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@WoolieVersus Is Getting YOU Into Fighting Games

Hold Back to Block
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WoolieVersus Is Getting YOU Into Fighting Games. We chat with Woolie Madden about his time with the Super Best Friends, creating The Baz, and his work in getting as many people as he can into fighting games.

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0:00 Intro/Woolie’s origins
2:34 Fighterpedia and The Baz
10:06 Friday Night Fisticuffs
15:37 Getting YOU Into Fighting Games
22:37 Credits/Patreon



  1. I miss Matt, Pat, Woolie, & Liam all playing games together

  2. woolie is honestly so charismatic. he doesn't feel fake, or like he's exaggerating any of his opinions to sound interesting. he's just an honest fanboy and it warms my heart.
    And also I will steal that sweater.

  3. Just noticed the Jojo merch. Fucking nice.

  4. Shoutouts to the hypest intro in anything in Woolie's Get into fighting games

  5. Never forget he got the one round on Diago in SFIV. Woolie the GOAT

  6. Now I do admire woolie for doing all this, but where did he get that shirt? I think it's also important to know where to buy something like that.

  7. Makes me sad that the FGC created esports, yet fortnite gets all the money

  8. If woolie does not talk about blazblue at all in this video, than this will be the perfect woolie video

  9. The problem with fighting games is the skill floor is so high in most of them that discourages people from playing, unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way around that. Plus there’s like a whole new language to learn to really understand a fighting game. It’s all just too much.

  10. As a Cambodian, I'm eternally amused by his racial grudge against the Canadian FGC Cambodians

  11. For me it was Sajam's video on the different way ppl learn fighting games… I had tried getting into various fighting games multiple times (by myself not a hangout environment) and always got discouraged. Sajam introduced me to the epiphany that you don't have to start off as a lab monster to learn a new game/character. Just pick someone you like the look of and screw around with them for 5 minutes… in that time try and find their best anti air and maybe 3 key moves. If that character doesn't play like how you thought reselect and repeat. Got someone you are cool with? cool. Head online for exhibition matches or play the arcade for fun/warm up. Over time I learned that I like command grab/bruiser characters and that saves me time going forward.

    Before that I would pick up a game (like say tekken for an extreme example) and think that I HAD to lab as a prerequisite to enjoy the experience and learn. I would youtube tutorials for hours on that character before I even touched them.

    TLDR: I learned that I'm not a lab monster and there are different ways ppl approach fighting games.

  12. This is all great, but Zubaz being MADE OF MEMES is amazing every time I think about it. Found in utter obscurity, long-rejected, he was given his very nature from a meme. He survived through the power of a meme. He ASCENDED to become a meme. Monsoon would shed a tear.

  13. I had always had a passing interest in fighting games, but guys like Max and Woolie has made me really, really love them.

  14. Please help grow FGC community in India!

  15. i first found out about Woolie in 2014 when he was on Co-Optional. i've been a loyal follower ever since. i actually got a chance to fight him finally in Tekken 7 earlier this year and i saw a clip of it here and had a "look mom! i'm on tv!" moment to myself just now lol.

  16. Always nice to see Woolie. Gotta love his genuine enthusiasm for fighting games. 😀

  17. Well, I was gonna ask if I could put him in my game but… guess that clears it up.

  18. FGC heads always gave me that old school big brother vibe that i could be myself around. I never got that in other communities, where everyone gave me the annoying little cousin vibe.

    Its great how the FGC friends I’ve made were all OG’s who played for the love of the game and didn’t move onto whatever was hype like kids nowadays.

  19. Some of his uncles and aunts are his age im guessing?

  20. This is the first result when you search “Woolie is bad at video games” and that was an autocomplete I just had to follow

  21. imagining Zubas in Street Fighter officially

  22. SBF got me into fighting games. It showed the wide world of the different games and the most important part: it's all about having fun and discovering new things.

  23. listening to casuals who had no interest in fighting games was the worst decision, people watch fighting games to see cool technically stuff & with the SBF commentary it was so much fun but dumbing it down to just button mashing to please smash kids was lame.

  24. Hold tf up, is that a Mista jacket😭Woolie a man of culture Ong

  25. Woolie has really became the big homie of the fighting game community, man has got me into so many different types of fighters

  26. You know, as much as the Zaibatsu disbanding was sad, I AM glad to see that every former member is making more of the content they wanted.

    Woolie gets to make more fighting game based content to introduce new viewers to the genre as well as keep that energy alive.

    Pat gets to stream more and lets his outrageous personality and sense of humor (as well as his amazing chemistry with Paige) carry him forward.

    Matt gets to make his informative, well produced review based content as well as dive into all the really bad obscure games he wants.

    and Liam gets to focus on sharing his infectious optimism about great game design.

  27. ngl i feel like woolie unknowingly gets more people into fighting games than Max

  28. I'd love a full-length documentary on SBFP.

  29. I love the memory this video gave me of being a kid watching two best friends and watching the latest friday night fisticuffs and it was Garou: Mark of the Wolves. And watching the video just falling love with the game and getting a emulator that day.

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