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Another week, another Guilty Gear Strive tournament at ICFC! Time to dominate some matches and win MY way. Plus, see why I ain’t ever gonna let you choose the player 1 side in a fighting game, because that history goes back all the way even to Capcom Cup…

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Arc System Works (Arcsys) has recently made Guilty Gear Strive, the latest entry in the Guilty Gear franchise! This fighting game is heralded for its use of Rollback Netcode, included on all platforms Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5), and PC (Steam). Recently Arcsys has released the first character in their Season Pass, Jack-O’, a new character in the Guilty Gear franchise.

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  1. When did Punk turn into the villain that from movies that is always laughing at his opponents? Joker transformation confirmed.

  2. 4:44 a couple branches split in our timeline due to this statement. This variant of Punk is known as "Cappin Punk"

    Also SonicFox would probably disagree with him about player sides😏 lol

  3. When we gonna get the hotoshi stomp video punk!?!

  4. FR they made him change to P2? Like the tournmanet staff? Why?

  5. Punk i hit gold yesterday!! I'm not the best player, like nephew, but i do me best!😇

  6. that player one power up! punk went super saiyan! :O

  7. What do you think of Daigo recent comments about how good you are in SFV?

  8. player 2 side worst side to start on in my opinion

  9. Not the "Kabong" Guitar hit, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. I hate watching punk play this game because he always has that trash song on

  11. YAY!
    Ready Player One! The only book Punk has ever read! (Besides from Daigo's book)

  12. I oddly play best on player 2 side. On player 1 side i have a hard time executing ca's on the fight stick.

  13. For me, as a Guilty Gear Strive netplay casual, I only ever hog the P1 side if I run into people with horrible song choices. There aren't many to begin with, but if I see a May player, and as of recently a Jack-O player, on P1 side… I'll assume they have a horrible taste in music and will gladly sit on the kiosk next to them on the P1 side until we either auto queue and I'm on P1 or they jump into my kiosk. People have messaged me, calling me names for playing only 1 match and leaving, I just message back, "change your song and run the set or jump in my kiosk." I usually play like 20-40 games win or lose when I have the time 😛 SMH.

  14. That's funny, because for the most part I do better on the 2P side than the 1P side.

  15. punk couldve 5-0 sonicfox's leo.. I feel like he eats all leo for breakfast

  16. 1p side is my fav in any fighting game. It just feels right.

  17. Did you do a will smith elbow drop on a bag of flour? Or did you let someone use your elbow to put out cigarettes? Get it together. Imma also need you to win another major.

  18. Punks elbow so dry, it looks like the editor was filming that part of the video in black and white, tried to fix it, and colored in everything other than his elbow.

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