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why i don’t play fighting games

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  1. This is why despite being a huge dragonball fan I don't play Fighterz. Everyone just practically one combos me and it's hard to get better at a game where the bots are dumb but cheap and the players are just so far ahead of you there is no real lessons being learned. I'm a working adult, I don't have time to git gud just so I don't die instantly in a fighting game

  2. I've had someone do this exact thing, they hit me with like a 97% HP total damage combo, then said "I was holding back" and "I'm not even trying".
    Shut up it's fine if you're better at this game than me, but don't be such a cock >_>

  3. Reminds me of when I was a noob at Tekken. I lost to some smug guy 40 rounds straight! But in between contemplating snapping my controller in half and jumping out the window… I managed to figure out key strategies and finally got a WIN! It was so Satisfying!!!

  4. …and then if you get salty they say: "hey, its not all about winning, you know?"

  5. I do think it's really difficult to pull your punches in a fast-paced competitive action game, though. When I teach board games, I have time to actively tell the other players how to beat me, in a fighting game, that would go more like "counter this with a leg sweep, except in the time it took me to say that, I'm now 30 moves beyond the one you should have countered and your character is also dead"

    You could maybe give a bit of coaching in between matches but I feel like the new player just has to accept they will lose a lot until they get better.

  6. or like, when someone who has played a euro game multiple times teaches me the game and i sit down and they set it up and are like, here's the rules, here's what everything does. . i'll let you go first because you are new.
    i examine the board, look at the synergies of the spaces and the things they doand after carefully deliberating, i make my move to set up a nice combo where i will get 5 resources next turn
    then they make a move and and i have no idea what they are planning. .
    my turn, i collect my resources.
    then their turn rolls around, and they get a space, which grants them an extra action, take 2 more actions, get 6 resources, build 3 buildings, get an extra worker, and block my progress toward an objective. .all on the second turn. . .
    and then they say "oh, it's okay, you're still learning. . "

  7. "Tell you what, put us on a team against a many AI as you think you could solo."

  8. This is why I always place some kind of silent restriction on myself when I know the match is uneven. Only characters I wish I could play well or "only basic moves." Then the opponent gets breathing room and I still get a skill challenge.

  9. I remember vividly visiting a friend and getting to try Smash Ultimate for the FIRST time. One of the guys in the group decided it was the right opportunity to tryhard.

    He had the same "Oh, but why?" reaction when we swapped to another game.

  10. When you play Tekken with your buddy but he juggles you so hard you might as well not have a controller in your hand…

  11. Yes , never try to accept a fighting game challenge from the guy you don't know well in a face to face situation.

  12. This is why I like campaign more than pvp stuff. To be honest I never really got into PVP all that much. The only time I ever did was in Halo 3 and Halo Reach, but I mostly played either slayer or infected. My favorite one was firefight since it was me versus a horde of npcs. In COD, I mostly just played zombies, but when I would play pvp it was only because my friends were playing it. In Destiny, I prefered strike missions or the weekly events. I only ever played pvp when it came to the exotic missions and that was it. I don't really care about where I stand in a game when compared to others, because that's not why I enjoy the games. I play for the story, characters, and gameplay. It's hard to find a good game like that these days. Hogwarts Legacy looks pretty good, but I don't have an Xbox Series X yet. Everywhere I look they're sold out, even online.

  13. the video shows an issue that's not exclusive to fighting games, but it definitely seems like they attract that kind of crowd.
    i know this situation with a friend and RTS games. he constantly nagged me to play RTS' with him, and then would just absolutely destroy me in the first minute.

  14. This is exactly what happened to me when i played my cousin in Marvel Vs Capcom back in the day. I didnt know what i was looking at. I dont think my character ever touched the ground.

  15. I can't believe you got Justin Wong to cameo in this video

  16. Or you find some random combination of buttons that does one really cool move and you do it over and over again until you win. Then they get really mad because you're not "playing properly". Like how is it my problem that you can't defend against a super basic tactic from someone who has no idea what they're doing?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. The first rule of: pool, ping pong, chess, and fighting games is to say “I haven’t played in awhile.”

  18. As someone who plays fighting games, and has friends who dont play fighting games, its kinda hard to hold back, i littlery have to restrict myself of options or using certin buttons or just straight up mashing so that my friends can win,its not a bad thing, i just wish i could actually "go easy" without just not doing certin thigns

  19. "I actually never even play…"
    "take a look at the combo page again"

  20. Fighting games can be fun single player, the last time I played a fighting game multiplayer was after being invited to a friends place to chill. He had some other friends I hadn’t met over, eventually they suggested playing mvc3, I said sure but I’m not that good at it, haven’t played it much. Turned into them juggling my characters with insane combos that I couldn’t do anything against, all while laughing at how horrible I was. Needless to say i didnt see them again

  21. You people saying you go easy on newbies are so full of it. I literally get perfected when I run into you.

  22. And then they look at you and say.

    “You did amazing! GG!”

