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Why NOW Is The Best Time To Get Into Fighting Games

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  1. "Where do I start?"
    Ordinary days starts playing
    Yeah, yeah

  2. Don't forget to get wired for that big boost improvement

  3. yo can we stop making it seem like Motion inputs are this super hard thing to do? people keep conflating this difficulty too much when it isn't any harder than doing any execution based requirement in other games

  4. Been playing Skullgirls again and it's been amazing! I'll try out GG Strive, KOF 15, and Melty Blood Type Lumina soon. I'll also try out GG Rev 2 and play BBCF, UNIB, and GG+R as they are also great as well. Super happy I got into FG's as they are just so good and it's 100% worth trying if you haven't played any.

  5. Your channel is criminally underrated. Hope you blow up soon 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Street Fighter Alpha didn't have dashing or super meters?

  7. I think the best time is when the game is new or has lots of players still playing so you can match against other newbies

  8. "People who don't know what fun is and don't let you know it either."

  9. i suck at all fighting games execution wise even though i get good reads but i still love playing them
    p.s i started xxac+r it is quite fun but again i suck at it lol. will keep an eye on strive. will spend pocket money on games this halloween and will pick it up if it gets a sale. its price is kinda high atm for me ._.

  10. If I had good internet, a new pc that is not a Potato and I wasn't Argentinian I would gave them a try but I still suck so much in Fighting games

  11. SoulCalibur and DOA my comfort picks.

    Unfortunately, I've been trying to learn motion inputs for 20 years and just can't do it. So if I play a 2D fighter, I play on keyboard and use macros for my specials.

    BuT tHaT's ChEaTiNg!!1!1

    Do you want me to play these games or not? 'Cause playing a game without literally half of my character's kit results in me spending my entire match stuffed into a corner. Fun for you, not for me, and the point of these games is to have fun yes?

    I never play ranked. Usually only with friends. And still y'all whine. Do you want me in your community or not? All I did was find a way to make these games accessible to me and not be automatically gated out of the game due to motion inputs.

  12. Can someone recommend a fighting stick? Can’t get used to the PS5 controller. I’m kinda aggressive.

  13. Why do fighting gamers want more people to join in? I get the impression that I just gave up too early or I can't take losses. Ive tried on and off for 29 years. I've bought at least 15 fighting games. I still don't like them enough. Its just not interesting enough to keep me going for the 1000 hours to become competent, in each game. I really believe I'm not a fighter. The closest I've ever gotten is tekken. I got to ok levels in tekken tag 2. Since then it's not happened to get me hooked.
    I will agree this is the only genre of gaming seeking interaction from new players. That is an interesting question.

  14. Using SFII and Third Strike as examples of the changes between sequels is weird because SFIII isn't a sequel to SFII, it's a sequel to SF Alpha.
    It's like comparing MK11 with MK9.

  15. Ordinary Days. I'm bout to reinstall Lethal League Blaze.

  16. Smash Ultimate is the BEST fighting game ever made. Change my mind

  17. Fighting Games are for sweaty tryhards that dwell inside their mom's basments 😎 Real chads get a job

  18. I know this is an older video, and I am about to suggest an even OLDER game, but I do think Killer Instinct does deserve to get a mention. The combo system is REALLY easy to understand. Combo Breakers and Counter Breakers offer some interaction when the player is being comboed. The game has a PRETTY big tutorial, possibly better than skullgirls even. From what I heard, the online is decent too, although, personally I definitely notice some lag still unfortunately, but that might be on my end instead?

    Also, the game does have a sort of demo version on the microsoft store and xbox, which from my understanding has Jago and another rotating character for free-to-play. Or pay $30 for the definitive version on Microsoft store, Xbox, or Steam and have access to all the characters. Or just pay a certain amount for a specific character you like. Another thing I heard is that apparently the microsoft/xbox version is prefered over the steam version due rank reasons? I am not sure.

    Regardless I do think it is worth check out at least.

  19. What games you recommend try on Switch?
    Which games have a lot of people?

  20. And there is me, who want to play, but don't have hardware.

  21. My friend the Rammethal main made me quit fighting games

  22. Im to broke to buy games… why im hype for riot's fighter

  23. I'll give a try again when Type Lumina comes out since it's French Bread and UNI is the only 2D anime fighter that I give a damn personally.
    I really don't like how GG works in general and I find Strive too simple even if it's suppose to be beginner friendly, sorry.

  24. Type lumina, strive, it's definitely a great time for new and old FG fans alike

    Thanks arcsys

  25. Don't become an Arcsystem fighting game fan on Xbox T_T

  26. Holy shit seeing you bring up GGXX:AC+R gave me a stiffy LOL

  27. I play fighting games to be able to beat my older brother
    *will play

  28. If you're going to make a video like this could you do it better? I feel bad thinking that some people were inspired by this shit.

  29. Ngl even 6 months later this video is still relevant

  30. Can’t imagine not wanting to play fighting games because the roster is too large

  31. gg strive or a r7 350. i saw it was on par of gtx 650

    in case your wondering. im using gt 710

  32. Yeah, fighting games look fun… if they didn't make me easily give up out of frustration. Guess I'll always be a spectator.

  33. Dawg, If i want to play fighting game i'll Just play It when i want

  34. Pfft you mean KOF is only now getting North American and european appeal, right? In latin america we've been eating this shit up for decades.

  35. you forgot about dnf duel, which is coming out summer 2022.
    Game looks sick.

  36. Play Skullgirls and you will become a Skullgirls player! Why wouldn’t you want that?

    Alternatively, you could play one of the many other amazing fighting games in existence!

  37. I have no friends lol
    I have never played a Guilty Gear game but Strive looks beautiful af. I would play it just to look at it while I suck at playing probably xD

  38. i got guilty gear strive last year cause its the best looking visually fighting game ive seen, dropped it for a while cause it was so complicated, but ngl when they announced Testament i was immediately sucked back in. its cool that they added a canon nonbinary character.

  39. Nah is more easy to just play something else

  40. I never really played fighting games when I was younger. I had the old MK trilogy on PlayStation, but I only messed about on it, sometimes playing the towers, or mashing buttons against my sister. It was fun, but I never really felt a pull to play more of the genre.

    That changed when FighterZ got announced. A few years before, a friend had recommended the series to me and it got me into anime. It's strange to think that if I hadn't liked Dragon Ball, I probably wouldn't have got into traditional 2D fighters. Now I love all sorts of fighting games, even if I suck at them, and I feel like they've helped me manage my salt (I used to be kind of whiny, I could be a sore loser).

    I love fighting games, I love learning how to play them, and I love competing against other players. The rush of conquering a tough opponent, the satisfaction of finally learning to do that one cool combo I saw on YouTube once, or just the fun of hooking up a second controller and playing against my friends. I'm so glad that I got into fighting games.

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