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Why Fighting Games LOSE Players So FAST

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Why Do Fighting Games LOSE Players So FAST?

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  1. As someone who doesn't play fighting games much but I've tried off and on for years I can tell you what some of the problems are with fighting games. I think the barrier of entry is really high. People learning the game, wants to learn against someone who is at or slightly above their skill level. I have a friend who is Tekken God Prime lvl, and there's just no learning to be had when you can't get a hit in at all, your just getting your ass beat. Now, I'm not saying "make the mechanics easier" because I've seen what that has done to other games and how that drive away the hardcore fans and make games die easier, but what I do think is tutorials for fighting games need to be much more in depth. Like some fighting games tell you to press a button and it says "K" for kick or "P" for punch, some might say 1 or 2 but if you're a beginner, you don't know what that is, I feel like there should be a toggle for things like that so beginners know what face button they're pressing and when they get better at the game, they can switch so they can learn other way. I'm sure for some people , learning how to kick, punch, grab, and block plus a few combos is fine, but for people who really want to get into the game, teach them what frame data is, what are rollback frames, what does it mean to be plus or minus, teach them high level tech and the meanings so they can understand, and be better at not only your game, but fighting games as a whole. Maybe if a high level tournament happens, they can do deconstructions of fights and explain what is going on so people can understand. I'm not asking for the games to be watered down, I'm just asking to be taught so I can join in with everyone else.

  2. It’s easy to find players of your skill level late in a games life.

    The vast majority of fighting game players are very low ranked. I started playing SFV about a year ago and there were plenty of low level players in ranked.

  3. This biggest issues is that fighting games are one of the only online games where you have to practice offline in order to really get the hang of it. In other games like shooters you can play online and learn in game you may die a couple times you might not always win but you can see where you messed up and ur given chances to retaliate. In fighting games if ur matched against a god ur more than likely just gonna sit there as you get beat down there’s no learning in that, the only way to learn is to sit in a boring offline mode and practice against a bot who wants to do that

  4. All fighting games are terrible, especially mortal kombat

  5. Completely agree. I was going to buy the new mortal kombat but this video has just reminded me why buying fighting games has always been a waste of money for me.

  6. The solution is to make a free to play fighting game with an established IP like Street Fighter with triple A quality and user friendly monetization. The genre has also lacked strong netcode and crossplay for so long that it left a lot of people like me without good meaningful competition. I think Project L might be a major development in the genre if it's a good game. Fighting games need a huge surge in its population and Riot might be just the company to do that.

  7. I'll tell you one that you rarely see talked about. . . THE FGC IS ACTUALLY FUCKING TOXIC! I recently tried learning SF6 only to be met with this so I'm done I'm outties.

  8. I wonder if they had a system when a new fighting game dropped for multi-player where the match ups were based on time played and when you started playing I think that is almost how it is already but maybe at the launch of a game that could provide a buffer for players to play against people their skill level although you can't stop a smurf

  9. I always viewed fighting games as something to Play on a sofa with the bois or Girls irl
    I tried playing solo campaign and online but that feels so boring

  10. I used to be one of those players until I just was 100% done with the genre, so I can tell you why. In competitive fighting games, the higher your skill goes, the more your options diminish. You quickly find that X move is unsafe and Y move doesn't cancel into anything and is pointless. I've never had any other hobby that closed doors on things as I got better at it. Imagine if reading was this way, "You've hit a 12th grade reading level, boy. You can only read non-fiction about Abraham Lincoln now!" As soon as that thought popped into my mind, I dropped fighters and never looked back.

  11. frame perfect techniques only come like months later and not the first few weeks

  12. I think that another issue is that while most of those issues tend to be seen on the PVP scenario, the same problematic happens and grows just as exponentially in "vs AI" modes. Having the AI being a fortune teller that is able to block, parry and counter perfectly to each and everyone of your moves and it doesn't matter how much you practice if you can't even beat a damn AI cause is like:
    – If you fight against an AI, the AI cheats like a mothertrucker, being able to always throw escape you, always blocks or parries all your moves, is able to perfect imput all the most damaging combons in literally unimputable sequences, being that you're always having an unfair fight cause your human capabilities, even at their peak would always be insufficient.
    – If you fight against a player, then all the things you mentioned + the unwritten toxicity that the FGC is well known for. Always putting you at a disadvantage and no matter how good you become, by the time you're at a dealable level of skill you're so burnt out that don't feel like playing.
    And that's the reality of fighters, you ALWAYS play with a big disadvantage on a game that requires perfection but NEVER truly offers you the same perfection as a reward. On the contrary. The reward is not getting punished, which is a textbook definition of a toxic relationship. You give a lot, gain nothing in return.

  13. Drop.
    The problem isn't that you can't compete in ranked. It is that you can't compete at all.
    I probobly have around 400 hours in fighting games at this point, playing with friends. Which is a lot of fun. But when I try to go play some casual matches, it is no longer fun. It is always someone with a touch to death combo or some other overpracticed type of play.
    So I have 2 options. Start learning the ins and outs of the game until it isn't fun anymore because the game is algebra instead of a fight.
    Or the other option. Quit and only play with the select few people who I know. And this option only works as long as my friends don't pick option 1 or quit entirely.

    All in all, I love fighting games, but the players ruin it.

  14. Simple : combos are a cancer, SF 2 & Tekken 3 doesn't have "50 hits combos".

    Once you learn the basic special attack (ex : hadouken) it's done. What's left is training your reaction time against other players.

    SF2 is competitive AND beginner friendly

  15. Because fighting games is a party genre. Why? Because people only play them on boring parties 😂

  16. Because people move onto the next new game. I don't get why fighting game fans expect everyone to want to play online. Most people guy the game, play arcade or story mode and move on.