  23. I like fighting games but I’m ass so i always lose which makes them not fun so then I don’t want to play them so then I don’t get better.

  24. I had never played a fighting game before but i have a great time with guilty gear xx accent core +r

    And Yes thats a real name

    Despite getting destroyed most of the time finding someone in the discord with whom you have somewhat close matches is all i need to have fun with the game

    I will definitely say its not for everyone though

    But i do think that the game you choose and the people you get to play with can make all the difference between having a good time and “not getting it”

  25. yep, just experienced that for the 80 MILLIONTH time today

  26. Yep. Are used to love fighting games back in the day, but now they seem to be way too advanced for me and I literally lose every time now. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  27. All items
    Random stage
    Random character

    Your opponent can’t counter you if you have no idea what the fuck is happening

  28. For anyone that's curious, this is actually why Fighting Games died in arcades. Hardcore gamers made it very difficult for casuals to play. No one wants to get embarrassed in front of everyone in the arcade. So casuals stayed away from fighting games.

  29. something I learned by accident: Fighting games are commonly played on three different levels by the people that play them.
    I know the buttons – no idea how to play in any other than the most general terms, presses buttons mostly at random and tries to win.
    I know the moves – has mastered the inputs for at least one character and likely can beat the computer on easy, maybe even normal difficulty. Once you can do this with all the characters, you may think you've mastered the game, but . . .
    I know the frames – the TRUE way fighting games are played by masters, a level I spent 15 years dipping into fighting games for fun never knowing it even existed. You need to know every single character's moves sets, not to the commands, but to the frames of animation it takes to launch, how much if any super armor it gives a character, what super armor is, how many if any I-frames it gives the character, what an I-frame is, if the move has lag time before or after, if you can cancel the lag, how to cancel the lag, what moves can combo into the move or out of it, what comboing actually means in a fighting game (which isn't what most games tell you it is, or wasn't, I hear they're getting better about it now), and a few other factors.
    This is because at high levels, fighting games are speed chess where your margin for error is measured in the frames of animation of a move. That's less than 1/10th of a second between victory and defeat. and if you aren't on that level, then you might as well not play if your opponent is, as even when they ARE taking it easy on you, you're still gonna loose.

  30. I can relate to both characters in this at the same time

  31. Not even a joke, this is exactly my first experience playing DBFZ

  32. As someone who grew up terrible at fighting games this hits close to home for me, my brother is really good at fighting games so I'd lose a lot to him, he's been trying to help teach me and stuff for a long time but I'm just terrible at joystick combos, which 90% of fighting games rely on for some of the best combos, and even when I would win he'd say "you know I let you win right?" Or "I feel like anytime you beat me in smash it's when I accidentally kill myself". I still enjoy fighting games and I would love to get better at them but I can't see myself entering tournaments because everyone around me would be lieges better than me, so very, very accurate tbh

  33. I thought I was good at fighting games until I played against my friends…

  34. You can’t forget the classic “he attacked me and lost wawaww” where they act like babies who want to lose

  35. Alternatively you just mash buttons and win somehow, then your friend gets mad

  36. I will literally handicap myself as much as possible in hopes I get my friends into fighting games. I play characters that i dont know how to play and use a ps4 controller (I usually play on an arcade stick) or I boot up a game that we both dont know how to play.

  37. I'm at an intermediate level so I'd rather pro players not go easy on me.
    You get better at fighting games by losing, learning from your mistakes and adapting.

  38. I started getting into the fighting game community this year with Street Fighter 6's release, and when I learned about Justin Wong, I literally thought it was this dude lol

  39. Totally get this. Don’t get sucked into them either. It’s weird, but somehow the people who play them manage to be friendly, but horrifying on a cosmic level.

    Been trying to get into fighting games for a while and I keep trying new ones that claim to be “easier to get into.”

    Trust me though… no matter how many friendly smiles they give you, no matter how “easy” the game is to get into, no matter how “good” the tutorial is… it’s not.

    Those are empty words and they mean nothing. The people have been Flowers for Algernon’d into believing FG’s are approachable. They’re not. The developers actively pursue ways to try and simplify things for new players, but it’s never enough, for the heights they’ve found themselves clumb to are simply too precarious to descend from.

    They are an eldritch, lovecraftian horror, hiding behind an amicable visage, and structured under the guise of a well-meaning genre, intent to show you the childhood joys of mashing two action figures together, only to ambush you with non-Euclidean forces and geometry, possibilities unforeseeable and incomprehensible to mortal men.

    Beware their pull, their ancient gravity. Resist it…

    …run, before it swallows you whole.

  40. blazblue centralfiction basically

  41. What can I say it has that uncanny ability to bring that out in people.

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