but I'm Pot so… yeah!
    Now? Can't wait to grab Melty Blood and learn that one generic combo for my character and see what I can do with the basics 😀

  44. I feel bad for all the gatekeepers who claim Smash isn't a fighting game. It's an incredible game that's easy as hell to get going in. You don't even need to hit practice mode to start!

    Even if it's not your cup of tea, it's a fun game everybody at least kinda knows, like a lingua franca, so you can play with people who would normally be terrified to play a fg.

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