    This is way single player modes are so important

  17. Drop

    But fr, fighting games be mad difficult at times and honestly I don't want to get my gooch tickled and sniffed nonstop for 2 rounds because I decided to dash backwards instead of J2Ming them at round start.

  18. I hate how fighting games are so Ranked online mode focused but i guess it is what it is

  19. what many people, especially those opposed to simpler controls dont want to accept, is that almost all fighting games have objectively bad control schemes. Overly complicated just for the sake of it which in turn kills the genre by being incredibly inaccessible. Complaining about modern controls when thats the only reason the genre hasnt stopped producing new games yet is so delusional from the arrogant parts of the scene.

  20. Drop deez nuts in your mouth

    Its funny that the fighting games I have played teh most are the ones that I didn't play online or local at all. Soul calibur 3 and even guilty gear x2. Those games had so many modes to play, deep and lengthy stories with multiple routes. Soul calibur 3 had fight giant statue, rts game, story mode for all characters and character customization, list goes on. Where as the modern iterations of these games have essentially nuked features out of them to the point where like you said the only real mode is online multiplayer.

  21. I have to recommend the game sifu for people who really want a good pve single player fighting game experience. One of the most fun games ive ever played. Multiple attack strategies and defenses. A lot of small specific moves that can be linked together along with the standard light heavy punches that also have combo strings.
    Using them all together to overcome the enemies without learning frame data etc.
    Do your selves a favor and go play sifu.

  22. I bought Tekken 7 and only played the campaign and a bit of arcade mode, I think it worth the money. You don't have to play online to justify the the game necessary.

  23. Thats why i love Tekken. In all kinds of fighting games (Smash, Street Fighter, Anime, Mortal Kombat, etc), Tekken is comparatively have the fewest gaps between pro and new players. I played Tekken competitively for years, and sometimes when my friends / family fight me & they randomly pressed all button, i lost lol. But at the end of the day, we laugh and mesmerized by the graphics and musics of Tekken.

  24. This video still haunts me, i genuinely get pissed of at how uninformed this video was, this video is from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know the fundamentals of a fighting game and how to learn things right, the thing said about the coolest moves being the most powerful just completely takes away any credibility u have when speaking on fighting games, ur literally just deterring ppl from playing them cuz u reinforce the delusions ppl have about them

  25. me who usually buys games over a year after launch…

  26. There is obviously a lot of luck when both players are within the same skill range. Guessing what the player will do might not be completely random, but there is a large luck element to it. It exists in every game but getting those guesses right in fighting games matters way more than guessing where your enemy ran in Quake or how long the opponent is going to wait before expanding in sc2

  27. ik this is a personal belief but it also feels like your not actually playing a fighting game until you reach a certain level

  28. why i droped MK1 after 2 weeks: the community

  29. This is mostly untrue if you play a game with a large fanbase like SF. The people in Bronze are absolute trash, you can play them if that's your actual skill level.

  30. What keeps a fighting game interesting for me are the updates and base game outside the fighting. I wanna get my moneys worth. I dont buy a game just to scream at the tv for hours cause the net codes fucked. I like it when there are more things to do and when there are rewards or accessories that you can add to your character.

  31. МК11 has a ton of content: The Story Mode is great, The Krypt could be an entirely new game and is friendly for beginners due to the amazing tutorials.. Yet still the FGC community is not giving it the credit it deserves.

  32. I've always preferred playing arcade fighting games offline. I just like simple stimulation over competitive play.

  33. People do not want to have to practice to get good. Thats my opinion but i dont know shyt.

  34. Thats why I love DOA it has best noob friendly play style.

  35. I started playing dbfz for the first time about a week ago, I was decently good at mk11 in its final months so I managed to pick up most of it but I still suck as shit lol, I'm gonna grind to keep up tho, thats what Goku would do

  36. Fighting game devs are also dumb enough to emphasize your stats before every match, so a newbie looks at their 30% win rate, and comes to the completely justified conclusion that they're just not good at this kind of game. Caring about said stats also promotes smurfing, because rather than git gud on their main, (risking their stats) people will instead figure things out on an alternate account.

  37. Figthing games are simply not atractive to play.
    Theyre too mechanically demanding and have a very steep learning curve. I dont want to waste my limited free time learning all of that. I want to actually enjoy myself.

  38. I checked out of FGs the moment they started adding battle passes.

  39. People leave fighting games too fast because no one likes to lose.

  40. I have been steeled by years 1v1 Rts games. Story time! Haven’t played fighting in a serious manner for years now. No I mean years, like the 16 but era. Well, steam sales…one injustice 2 mega big version later I’m like whoa….this is awesome what else have I missed? Looks like a lot, looks like street fighter 6 is the current big dog? I look forwards to being the comical relief in a veterans meat grinder online.

  41. Picked up dbfz recently and even thought I am getting absolutely destroyed I am willing to learn to dominate the competition

  42. Because 99% of population suck ass at fighting games including me 😭😭😭💀

  43. If you want to do anything new you’ve got to start somewhere. The whole idea of “I don’t have time” isn’t always true when people have hobbies they make time for them.

  44. I like playing fighting games, but, quite frankly, being on rural USA internet and the fact that I work full time means that playing online is NOT an option. I just play against the CPU

  45. Didn’t mention how casuals dont like long string combos that deal over half their health for making one mistake. When you think of a fight, you dont think of a slaughter, but a dance between two people intending to slaughter each other. I can set my controller down in some of these tekken combos and get the same result as if i wasn’t; they don’t like that.

  46. I think the market for fighting games is overall growing, but players are just spread accross too many games. Some play MK1, others SF6, some play one of the weeb games, and others may play nee tekken 8. That's the thing

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