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Why Melty Blood is going to SAVE fighting games

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Check out all the Melty Blood: Type Lumina trailers here:

Today we’re reviewing more character and gameplay footage for the upcoming Melty Blood: Type Lumina! This game looks really great, and I think it’s gonna be a big hit among Fighting Game fans!

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  1. I believe Guilty Gear Strive saved fighting games because I’ve never seen anyone collectively adore a fig thing game (Jack O Pose #JackOPose) and it’s just mwah I’m so happy

  2. My only hope for this game is that a lot of people play this on Switch because is the only way i'll be able to play this game

  3. I think all the people riding Melty Blood are in for a rude awakening when it releases. As someone who's not a Melty fan but is a Tsukihime fan, I won't be touching.

  4. Melty Bloods character and stage designs are so painfully basic and boring it gives me literally zero interest in this game.

    Edit: Including the UI and attack animations. Looks like a mobile game.

  5. You're lying if you think playing as a maid or a nun is cool (imagine having 2 of each of those terrible character designs) You're also lying if you don't think that gameplay looks fun af!

  6. I respect your content bro but melty ain’t saving jack sh** 😆

  7. Im just excited to have an anime fighter (airdasher) that has a good range of mobility. Most fighting games as of late have been skewing for a more grounded(neutral heavy) style of play; which is perfectly fine, but i as someone who loves the airdasher genre; seeing MBTL in motion just makes me happy. 😁✌

  8. I’m probably gonna buy this as a week early birthday present for myself. Loved UNIST, and have played melty a handful of times at round 1.

  9. Fgc be like I play kof 13 trials for fun
    Everyone else.. we are crazy

  10. You're gonna come into the mansion and make a mess after we just cleaned? Don't make us go get the tree

  11. I just hope people play this game for the right reasons: because they like it!

    That’s it IMO! While I love that people are excited for it and see it as a breath of fresh air, the whole “savior” thing makes it seem like fighting games are in a bad spot (not you JM, I feel like you do great at just playing and loving all kinds of games 👍).

    We don’t need a whole “melty is better than strive/sfv/etc bcuz this and that” or anything along those lines. There’s more than enough room in the fgc for all kinds of games, and there’s enough games out there with good online at this point that you can find one for you! Can’t wait for Type Lumina, it looks so fun 👌

  12. The real buff this game needs is for them to capitalize that “y” in “Open your Magic Circuit”

  13. i agree. i think drawings done right will always look better than 3d to me. if they made a mvc with drawings then it would be fire especially sense marvel comics and alot of the retro capcom games are drawing/anime based.

  14. There is way too much slash and flash effects for me.

  15. Well since you used such a big statement to title your video the games needs to be in top 5 for a week,have a score above 80 and best fighting game of the year all in that same year but in this case next year.

  16. Will this game have crossplay between PS4 and PS5 like Strive does?

  17. Meh… Too anime… Hopefully they port KOFXIV or XV to the switch… that or capcom brings back darkstalkers or makes good on their supposed port of SFV to the switch way back when…

  18. What's that majinobama says? "Boomers love clashes" He's right

  19. The roster is visually mad boring lol. Y'all trippin.

  20. selecting your moon didn't happen till several versions into the game. Don't necessarily expect that at launch.

  21. Man I hope MBTL gets more attention. I can't wait for day one!

  22. jm if you happen to interested in their lore , they have vitual novel game series that is related to melty blood called Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon(they still don't have official english translation yet from what I know but they probably have it in the future)

  23. Guilty gear already saved fighting games! For me anyway 😎. A fate stay night anime fighter my not have the reach GG and it's phenomenal graphics have ijs…that being said melty is interesting…will it be good though?? We gotta see

  24. Did anyone notice that all the attacks performed in this game with sharp weapons have a unique hitspark?
    Like with Shiki, any hit with the knife you see a flash of the lines that he sees with his mystic eyes.

  25. Can we take a moment and look at how she's pushes herself upward using the halberd. Like how much strength and finesse does it take to do something like that

  26. I wish characters had more things on their design to either: a) break apart the one color they're wear or b) add something to make their somewhat more unique

  27. whens mah Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate fg tho

  28. Strive damage is way too high so I look forward to playing a game with reasonable damage and it looks like it has more depth to it as well. I hope the bland character visuals don’t hurt sales too much.

  29. Can't wait to play this game.
    Edit: hopefully the old game knowledge still applies aside from the basics.

  30. It looks like the child of Melty and UNI, and I love UNI. With Kouma confirmed I am full throttle hype train.

  31. I am dissapointed chaos and Wallachia not gonna in

  32. No one gonna play this… the spend all the time and money on mechanics where graphic and characters look just awful. Looks like average game that you could play on your phone xd

  33. The people who think melty will save anything are the ones that want a return of fighting games being both hard to get into and unpopular.

    It's the same phenomenon around DND and how people were mad when it became popular.

  34. I'mma be real with you — if I can't hold 2 or 3 to turn into a cat midmatch, my personal interest in the game is pretty low. I'm always glad to see more sprite-based fightan grames though, and the animation side of things looks great. Plus, there's always more room for well-implemented netcode!

    …I am making the assumption it's going to be well implemented, granted. But how often is it not? SF5, Tekken 7…are there any others? Haven't tried Omen of Sorrow's online, so I guess that's still a question mark for me…

  35. speaking of simplified games. is really sad to see all fantasy strikr content abandoned. I believr that happened after a certain episode with the main Dev. I totally understand this decision. is sad that a whole comunity and other devs have to pay the consequences. great content as usual.

  36. JM, I think we need a discussion video. This comment section demonstrates that you have a variety of viewers, followers that not necessarily have the same experience. Unlike Obama's "git gud, dont complain and we'll be bros" community and Jiyuna's "Hehe, THAT'S SAJAM!", you dont really have a singular mindset around your videos. There are noobies, intermediates and advanced players all with a plethora of views or thoughts. Even though your stance is clear on the matter, I'd love to see kind of like a grown up discourse over what the fg community is doing recently, as opposed to what devs do with their games. What are fighting game players doing, what is the current discourse, is it helping the community?

    Regarding the video. I am excited and at the same time not so excited for the game. The game looks nice and ever since you showed Kohaku in stream, I wanted to play her. Hisui and Kohaku seemed so nice, a tag team of maids. The biggest issue is that I'd be paying for a game to not play. I've done that before with +R. But +R had a positive in terms of price. Plus, the discourse around the game is unluckily bad to me. This is supposed to be a "big bois" game, meaning, even if TOD's dont make an appearance, any semblance of unfamiliarity towards the basics of fgs will be met with much more toxicity than in other games.

  37. "You don't want to be in a maid sandwich"

    Depends on what kind of sandwich we're talking about ¬‿¬

  38. Im so fuckin sick of fighting games getting dumbed down. About to drop the genre and gaming altogether

  39. Pardon me, it has been a REALLY long time since I last played any melty that isnt AACC, but isn't the moon styles an aspect exclusive to Actress Again? I see so many people talking about how Type Lumina doesn't have it and that's different from "previous versions" but it's only present on the very last version?

  40. The execution is something I am so excited for I think fighting games following the trend of making it more accessible is cool but man nothing is more satisfying overcoming a difficult execution barrier and making it natural my interest in strive is pretty low because of how easy it feels undernight is pretty easy but it's mechanics of how you pressure in the game is difficult because of how good defense is in that but once I do get an opening it is so satisfying legitimately feels like you outplayed your opponent. So excited for this game

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