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Will Fighting Games EVER be popular?

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Coney returns with his long-awaited series, Fact and Opinions, where Twitter drops some of the most wild takes ever and gives his take on whether there’s some truth to it or if they’re absolutely insane.

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  1. The way Coney talks about human interaction is so jarring?
    Like, there are no conversations I handle better than talking about video games? I don't… understand. Like, why be scared of someone talking about a game you haven't heard about? That's awesome! Talk to me about the game, sounds sick as hell!
    The other person doesn't play the same things as you? Okay???? What's the issue? It is identical to someone having a similar hobby. I don't shrivel up and shy away when someone mentions having interests in something I'm not interested in, I talk to the person, find out what they like about it, and SHARE A CONVERSATION.

    Coney's on some weird stuff ngl. Not convinced that segment wasn't written by an AI.

  2. ngl chat was serving only misses this episode.

  3. i wanna give coney the biggest kiss

  4. Cant believe he cut my tweet out of the youtube video


  6. my favorite addition is the music names in the top left corner. I've been trying to find that Bowser Junior song for ages really appreciate it.

  7. 21:30 I actually know this one. If you suffer from ARMS(The ability/affliction) in the ARMS universe then you need to constantly wear one of those special masks or you'll risk losing control of your ARMS. They're given out for free due to how rare the ARMS condition actually is in universe. Hit me with that nerd emoji but I was super invested in ARMS lore.

  8. 5:30 "Sekiro is bad TO HIM because he doesn't want to learn to parry" Literally based a whole segment on a faulty microanalysis (former fact and opinion vid)

  9. 12:17 Every time I've been asked "What game do you play?" specifically in singular I know I was just approached by a League of Legends player.

  10. 3:20 I actually would love to see a story mode in smash ultimate and I don't mean world of the light but rather brawl story mode type

  11. Summary was generated by Summatim, let us know if there are any inaccuracies! 🤖

    0:01: People Lie on the Internet
    0:40: Fighting Games and Single Player Content
    5:49: AI and Entertainment
    9:25: Transformers Movie
    11:37: Talking About Gaming with Strangers
    12:17: Bonding over video games
    15:59: Most scripted TV shows are just content
    19:36: The Nintendo Cinematic Universe
    21:35: Too many content creators

  12. wow coney hasn't even heard of lost epoch I though he was a gamer FeelsBadMan,
    If someone plays a game I don't know I just think it interesting to hear their passion for it and learn about something new in a space I love.

  13. 2:48 You were right. The game already exists and is called Brawlhalla. The game on Steam has more players than SFV, Tekken 7, DBFZ, and GGST combined, and it seems that a smaller percentage of that game's playerbase plays it on Steam than those fighting games so the actual player count is even larger than that. Multiversus fell off because the game sucked, not because the model wasn't effective

  14. most if not all team games is free2play, that means a really easy to entry barrier: compare to you have to buy the game &
    that means a person who play like video games for like 10 hours in a year in total easier join your team and dont know the basic logic of video games and make the team you are on lose becuase of that the video "its rude to suck at world of warcraft" by folding ideas kinda cover this alot but free2play team games Really needs more gatekeeping from these people
    meanwhile fighting games honestly needs this issue team games has for make it easier for newbies to join instead of a newbie just got the game and had to pay money for it
    joins online match But the game is +3 months old now only tryhards is left in online and GG for the newbie they cant enjoy the game at all now join & people at around same skill level just prefer to play F2P games in modern games: becuase they dont have to buy it

    fighting games is the must fun at launch and become often more unfun later becuase of this issue they are honestly the genre that need must to be F2P out of any
    also anyone that played Overwatch1 & 2 that has noticed the skill level of the "average" has dropped ALOT when OW2 came ? : thanks free2play on that same happen with team fortress 2

    people who "buys" video games is more open to buy the video game becuase its theirs hobby so they is bigger chance to be better at video games but people who dont have that as a main hobby
    its those people reason why "team mate sucks" in a free2play team game and they are easier to join those games becuase you dont have to "buy" anything: had once a genji player( in OW2) who said they had a PC that can only run OW2 at like 5-10FPS but yet choose to join a Team game and ruining it for 4 others per game they are in games like these need the same kind of "gatekeeping" fighting games has honestly
    meanwhile fighting games suffer from the lack of bad/newbie players after like a month of release they need the "problem" F2P team games has badly
    becuase everyone can agree fighting games is at the most fun when both players is at somewhat same skill level

  15. Ngl coney kinda convinced me on the tv shows one.

  16. didn’t make youtube but glad i was picked for fact and opinion anyways. even if chat said i was wrong, Coney said Fact

  17. I really like the point coney was making with the off-putting feeling of 1v1 fighting games. Something about that initial anxiety and excitement is so addicting. I'll never forget that adrenaline of my first time getting into fighting games ❤️

  18. Dude please make more of this series 😂🔥

  19. Fighting games will never be as big because people want to be able to blame others for their Ls and it takes longer to become decent at them. Other games have your standard click to shoot/auto attack and a single button press to use skills while fighting games have like 4-6 main buttons that need additional directional inputs to use a skill/special.

