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Why You Should Play Fighting Games – And How

The Cosmonaut Variety Hour
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Heat Haze Shadow – Tekken 7
We Are Finally Cowboys – No More Heroes
Adon Stage – Street Fighter Alpha 2
Charlie Stage – Street Fighter Alpha 2
Strange Sunset – Street Fighter EX3
Cody – Street Fighter V
Battletoads Suite – Killer Instinct
Goodbye Esaka – KOF13
Morrigan – Darkstalkers
Moving On – Street Fighter III Third Strike


  1. My only disappointment with this video is that you didn’t explain the evolution and skipped allot of respected and titles that aren’t huge anymore; examples; darkstalkers that had smooth animations, and Virtua Fighter, well respected fighting game from 1993 , the first 3D fighting game ever

  2. Yoo did you like live my life 😂😂😂😂

  3. I’ve always been a mortal kombat and marvel vs capcom kinda guy but now I really want to try dragon ball

  4. I've been trying to master parasoul in skullgirls, but after watching this, I think Street fighter alpha 2 is more my speed– I've gotten decent with Sakura too

  5. Watching this again after getting into guilty gear strive

  6. My first fighting game was mk9 and I love the mk series a lot but I’m getting into other fighting game franchises and I really enjoy them so far

  7. "smash is the hardest" "i dont even play smash" cant imagine how many fanboys completely glossed over that second part

  8. Ive rewatched this video like 20 fucking times

  9. I was a huge mortal Kombat fan and fell outta fighting games for a long time. I got decent at nine and dropped fighting games. I recently got back in with skull girls and I'm BAD. I find myself button spamming. DON'T DO THIS. Having to teach yourself not to is difficult and it's a mistake. Switching from mortal Kombat to skull girls hasn't been easy but it's fun and I'm training myself to not button spam. Play daily, watch videos, but most importantly. Enjoy the game. Or you'll never get better

  10. Idk why i'm watching this, i don't even play arcade game or any other games coz my family have never been able to afford one since we live on a daily wages earning but i know i love tekken 5 ever since one of friend showed it to me back in 2007 and i've always backtrack tekken since then

  11. Fighting games are truly the best genre im not good at them it takes me 10s of hours to learn 1 character but there fun

  12. The only fighting games I played are Tekken 7 and Smash Bros Ultimate.

  13. I remember playing some dragon ball z game on my DS and completed the story. This looks interesting and I might pick up some dragon ball fighting game as I might be more familliar with that game if its anything like the DS game i played

  14. I would love to get into FGs properly, but frankly the frustrations of playing them stop me long before any technical stuff actually does.
    Seriously, you look at one game’s tutorial and realize you have all this damn material to go through before you can even play knowledgeably, even then, you’ll be pressed to remember it all under stress, and the whole “you’re leveling yourself” thing never feels particularly satisfying because you might only get an indicator of how much you improved hundreds of hours into one.

    The buttons aren’t difficult, it’s pressing them correctly, and pressing them while actually knowing what you’re pressing, why you’re pressing it, how to press it in a way that’ll make a positive impact on your game, and knowing what went wrong if it gets pressed poorly so you can correct yourself.

    The opponents aren’t always going to win, but you’re never going to feel like you did either unless you actually beat someone who gave you a run for your money.
    Guess how often that’ll happen.

    The growth almost never feels worth it, because you’ll always be saying to yourself: “I gotta get better” and you’ll end up fighting people who render you past-tense with a fucking glare so you can improve, no matter what skill level you’re at. Basically, you’ll get better, but you’ll never feel like you’ve gotten better.

  15. the problem with the "just watch videos to learn how to play" thing isn't a matter of freetime. It's a matter of fun. Sitting down to watch tutorials for an hour and sit in a practice room just isn't fun. I'm willing to put hundreds of hours into learning Monster Hunter because I'm able to have fun killing monsters as I learn the weapon's movesets. There are things I was still learning after my 400th hour of maining Charge Blade and that felt awesome to see something new and get better at it. And I'm much more willing to watch external videos now on games like Monster Hunter because the game has already hooked me for so long on how fun it is.

    the issue with fighting games is that it seems like every fighting game wants me to start out doing things in training modes and looking up online tutorials and whatnot, before I've even learned whether or not I like the game in the first place. And it's not like I can just jump online to figure that out because if I do I'll just get my ass kicked and get salty about it.

    It's very hard to be interested in a game when the first thing you're asked to do is study up like you're about to take an exam instead of having the game teach you things naturally.

  16. This video made me wanna play Guilty Gear but then I remembered I don't own Guilty Gear.

  17. This is a pretty good vid, definitely made me more interested in the games a couple years ago. Now fighting games are my favorite genre. Your opinion on Jojo's is shit though and you should feel bad about it.

