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Why You Should Play Fighting Games

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Thank you so much for watching! This is the first video project I’ve ever seriously tried to make and it was a difficult learning experience but I’m pretty happy with this all things considered. If you liked this video please consider liking and subscribing I plan on making more for the foreseeable future!

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  1. My girlfriend was always scared to try fighting games because he first experience was getting zoned to death on MK11 by a Joker while she was playing Kotal Khan
    Testament came out in strive recently and she absolutely loves their character design and aesthetic, making her install the game to give it a try
    She hasn’t played it online yet but she messes around in training mode and asks me questions and that stuff makes me happy because it’s nice seeing someone enjoy the same things you do

  2. Most of the characters I play have big damage, are good at controlling space, or do both. Nobody whatsoever found that surprising.

  3. The Fighting Game Community telling you that you need to play fighting games, is like the cryptobros trying to make others buy NFTs: One party desperately needs people to enter the circle in order to make their (time) investment worth something, and will promise the world and more to the newly initiated; and the other party will sooner or later find out they wasted their money.

  4. I think all of the blustering about fighting games being too hard mechanically fall apart when you compare them to shooting games. Its all a cover-up for the real reason people dont play them which is that they damage fragile egos. Since its pure 1v1 and skill is the determining factor in 90+% of games, you only have yourself to blame for a loss, and if you want to win, you have to try. In a shooting game for example, if you just want to have a chill game, you can kinda sit back a little bit since teammates can pick up the slack. Fighting games are stressful to play in general, especially for people with fragile egos which is most of our generation.

  5. Learning a fighting game makes it easier to learn fighting games when going into it

  6. I picked up sf3 3rd strike last year, and im not lying when i said it changed everything. I used to play sf5, but was too lazy to learn anything below surface level. After i tried playing 3rd strike, I hated it at first, but I kept pushing. Over time, i grew to love it, and still do.

  7. Great video, I enjoyed it a lot. This does not seem like your first project because of how well this was made.

    I tend to watch a lot of fighting game content because the videos are always so interesting and in depth. Even though I am eternally a spectator for the genre, since learning a fighting game just doesn't click for me and is incredibly frustrating. I lack the mental fortitude necessary to fight through that.

  8. I think I've shared this type of videos more times than I can count, and in spite of these videos just sparking the flames of motivation in me, they are but a fart in the wind for most of my friends.
    None of them give even this type of videos a chance, they may play them on the background, not really listening and then be like "yeah but I don't like losing" or the too common "I'd rather grind in X game" (were player progression can be measured by the numbers on their gear) and I just die a little bit inside.
    The funny thing is most if not all of them really like dark souls, so "failure" is not a thing they have a big issue with, imo it's competing and potentially losing to another human that keeps them from getting into the genre.

  9. Our community is gonna explode when people could finally test a game whenever they want without spending 60 bucks and project l will prove it (even if brawlhalla already did but people will never accept it)

  10. There is a lot about fighting games. I myself don't have as much experience as others or even played the amount of titles or even have been around as long as they have. But fighting games is fun and can be competitive if they want to look at it in that way. As in more than just having fun in an individual stand point. There are so many different players that have different set minds than others. People tend to bring different things on the table. Also people prefer different approaches on how they fight. In which different characters may have the options they look for. Some like the story and some like the look or person itself. Some like what they bring and some are tier whores. In which isn't bad either because they want to win and that character will more than likely give them that win. But fighting games are epic dude. A lot to learn and so many options. Get involved in head to head with others and just have fun while beating them down or getting your butt whooped. But if you look to improve, then yes. You have to grind a lot and there are loads of stuff to learn and incorporate into your mind and gameplay. I say mind as you will have to engrave these things in there.

  11. great video! i'd like to show it to all if my friends who feel reluctant to start playing fighting games due to 'not knowing' or 'being bad'

  12. I love playing Fighting Games. I have like a 3-53 record in KOF 15 but gosh I love the game anyway.

  13. lmaoooooo what you felt about Melty Blood is exactly how I feel with GGXX. There's something special about our first (serious) fighting game that will make it immortal in our minds

  14. im in my fighting game phase now i brought sfv tekken 7 and kof vx im not really feeling sfv but the other 2 are fun

  15. I agree I want to maximize my win with a character I find cool rather than with a character who looks more lame but is top tier. Like in Melty Blood Lumina, I play try to play Ciel and that Rin looking little girl.

  16. First, thank you for talking about AACC.
    Second, thank you for making everyone not play that game by showcasing both a C-Satsuki mix and a C-Arc combo.

  17. End of the day fighting games are too much effort to learn, the fun/effort ratio is too unbalanced for most due to other hobbies, games, family and just life in general, why bother when there’s millions of games that don’t require you to dedicate hours to get decent (not even good)

  18. Really great! I've been getting into fighting games since roughly when the quarantine started. It's a lot of fun, you did a wonderful job capturing so much!

  19. Yumiduka in the thumbnail is why I like d this video b4 I watched

  20. Great video. Idk how I feel about the message and I can’t explain why but for other people yes it makes tons of sense and they should try them.

  21. So much facts here… I’m a subscriber now. Would love to have a chat with you sometime on our channel

  22. Wonderful video! Shout out to playing tsukihime in 2020 shout out to loving mbaacc

  23. I really like the inklings of advice about adaptability and resilience through the video. Especially your outro.

  24. Girls who had their gender transed by Arcueid Bruensted ❤ Like if you agree.

  25. Well i playing fighting games much especially guilty gear strive and xrd , that helped me a lot now i can stay calm in every situation.
    Cuz panic ruins everything.

  26. I do like fighting games, but I'm just not good with them I don't like that its so much of a learning process, I just want it to be like it's something we easily understand and well just play for fun, but scene there is so many mechanics in fighting games it just kills the joy of out of it for me, I just which it was less of a learning process so I can literally enjoy it, but……no

  27. You described exactly what motivates me to pick characters in fighting games and then showed the team I used in KOFXV in the background. Truly relatable content

  28. nothing beats some cold ones and KOF 98 with the hombres on a weekend

  29. What about all of us who don't care about "improving"? Not everyone wants to learn how to do combos let alone frame data. Like, unless your friends have the same skill level as you, you have to want to work real hard to win even once

  30. The language analogy is so true. I feel like I'm having a conversation with my opponent when I fight them. They can disrespect me through things like t-bags or multiple DP's which I can rebut by either t-bagging back or just taking the "humble" approach. I honestly feel like I've had more in depth conversations with people in a fighting game than I have in some real life scenarios, especially since you can't really be fake.

  31. i just came here for satsuki thumbnail but this looks like a good vid

  32. I feel like I recognise your username from somewhere but I can't put my finger on it

  33. Sonic The Fighters is the best fighting game don't @ me

  34. i suck at this type of games
    >played kof 98 trying to understand how to play
    got all my characters ko by the first guy atleast 5 times in a row
    >Searched on youtube where to start playing fighting games
    >Watched this video
    >Try to play again
    >Same result

    Yeahhh… this may not be for everyone.

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