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Worst Fighting Game Characters | Triple K.O.

Triple K.O.
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Welcome to this episode of Triple KO! Triple K.O. is a weekly fighting game podcast featuring Matt McMuscles, Maximilian Dood, and Justin Wong. Matt, Max, and Justin discuss their thoughts on who they think are the worst fighting game characters.

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  1. Drhamin in Deadly Alliance is actually the best character in the game and broken as hell.

  2. i know this is old dated but i felt attacked with the Vega comment… i think capcom was like Tekken has bob we need that but they did not understand that that Bob was fit and he is actually a good fighter who got out of shaped but still packed a punch the guy has a cool story.

  3. Coming back to this to see if Matt ever ate his hat since Sylvir Paula Paula came back.

  4. I don't understand these complaints with Zangief being high tier. He's rated very low in every Street Fighter he is in except for the three Alpha games. And even in Alpha 2 he's only rated mid. Alpha 1 and 3 are the only games Zangief is actually rated top tier in.

  5. I am not good at fighting games but I always love playing the weird and wacky fighters noone else wants to use.

  6. I never find out about these channels when they're announced/brand new, but I love them, 3 Legends imo 💪

  7. 25:15 "His outfits so tight" From the myway production video…Legendary

  8. "If Sylvie comes back in SNK I will eat my hat."

    I hope the hat tasted good.

  9. Gief has barely been changed because you don’t change PERFECTION

  10. Did Matt make a video of him eating his hat? Because we got Sylvie back!

  11. Finally! A fellow Iori despiser! Thanks, Mr Wong!

  12. Can't wait to make my own fighting game and see how gamers think. At least the good ones

  13. Time to eat that hat Sylvie is coming back!

  14. Based on your logic at 1:22:03 @Maximilian_Dood I’m gonna say Arthur should be deleted because Arthur prevented us from having a Breath of Fire representative, specifically Fou-Lu, in a versus game

  15. No way, Yokai is an amazing character design wtf

  16. Sagat is a zoner and a terrible rep for Muay Thai, where as Adon actually embodies the close range and vicious nature of it better.

  17. I get TKO has to cover current fighting game news. But it’s episodes like this that I keep returning to

  18. I'm surprised they didn't mention Meat from MK4. I like him a lot, but i've never heard people talk about him so I get the impression that he was forgotten.

  19. Me watching this as they confirmed Ferra is coming back as a solo kameo character 💀

  20. Guile players are still pieces of shit!

  21. 39:50 I feel that Maxima is one of these characters that fits very well for the story, visual and mood of the game they are introduced in, but then they stop making sense when dragged into future releases.
    "K" and Maxima had a great synergy with the whole KOF 99 theme – you know, with Kyo clones being revelead, new early-cyberpunk-era technology being introduced on the villains side, all of that. Even Maxima clothes and default color palate goes well with the whole thing.
    The decision of keeping "K" in following games made sense for me because he carries that edgy and "visual key" style that comes with the franchise, but Maxima is just… out of place, imo.

  22. Is it just me, or does matt sound like exactly like julian from oneyplays?

  23. It looks like your view of Baraka was shared by the masses. It seems like they are trying to elevate his status amongst the tarkatans so he's not just replaceable fodder. On that note, I like that you guys factor back story into your character evaluation. I've played a ton of characters because I thought they were cool even though I spent substantially more quarters because they weren't actually good.

  24. Oh my god they mention Samsho and my brain immediately went to Kusaregedo too (that fat red thing.) Ugly design and playing a good one (or the AI) just combined everything terrible. Gross, grappler, fucking weird, loathesome personality, uses his exposed bone as his WEAPON, eats himself in his victory poses… ugh. Yes, i get that he was based off a type of Youkai but UGH.

  25. Adon's style is closer to real Muay Thai 🤷‍♂️

  26. Stopped watching this after Justin Wont said Zangief

  27. I'm impressed none mentioned Luke. His the Adon of the new generation without the high pitched voice. For me, Luke is the worst character because they are pushing him to be the main character

  28. I always thought Gigus was from Bioshock or something lol

  29. We are curious what your thoughts would be on our fighting character draft episode!

  30. for me it's Krohnen in KoF15 as gawd he's in pretty much every single Top 8… I even turn off if the final teams both have him in

  31. The Frank West take was a whiff, i love him, we should have more Dead Rising crossovers

  32. Matt, I'm totally with you on Drahmin. Always liked that character because of his lore, but I agree he was clunky.

    Havik i definitely liked because of how different he was. Dude mutilated himself to kick your ass. Glad they brought him back.

  33. As someone who has not played most of these games, please allow me to thank you for putting in the pictures of the characters you are talking about. I just opens this whole video for people like me who are only casually experienced with fighting games.

  34. WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT JON TALBAIN ANYMORE?! Why?! He’s a Kung fu werewolf! How can you not love that?!

  35. I know this is about 2D fighters, but firstly: Ganondorf and secondly I'm going to throw my own hat into the ring and say: Zorgulon from War of The Monsters. His only good move is his super: a probe that summons three U.F.Os to ether hunt down an enemy or to patrol an area and blast nearby enemies. That is the only good tool that isn't shared across the cast. To bad you can't use it very often as he has to burn his super-charge on a reversal/melee super to get people away from him as the launching hit of all of his standard light string is very easy to trigger by accident instead of a heavy string-ender and it is so ridiculously delayed that the opponent has time to block before it lands. And don't think you can bypass this by starting with your strong attacks as the first hit is even slower. Unless you have an item like an explosive, spear or a bloodening weapon or if you spend your super to send them flying (and it's the slowest one in the game so don't expect to land it all the time). Finally, despite being a ZONER, his projectile is slow to shoot and barely tickles the foe. Oh, and if the opponent is playing a top tier or Raptros, your fucked; Agamo can brush off his piss-poor damage and hits so hard that he can kill Zorgulon in two and a half light-strings WITHOUT using his torch, Robo-47 can out-zone him despite not being a zoner himself and if he gets into melee range Zorgulon is turbo-fucked as Robo has the best normals in the game whilst Zorgulon has the worst by a MILE and Kenteticlops and Raptros are a pick your poison: armouring through your reversal before hitting you with a stupidly damaging command grab with more range than you or being chased by a normal-heavy Rushdown with a fuckton of jumps and a super powerful flamethrower WITH AFTERBURN! Zorgulon is so ridiculously bad that not only is arcade stage 10 which is a one on three against three full-strength Zorgulon on a tiny map piss easy, but I also don't even think its possible to beat stage 5 with him due to it being a two on one against two Raptros on his worst and their best stage, meaning that if it weren't for the fact that Zorgulon is an unlockable like Raptros and they share the behind the scenes video for their endings, 100% would be impossible. He is the worst character I've used not just in fighting games but games in general and is a weird black-spot on this very good and weirdly balanced for something in the middle of the "fuck balance; just make the attack feel kind right" era game.

  36. I hate Gigas. Horribly underdeveloped character that stole some moves from Marduk until Season 2 brought him back.

  37. In KoF XV Athena with the pinchi when doing -> lk is annoying af

  38. The fact that Trish got into MvC3 instead of Nero and Lady will never not be mind boggling

  39. Max putting Havik on the same level as Hsuhao is insulting

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