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Why You Should Play Fighting Games

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Thank you so much for watching! This is the first video project I’ve ever seriously tried to make and it was a difficult learning experience but I’m pretty happy with this all things considered. If you liked this video please consider liking and subscribing I plan on making more for the foreseeable future!

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Actor’s Anteroom – Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
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Touch and Go – Tekken 4
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  1. seen you on the recommended & subbed to watch this video this morning. good video!

  2. Tips: play on pc if you can. Have irl friends to play with you. Do not give or feed into the toxicity. Stay hydrated cause fellas get mad salty

  3. for this being a first video on a channel im really excited to see more content

  4. The internet is the great equalizer with fighting games. Panda put out a video today w smashers trying sf4 trials…watching them struggle hardvto figure out how to do a super was magical and shows how much the internet fixes the learning curb, there is no curb any more, just look it up and then it's muscle memory. They didn't look it up and the struggle was nails hard for them lolll

  5. This isn’t about the quality of your video but why do people keep putting ultrafight in their videos as b roll but no one actually ends up playing it

  6. Amazing video, I hope to see more from you in the future!

  7. Although that "learning" part haven't resonated with me yet because of too many stuff going on with my life now, I'm glad someone else got a happy ending out of it.

  8. The fighting game that really hooked me in the genre is Blazblue Centralfiction. Its also weird that my other reason why I play fighting game is because of rpg.

  9. since strive ive almost exclusively been playing tons of fighting games but man they make me salty sometimes

  10. I have seen alot of videos tackling this topic but something I liked a lot that you talked about is when you "broke" that barrier and started to view the games differently. Like what happened to you in melty where you started to see openings, when to punish/go in, etc. I know I had the same moment with dbfz and like you said in the video, it just does something too you. You start to see the games differently and I think it is at that point that a person really gets hooked into fighting games. Overall great vid and can't wait to see more.

  11. Really good video, looking forward to the next uploads

  12. Man, i really love fighting games. Specially Soul Calibur and the series of Marvel VS. Capcom, i remember when my dad use to help me to beat Inferno and get through the ending, i really missed the arcade.

  13. I've love to try fighting games, but I generally pirate my games so I'm lock out of the MP aspect. Though maybe I'll try parsec until I find one I get hooked on. DoA and Granblue caught my attention at least with Marie and Vira.

    Also, I agree with cute girl supremacy.

  14. The audio levels seemed pretty quiet in this video, but nice content

  15. I have spent so much of my time just practicing happy chaos in strive, I'm so uncoordinated with him but his style and flow is so compelling I find my selection gravitating to him.

  16. This is an obligatory comment to boost your chances to get blessed by the YouTube algorithm. Soon this will blow up and when it does you will get the credit you deserve for it.

  17. Is the original Melty Blood still popular today? I feel like a rarely see stuff about it online

  18. Fighting game content for a first video, I wake and sub

  19. This is your first video? You have a bright future man

  20. its genuinely absurd that this is the first video on your channel, the quality on this is so good

  21. "I want to do cool stuff with cute girls in fighting games"

    Oh man do I relate to this hahahaha!

    Great video!

  22. I haven't still found the game that completely clicks with me and I've tried a lot of stuff (Tekken, Soul Calibur, MK, Strive, UNI, MBTL are a few examples). Maybe it's my mindset that doesn't work with the genre. I can't put myself every single day to play a FG in order to understand something. Still to this day I still don't understand why I managed to do a thing, I miss a lot of motions and don't understand some of the mechanics of the games (Guilty Gear being the main example of game I really don't understand what I'm doing).
    The only time I managed to put a lot of hours in online stuff was with the Crash Team Racing remake but even then a lot of days I was dragging myself to play one hour to get points to unlock stuff more than actually having fun with the game and whenever I had the chance I switched to a different genre like a platformer/JRPG/metroidvania.
    As far as fighting games themsevles, the few that I liked a bit more (outside of single player content) were UNI and MBTL for me finding a character in both games that felt interesting for me to play. Even then I still lacked the effort to continue playing them due to me being a constant punching bag for 90% of the matches I did.