    They need more stuff like Street Fighter 6s World Tour mode to reel new people in and convert them to long term fighting game fans. They need to find a way to make learning your buttons and general play fun instead of having them jump into training mode and labbing combos they can't perform in battle because they don't know how to get a starting hit in.

  20. The first question regarding a Zelda movie would be…
    Cartoony or serious?

  21. 15:30 Man, Coney is spitting. Thats actually really good advice

  22. It's is an actual fact that single player content improves fighting game sales. Marvel vs Capcom infinite outsold mvc3 abd umvc 3. Guess which one has single player?
    Mortal Komatsu since 9 has had a huge story mode and single player. It outsold tekken 7 despite being worse.
    Street fighter 5 having a single player helped its sales increase as well.
    The world tour mode on sf6 is the most anticipated mode in the new game and its create a character.

  23. I kind of agree with coney on the ai thing. The ideal use of ai is that it is used by creative to help in their work, and I hope some legislation to prevent art theft that AI's use right now, could help project this new frontier towards that ideal situation. Hopefully it becomes a tool that people like me can use to get ideas, perhaps using our own art as the input, to help see if some change of design would look good or not.

  24. A single player mode for fighting games wouldnt keep people playing once they are done with the story they will stop playing like any other game. An after finishing the story and learning all these bad habits fighting a real person if the match doesnt go their way like it did for hours an days in story mode they will very likely give up. Sf6 story mode will get people to buy an play it but its not gonna be what makes people stay it tends to be drive to imporve an the enjoyment of particular characters.

  25. The thing with AI is that everyone knows they can’t make human level entertainment, but companies don’t care. It’s cheaper, so they want to move that way. That’s a big part of this whole writer’s strike rn.

  26. It's a fight coney, you're going to have anxiety lol that's not a negative that's something that draws people in

  27. I think that first fighting games one is wrong not because fighting games are different, but because all of those games should have some kind of single player mode.
    Splatoon is an online team FPS, and guess what, it has a story mode! Splatoon 2 even got DLC levels! If it didn't have that, I'm not sure I would have bothered with Splatoon 3.
    When I got Overwatch for Christmas and found out it was online-only with no story mode despite all the cinematic lore trailers advertising the game, I was pissed.

  28. i think multiversus would've been a million dollar idea if it wasn't severely mishandled

  29. 7:02 at this moment of the stream, DougDoug was also live, creating an AI assistant in his own image using ChatGPT. Maybe Coney is spitting here.

  30. 3:00 erm editor he was talking about icons combat arena

  31. "would donkey Kong do as good as Yoshi?"
    Monkeys and Dinosaurs, Coney are you high? It's America

  32. The talking about games thing is especially weird for me since I find a lot of other women don't really have any idea what you're talking about, and a lot of guys turn it into some bizarre dick measuring competition where it doesn't matter how much I game, it's never enough to be a part of the gamer club. So unless I'm at an event and can socialize with other women or I'm hanging with guys that I already know and trust, I kinda keep it to myself.

  33. "Not everything need to be art, it's can just be content."

    I feel this applies to video games as well.

  34. Tafo is doing something interesting….. not running CLG

  35. Lmao hes right, now the popular kids are doing the naruto run in middle school

  36. absolutely loving the music track names appearing now, I will hopefully find out the name of that ONE song

  37. One of the best single player experiences in fighting games that I had was easily when I played BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 for the first time. Each character had their own story paths leading to good and bad endings depending on if you won or not, as well as a true ending after completing the roster. It gave me some many hours in the game and it heavily encouraged the player to adapt and play with other characters they might not gravitate towards. Idc, BlazBlue is good

  38. Also, here's the thing about the AI conversation. AI isn't being used for the boring jobs, its specifically targeting creative jobs (we are literally seeing it right now). Yes, AI won't have actual passion or expression, but for consumer bros who don't care about what content they consume, they won't see the difference. AI is targeting artists/creatives and it is a danger to our livelihood.

  39. Imo the biggest reason AI will never take over the entertainment industry is because it is so heavily reliant on pre-existing material. A human can take real-life experiences and use them to shape art, but all the current AI programs use existing art to make stuff. They have no style behind them other than what they ripped off from someone else. And sure, there's a lot of derivative media out there, but the ones that people remember? The ones that have longterm appeal? Those require innovation, something none of the AI people are working on are capable of doing.


  41. 3:00 bro legit ignored the entirety of Brawlhalla being an incredibly successful f2p platform fighter with higher prizepools than smash itself

  42. 2:51 he talks about a f2p platform fighter would make free money then says he was wrong but… did we forget about brawlhalla?

  43. We are definitely getting a Luigi mansion.

    I agree that we will have mario/Dk cinematic univers and possibly zelda, kirby and metroid movies but there is no reason to expect those to cross over with Mario. Maybe Kirby but I doubt it

  44. Fact opinions are just you agreeing with an opinion

  45. "I think there's enough good things in this world" -Coney

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