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Why You Should Play Fighting Games – And How

The Cosmonaut Variety Hour
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Heat Haze Shadow – Tekken 7
We Are Finally Cowboys – No More Heroes
Adon Stage – Street Fighter Alpha 2
Charlie Stage – Street Fighter Alpha 2
Strange Sunset – Street Fighter EX3
Cody – Street Fighter V
Battletoads Suite – Killer Instinct
Goodbye Esaka – KOF13
Morrigan – Darkstalkers
Moving On – Street Fighter III Third Strike


  1. Marcus, you have a channel that I really like. I have subscribed to you and seen a lot of your videos, and loved a lot of them. And this is still my favorite of your videos. I have seen it many times, and each time I love it. Thank you for making such great content!

  2. 12:33 Wow, this sentence alone change my entire view of tier lists. I'm def more inclined to try bottom list characters. Great video

  3. I love how on the tekken Reddit they show this video on if you should buy tekken or not

  4. Just started playing Tekken 7 and wow. So fun even when I’m getting bodied online, even when a Bob spammed me in a quick match. Just thinking about how to deal with a move is fun. Today is the first time I tried practicing with goal(s) in mind, this time being basic movement and while standing. I also went through the movelist once just for fun ( not actually trying hard or anything, just wanna see what Asuka could do when I’m better at her.) It’s so much fun in practice mode, I actually didn’t queue up once and just spent more than 40 minutes practicing rather than my 20-minute session goal.

  5. Landing a sick combo for the first time, or getting a sick read will always feel like the best thing ever when you play fighting games

  6. Damn. I always come back to these videos all the time (DnD, Warhammer, ect.), because they always intrest me.

  7. I love fighting games i grew on tekken 3 and played so much it was crazy but i just suck at them i can't "git gud" lol ive tried to play Injustice and MK never really gotten into Street Fighter but i just find them hard even though i love watching Fighting Game tournaments

  8. OK…. I'm 6 minutes in. The reason fighting games are so "difficult" to learn /master & why the best players are in their 30s now is because we grew up with very difficult games! Nowadays "gamers" give up and move on to the next game as soon as they hit an impass 🙄

  9. For years I just accepted that I just couldn’t Shoryuken. After watching this video, I casually played Super Turbo in training mode throughout the day and for the first time, I’m pulling it off.

    I haven’t had this kind of breakthrough since I learned how to roll my R’s.

  10. this video should be called "Fighting tournaments are Hype" because i still dont see how Fighting games are enjoyable or how to enjoy them.

  11. play hack and slash games instead in dmc5 you dont need to be a sweatlord to preform a decent vergil combo

  12. hardcore melee fan and player. Glad to see you represent smash as fgc

  13. I only play Super Smash Bros. I've always loved the idea that, rather than combos being rock solid and everything else being denied, with much more focus on YOU, I instead can combo through more difficult movement inputs, more so than button inputs, while reading my opponent to extend my combos. Advantage is engaging. You CAN destroy your opponent easily by claiming the stage and putting them high or away. But while it's hard, you can get out. I don't know, but the movement is 10x better, which is what I LOVE.

  14. I'm going to watch this again soon. This video when I watched it a year and a half ago or so, reconnected me with my childhood love of fighting games, and I have since learned Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear, Killer Instinct, and Soulcalibur, and has strengthed my love of the genre, and I'm really thankful this video came into my life when it did

  15. Watched this video for the first timeback when I was a freshman in high school, and Marcus convinced me to use the ver little amount of money I had to buy tekken 7. Now I’m a senior and I still coke back and watch this video from time to time, and I still play tekken

  16. For anybody interested in getting into smash he is right about movement but you also need to understand your defensive options and how to recover. See movement is thee most important part of being good at smash but you need to understand stand when to block, spot dodge and how to properly recover and DI (directional input) which sounds like a lot to learn except if you have ever played Smash than you have probably already done most of these. It's just learning how and when to use these tools and skills like any other fighting game

  17. I played super smash bros brawl on the wii and nowadays I play smash ultimate on the switch and i have a lot of fun, especially with one friend when we do 1v1. I have no real interest in other fighting games, but this video makes we want to try other fighting games.