  23. Fighting games were my main, if not only genre of games for years and years but this year, I gave up on them completely because of Soul Calibur 6 and Tekken 7. Never to play the genre again. (Unless a decent and half functional fighting game gets made in my lifetime)

  24. This is your first video? This looks and sounds in pacing, audio/video quality, editing, etc. like you've been at this for a while!

    That's really awesome!

  25. Just started playing street fighters 3rd strike 4 days ago, i was having a match with a dude multiple times more skilled than me that would just put coins in the game to make a bell sound every time i did a punish with a combo to alert me that was a good move. Felt pretty good

  26. You suck, consolidate these ideas, be more precise. Good try.

  27. I hate guilty gear strive it just wasn't fun it was just hard to learn. The new king of fighters game, played it and returned it right away. I will never be good or learn the games. That's how I see things. I do like fighting games but im just going to get beat in the corner against better people. Im no thinker. I don't even like Street fighter. Im too busy for games anyway. I will never improve. Thats final for me. I just lack the confidents. Everytime I look at a motivational video I agree then when i keep failing so much I just accept I suck at these games. So when i play them i don't have to lie to myself. I liked the video tho. But sadly words will never get to me.

  28. Nobody wants to play fighting games anymore because people can't handle losing and they have nobody to blame their losses on but themselves.

  29. Amazing video!

    Thank you so much for this content 🙂

    (Greetings from Brazil!)

  30. Great first video. I was planning on making something very similar. XD
    I think you really nailed a lot of the appeal of fighting games. Very few genres let me feel this level of achievement.

  31. DBFZ has been my first deep dive into the FGC as a whole, and I remember having a mixture of satisfying highs and depressingly bad lows on that game. There were plenty of times where I wanted to quit it for a multitude of reasons, but my friends gave me even better reasons to get back up and “enjoy” the game instead of “getting good”.

    It took me 3 and a half years to take that lesson to heart, and I’m genuinely happy that this video reminded me of that fact.

    Seriously, this means a lot. Thank you! ✌🏽

  32. This is a really well articulated video essay, like damn I enjoyed just the confirmation of hearing how great FGs are at creating a learning structure that’s even better than what most schools instill in kids. Fr, they really do just give you the doomer mentality rather than telling you, “there’s still another way”.

  33. I think you should try out skull girls also 100th comment.

  34. not to get weird or elitist but i feel like the whole "learning" part is what separates smash players from the fgc so often. Not that smash isn't a game where you have to learn or that smash players don't like learning, it is just due to the series' success that you get people who aren't playing it for that reason who lump themselves in with the people who do play more "seriously" if you'd want to call it that who kind of muddy the water. It is like Overwatch in a way where everyone swears they take it seriously but don't actually dedicate themselves to it, not that there is anything with just picking up and playing any game. This could be me seeing patterns where there aren't though, the concept of casual-competitive games has had a stranglehold on my head for like years now

  35. LMAO, I try to play fighting games, get shit on, then immediatly go back to playing FPS games

  36. What I like about fighting games is that you will hone your
    Intrapersonal Skills, which means you're the one leveling up
    not just your characters.

  37. I've been writing a video like this for a while, but its totally different than what I wrote while maintaining the same general message

    and I think that encapsulates whats so sick about fighting games, endless expression and personality

    great vid

  38. Learning is cool, but have you ever tried mashing?

  39. After 1 month of trying to play Tekken 7 (PS4) (2021):

    -Players intentionally try to mirrormatch me, so I can never use just 1 character I like

    -Nobody fights me seriously because I'm new. They spam 1 move over and over until I win, so I've gained no fighting experience.

    -Constant gatekeeping, I can't enter most lobbies because host put a high competitive rank requirement to get in, otherwise I'd get kicked if I enter. "Just get your competitive rank up then casual", I can't do that because the game is Dead and nobody plays competitive.

    Not sure if all fighting game communities are like this, but after my 1st hard fought attempt to get into them was this bad, I'm extremely hesitant to try again lol

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