You Can Fuse Characters On This New Anime Fighting Roblox Game -

You Can Fuse Characters On This New Anime Fighting Roblox Game

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Today I play a game where you can take powers from any anime character
and put it into 1 character.

Game Link:

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  1. Hi noclypso, you should try out a roblox anime fighting game called anime battle arena it is very similar to this game

  2. When all the current animes get a chance to use the fusion dance and the potara earrings:

  3. Pretty much all the gam dis really missing is UI. They really need to work on UI or else people just ain’t gonna get that good visual experience as you would with for example GPO.

  4. Its kinda like jump force you can put others characters skills on your set

  5. That intro song bro i need to know what it is

  6. Hay can I play it on mobile pls someone tell me

  7. Hay can I play it on mobile pls someone tell me

  8. Does anyone know the song name @noclypso please tell me it sound lit

  9. The fact you can’t play it on mobile bruh 😐

  10. [ROBUKS.CLUB] - 👈Free 20.000 Robux says:

    I’m grateful for your assistance.

  11. The day he records ABA the day he becomes better at comboing

  12. space ripper eyes is from jojo bizzare adventure part 1 phantom blood final epsode

  13. Your the king of intros so many people copy you but we know your the best at it 😜

  14. this vid was made on my birthday im 12 now btw also how do i play this

  15. Space ripper stingy eyes is from the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, it's an ability used by vampires

  16. Bro it's been so long and your still fire at making these vids

  17. Hey so lately lately have been seeking alot of anime edits that people put as their intro but your it's differ its actually originally good intro man

  18. I can't find this game I searched it up on Roblox but I didn't come out. Why

  19. I can’t find the game is it only for computer?

  20. i cant wait to play this game when its get over whit maintenance!

  21. Bro how do you not know that space ripper stingy eyes are dio's vampire ability man get good.

    I am JOKING.

  22. sounds like swap force when i look at the title ngl.

  23. Anyone notice they got they same Chunin exam map as "Anime Force"?

    Even though neither of them are out yet, that's a lil sus

  24. Space Ripper Stingy Eyes are from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by the way(at appears in part 1 and 2)

  25. Would've been dope if it was an mmorpg or rpg type game where you adventure around the map lvl up yk and you can learn different skills for different Anime characters it can be like ffa and mmorpg sorta like an arena mode and an adventure mode

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