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Why You Should Play CAMMY (ft. PunkDaGod)

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Punk is back to talk about all things Cammy in Street Fighter 6! See what tips and tricks he has to say, the matchups he thinks are good and bad, and more!

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Kizzie Kay


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  1. this series is so good dawg, gonna make me pick up the whole roster lol

  2. I am triggered by the way the name on the left players screen is cut off.

  3. I'm liking this series – I rarely hear pros talk about their main in this depth.

  4. I hope everyone plays Cammy….because I play Blanka and Cammy is weak in the Blanka matchup…

  5. Commenting on every video requesting Makoto’s BBCF combo trials, video 88.

  6. I just cant cook with Cammy at a 33% win rate. Love watching punk though.

  7. Easy, it’s Cammy she’s a badass, she looks good, she’s hot.

  8. Loved this! Definitely a good idea to get more character mains on here for this style of video!

  9. i really love this why you should play series keep it going!!

  10. Why you should play Cammy;

    Punk: Now, you want to play Cammy bc Karin isn't in the game yet.

    Roll credits.

  11. Way ahead of you, already playing Cammy xD

  12. My understanding is that a disjointed move just means the hitbox is extended well past the hurtbox — so not sure how they can consider Cammy's divekick as disjointed when you look at the fact that the hurtbox is huge and covers the entire area of the hitbox (and then some).

  13. 3:31 I love how you show a clip of him getting baited out the lvl3 by a raw drive rush while he's talking about how good her lvl3 as a reaction tool is 😂😂

  14. Blanka is not a bad match up for Cammy. Mena is just a bad matchup for Punk.

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