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Why Do Fighting Games Use This Sound? [The 3 Step Cycle]

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Fighting Game history is intrinsically tied to kung fu movies and anime. That much is obvious. But the cycle of inspiration has been turning for decades and it’s time for the genre to evolve. I believe this sound to be the culmination of what makes a fighting game larger than life, and the story behind it is much simpler than it may seem. Dive into nostalgia: play is ecco the dolphin a horror game for a retro gaming experience!

What’s next for fighting games? Only time will tell, but I think great things are in store for fans of Street Fighter, Tekken, and everything in between!

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00:00 Intro
01:36 Perception
04:59 Creation
09:01 Sharing
11:27 Looking Forward

JJBA-HFTF Mariah’s Theme
SF3 2nd Impact Oro Stage Theme
SF3 3rd Strike Theme instrumental
KOF 2000 Kula Diamond Theme
SF3 3rd Strike The Longshoreman
Naruto UNS 2 The Calm Before The Storm


  1. There is an actual tournament scene for Street Fighter The Movie The Game. Its pretty busted.

  2. My friend introdused me to FotNS and Atatata has been in my head since then JoJo has infected my vocabulary especaily when a character rush puntches Atata Ora Ora and Muda Muda is always coming out of my .outh when playing

  3. Deceptively good video? Avgn meets gaming historian meets fighterpedia? Subscribed

  4. Can someone tell me what game is that after dragon Ball fighterz at the 0:20 mark in the beginning of this video?

  5. Qmanchu what game is that dude at 0:20? Or does anyone else know let me know thank you

  6. Just watched bee bop highschool. They used those sound soo good!

  7. Just watched bee bop highschool. They used those sound soo good!

  8. Because they can't beat the shit out of you unless they get closer. Duh

  9. Because they can't beat the shit out of you unless they get closer. Duh

  10. Bullshit Sagat is based on Black cobra

  11. Bullshit Sagat is based on Black cobra

  12. Was not expecting that Coast Contra shout out 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. I have in fact not played a fighting game released in the last 10 years…

  14. Great video. I definitely subscribed. But you didn't explain what the ora ora ora translates into

  15. Coz "Ara ara ara" is already belong to another genre.

  16. I love how you choose the muda who also voiced dio so it was authentic af lol

  17. at first i thought you meant the actual SFX not the VFX and it only got clear because of the 2:15 mark

    i wish you said "voice line" or something for the beginning

  18. What movie did that guy running after and hanging onto the bus

  19. It's a battle cryyy, I feel everybody has heard "ora" and "muda" yall already know where it's frommmm

  20. ORA ORA ORA is not only in fighting games, in any game where I throw several quick blows, and have a voice in Japan, they can say it, for example, in Juste Belmont's Castlevania. in anime there are many more possibilities that they say it forever… and no, it's not because of jojos.

    ora ora ora is like take take take

  21. I'm my head it was a sorta taunt, because in Spanish saying "ora ora ora!" Can mean something like "whoah!!" or "come on! "/"bring it on!"

  22. Hara is the illustrator of the HnK manga, not an animator.

  23. Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya

  24. It's all pro wrestling all the way down

  25. I'm glad I clicked on this video.

    Thank you.

  26. Great video! It also makes me really happy that your channel theme is the character select music from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.❤️

  27. I haven't played video games in years.
    But you forgot WAaaaaatttaaa, Waatter and water by Lee and dude from Mortal kombat.

  28. Maybe you should have mentioned Chun-Li and Edmond Honda’s moves from the original SF2, which are Hyakuretsu Kick and Hyakuretsu Harite in Japanese, a clear nod to Kenshiro’s Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken. Ono joined Capcom later. Also, I’d like to have seen Super Hokuto and JoJo from SNES/PS1 era.

  29. I’m gonna add to the nitpick squad: Street Fighter 2 has 7 differents style of characters you can pick from ( not 8) since Ryu and Ken are 98% the same character is that version. And what you describe with Tekken isn’t Tekken but Virtua Fighter since Tekken 1 has a Judoka that does everything but Judo ( Paul Phoenix), Karate with lightning, Terminator type Android and fighting bears…
    Kim from KOF 15 had since sound for his special since forever.

  30. This video could use more attention although it’s not everyone’s favorite kinda topic 😊

  31. 1:51 Damn, the cameraman is as fast as that bus. To the point where the scene looks almost stationary. They should become a runner instead.

  32. Why the naruto ninja storm music at the end bro gd vid by the way before I leave sounding negative

  33. Holy sh!t this is good. 1:42 in and it's already hella stoopid ensnaring.

  34. I hope, one day, ArcSys makes another Fist of the North Star fighting game (one that's not kusoge).

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