  18. I am not going to lie though; that intro was great.

  19. Damn this vid was when "variety hour" actually meant sumthing and not just reviewing movies

  20. I know that this has nothing to do with this but one game that in my opinion has the same feeling as fighting game tourneys (except is usually 3v3) is rocket league.

  21. The first fighting game I ever played was injustice 2 only because it had Batman and I love Batman.
    Edit: Of course I've played smash but never really gotten into it.

  22. I’ve watched this video quite a few times now, and I’ve definitely become a big fan of fighting games. I always liked the idea of them, but thought I could never be good at them. Well now I’m obsessed with Tekken 7 and Blazblue, and I even play some Guilty Gear, Smash, and DBFZ. Thanks for showing me how great fighting games are!

  23. Bruh why does every fighting game guide say just "oh just learn it with friend!" implying you have friends into fighting games, into the fighting game you wanna play, and willing to sink all their free time into it

  24. fighting games are my life i love them with all my heart i love all the hard work i have to do to get battle i feel like the anime protagnist

  25. I have motion sickness, so playing role-play game is like a suicide for my health. So because of that I play fighting-game for most of time, it doesn't make me suffer from nausea and the best of it, I enjoy it.

  26. I’ve watched this video like 50leven times and it bothers me every single time you say “if your favorite sports team is playing you’re going to vote for them” lol this video might be perfect other than that one sentence

  27. I used to care about story in video games a shit ton. But somehow I just stopped giving a damn about it. I can still appreciate a good story, but now I care more about stuff like music, gameplay and uniqueness of asthetic.

    Maybe it's because I now have a way to actually play most games instead of just watching let's plays.

    Fighting games just felt like the natural continuation of that interest.

  28. I’ve been playing killer instinct for a bit and I’m having a lot of fun with it

  29. Ah yes. Team killing in r6 for accidentally shooting their gadget. God bless casual.

  30. With all the talk of cool and unique characters I am honestly shocked you never mentioned Mugen.

  31. I'm not a pro… I mean I could even do combos, but my foundest Memories are from fighting games… Marvel Vs. Capcom from ps1. A small Tekken tournament… Mugen custom games… Street Fighter 4, Injustice, MK9, MKX… Thanks for make me realizing that… It's time to comeback

  32. Curiously, I love fighting games and I only play offline by myself. It's relaxing to take an hour or two an evening every so often to beat up the CPU, without worrying about big combos and stuff like that.

  33. Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López. That's it for me

  34. Am I the only one who remembers Bloody Roar? That game was super fun and had some really cool fighting mechanics.

  35. Brawlhalla it's free and easy to play super easy to start something Smash-like, and Fantasy Strike! Very nice 2d Fighting game super simple to learn and play… as beginner-friendly as you can get.

  36. Also.. learn all the moves is very bad advice for a beginner.. who can learn 200 moves? why? Of course, it depends on the game but yeah.. learn a few for key situations and then you have something to work with. Movement, defence, a few key moves, a minimal combo you are good to go!

  37. Commenting to say, “that” ended up happening to me! Grateful🙏

  38. It's not that i'am not good at fighting games
    I love'em
    Is that i give so little sh*t about competitive that the only one i'am competitive into is the one that i played from when i was 7 years old (Smash)

  39. Well suddenly I feel the need to go to GameStop tomorrow and get a dragon ball side scroller…

  40. 2 years later and this is still my favorite video you've ever done. This video got me into fighting games. Now I'm playing Tekken 7 as a Kunitmitsu main and I've been having a blast playing against my friends and getting better over time. 🙂

  41. Man i love this guy vids, hes always a hypocrite on literally everything

    Loves fights and even talks about “he outplayed hes opponent”, doesnt love golden wind fights which has like 9 thousand outplayings

    Hes taste is weird as shit

  42. Happy to know my boy Marcus watches my hero academia

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