  18. not that hard knowing what to do si the problem i disagree. i remember back in highschool i spent an hour practice one move for one character and after an entire hour i got down to being able to pull it off about 50/50. knowing how to isnt the problem moves in fighting games are hard to do consistantly without dedicating your life to it. its why i think smash is the best fighting game. i can easily do any move for every character (except ryu ken terry and kazuya) and go up against a pro with a handicap with me having 99 stock and them having a single stock and still lose.

  19. The reason I like fighting games is that how rewarding the experience is. The sense of accomplishment after learning a new combo or wining a match alone make fighting games worth it.

  20. I’m starting to get into kof and gg. I am enjoying what I’m playing

  21. I visit this every once and awhile and I feel like it’s time I say Thankyou!
    Always loved fighting related anime (especially dbz) played a heap of budokai tenkaichi 3 and tekken 3 growing up but later stuck to RPGs. Played tekken 7 and Fighterz just with friends casually, wasn’t until being stuck inside I really started to get into Fighterz. After much salt I almost dropped it until I watched this video, now all I play is FGs and loving every second of it! So I’d just like to say thanks heaps for giving me my “awakening” ahah 😅

  22. I shower a bit too often to get good at fighting games, I can't get into em

  23. Normal people at starting a fighting game: * picks the coolest looking character *
    Me: * picks the hottest looking girl *

  24. Im going in into the fighting games and this video really motivate me a lot, thank you
    Im diving in playing SF 3 third strike and skull girls for the combo game type, I really want to play Guilty Gear Strive because It looks insane but the video card just died so Im playing with the integrated card on my notebook

  25. There’s no in game thing that makes you stronger:

    Injustice 2: allow us to introduce ourselves

  26. I love 3D fighters because of side stepping. I like the fact that I can Bob and weave you know.

  27. bro u have no idea how much fighting games amp me up. i feel like i literally cant calm down, even just watching them gets my blood pumping.

  28. I'll be honest, I'm starting to have a love-hate relationship with fighting games. As I get older my reaction times are getting slower and my joints aren't as smooth and painless as they used to be. I've been switching to games and characters that take less effort to play than I used to play before. If I could have perfect hands all over again, I'd full on love fighting games still.

  29. I can agree with everthing but picking the "most generic boring character" to begin with as opposed to one you like or are interested in. While it might be easier to learn the basics with such a character, motivation plays a huge role in getting you to actually come back to the game and let other players continuously beat you up until you're good enough to get to actually enjoy the game. Picking a character you might not even like at all would make it feel more of chore than something you're actually motivated to do to finally have some success with a character you like.

  30. What do I do if my opponent is spamming better fundementals. I can’t make the dummy do that because I have worse fundementals.

  31. I literally never heard those arguments in the beginning. Feels very strawman.

  32. I’m a fighting game fiend. I’m a Tournament Arc fiend too. I don’t know what it is about watching grown men beat each other to death. Wrestling, UFC, Tekken, boxing, battle anime, Mortal Kombat.. I love it man

  33. Sum it up: The FGC – We Live For The Hype

  34. This video helped get me into FGs roughly 2 years ago! I've been placing in +R and I just got my first custom hitbox and a stick! Thanks Marcus!!

  35. It's crazy how the way you described Core-A Gaming is exactly the way I also feel about this video, every now and then I just naturally rewatch it because of how damn good it is. There is something more to creating a video than making it understandable, concise and clear. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it's just so fulfilling to watch and rewatch. Maybe it's just the outright passion this video is made with.

  36. Well this video just stumbled into my recommended…aside from the commentary I dig the music you picked for the video because I love basically every track – "Insert DiCaprio pointing at TV meme"

  37. sports is no different and all the facets of your fandom you describe here apply. A big difference is it is much harder for me to play Baseball as a schlubby adult than it is to play a fighting game (or any game for that matter). A lot of this stuff applies to RTS games as well.

  38. I've loved fighting games since I was a little girl, lol. I guess they're a lot more of a niche genre than I thought. Anyway, great video, man. Thanks 👍👍

    … Another great 3d fighting game would be Dead or Alive. I love the crap out of that game and imo, feels better than Tekken. Both good games though

  39. ive seen this video so many times and ive put off fighting games for so long despite owning a couple. i recently have been puttin in the time to get better at smash and now im obsessed and this video is all i could think of when i feel a self of accomplishment after a good fight

  40. I know you said you don't like sports, but I think you would really like MMA – specifically UFC. I actually first got into MMA after getting into Smash Bros Project M. It's weird to say but it literally IS a fighting game, except it's real life…

    You get all the same stuff like stories, interpersonal drama, hype etc as you do with a fighting game tournament. You even get people who fight with extremely different or distinctive styles similar to fighting game characters – like Khabib Nurmagomedov's brutal grappling, Conor McGregor's sniping left hand, Cro Cop's left high-kick of death, Charles Oliveira's spider-like Jiu Jitsu, Justin Gaethje's thunderous leg-kicks, Stephen Thompson's clinical Karate, Francis Ngannou's 'custom character with all stats set to 100' etc.

    I think most people who like fighting games would like MMA (real fighting) if they gave it a chance.

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