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Why do fighting games lose players SO fast?

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  1. They need to add more mini games like the 3d era MK and Tekken from PS2

  2. yeah i alwaway wanted to get into fighting games but IMO ints not worth the amount of hours you need to put into it just to be good like its not a skill i want similar to cod i love cod but i don't get it every year only the ones i like but still to not grind the hours

  3. Its easy no single player options.
    In old days for Example Tekken 5 you could unlock character ,unlock their endings 32 in total , play survivor, time attack and tekken force.

    Nowdays there are microtranstions or no single player content at all ,best example, MK 12.
    It was so fun unlocking new stuff concept art,videos, fatalitys and it was fun because the rewards were fair,but in MK 12 you got to play for hours and buy ,what? 2-3 things,but ofcourse you can buy this things with real money.
    This issue is not only with fighting games ,but in all modern games.
    And thats why I rather play older games ,than new games.
    I became very picky with my choices and I almost always wait for a sale.

  4. Fighting game players are corny af and they go super hard to be really good as soon as the game comes out. Turning off any new players even they don't stand a chance from the beginning.

  5. The difficult barrier for entry is often blamed for this but there are extremely difficult titles that do much better at player retention, with some of the most popular games being titles were the established community outright STOMPS newcomers (mobas are impenetrable to newcomers, even fortnite had experienced builders who could solo lobbies with genuinely masterful execution).

    Fighting games as a genre are infamous for offering low value packages. FG's believe that being good at its core is fundamentally enough to carry a package, and sacrifices in single player content/production value/netcode quality/etc will be excused because the core game is just too damn good.

    One of the biggest reasons Street Fighter 6 is currently doing so well is because it's being considered one of the most complete packages in a long time. Think about that. The most successful fighting game right now isn't even being praised for it's core mechanics, which are good. It's praised for just being worthy of its full retail price.

  6. There should be a rank matchmaking system so that noobs are paired up with noobs and pros with pros

  7. because after a while you just get comboed for 15s over a single mistake, then another 10 for guessing wrong on an obscure tech there's NO (0) way for u to know unless u went on youtube

  8. I retired from DNF DUEL as the #1 Hitman on PSN…because I simply got tired of fighting the same 7 guys in ranked. I have the most wins and I'm #3 Deity… I'm satisfied with those accolades on the PSN side of this game. I had fun with DNF while it was hot..but there are games with bigger communities and less likely to keep getting the same Human opponent every time I join ranked lobby on any given day at any given time…STILL THE SAME 7 GUYS…wether is 11am, 4pm, 11pm, or 2AM..7 DAYS out the week..the SAME 7 GUYS..because no one but those 7 guys are interested in playing DNF. Is why I stopped playing this particular game

  9. Online/competitive is just too cheesy/knowledge-check based. I genuinely don't think it's execution even anymore, it's the never-ending list of each character's cheese you have to memorize the counterplay to.

    Related, the AI is even a cheese lord. Instead of writing a coherent AI that plays like a human every developer just makes it scan your inputs, which is scummy and feels bad.

  10. For me personally, i have never played any fighting game until a short while ago. I bought Tekken 7 for 5 bucks and really tried to get into a level where i can actually have a decent match.
    i currently have 39hours into it. Around 25hours should be at practice trying out new characters and learning combos for the ones i find interesting. Around 10 hours however were used to try and use those combos in online matches where i would just get juggled to oblivion in ranked play (i thought the ppl would actually be on my level). Of course there were few games i actually won, however those did not really feel earned at all. More like cheesy bs. I mostly feel like i am playing against smurfs, which might not be the case, however it feels like it and takes the fun out of me.
    So yh my point is: too much investment needed, which still might not be enough; not casual friendly at all; getting to "beginner level" is playing more than 100h i expect. That is just ridiculous imo. Not everone has the time to learn each frame data, each matchup, each moveset and whatever else there is.
    Thats why i never really expect Fighting Games to become massively popular, it is just too hard to get into. Veterans might find it weird, but thats only because they cannot put themselves into the position of a new player these days where the skill level is higher.

  11. It's also hard to get back into it once you move on to other things. Got to GG Strive's Celestial Floor and I never bothered going back to it even during the Jack-O hype. Too many knowledge check at the higher levels of play that it's guaranteed you are not gonna play good for a while after a long break.

    Will probably force myself to do the other way around with SF6 as content gets released, same thing as I did with Tekken 7. At least SF has always been historically more straightforward than anime & vs games so I think getting back into it will be faster.

  12. Single player content. Different modes, unlockables, mutators, coop opportunities.
    Make some RPG game, but instead of isometric mouse clicking, you actually have to fight opponents with FG rules.

  13. Loved DNF Duel when it came out. The game had tons of issues, but it was the lack of finding matches that killed it for me. I don't even mind playing the same few people over and over, but it was taking 5+ minutes to get a match. I do think it had a lot of potential to stick around, but the lack of single player content, combo difficulty/length, and frustrating mechanics (safe 1 button DP's, etc…) are probably what killed it.

    I practiced combos for hours in DNF on a few different characters, but not everyone is willing to "train" in a video game. Those long combos also force people to sit idly while their opponents press a series of buttons without either player making any real decisions beyond the first hit. On top of that, getting killed in 2 hits that take forever to play out doesn't give you much opportunity to fight back. In games with shorter combos, you get more/frequent opportunities to play the game, and I think that helps a lot.

    In SF6 it's generally considered bad mannered to duck after the first match; however, I can understand why someone would duck after watching Swift Master dunk on them for 60 seconds straight. It's hard to learn anything when you're just getting combo-ed for 99% of the match.

  14. There’s need to be a free to play fighting game, with decent appeal, so people can try a fighting game with no possible chance of losing anything. $60-70 is a lot to just be bad at it, and a sale early is a sign a game isn’t doing so hot. It needs a great tutorial that goes over common problems new players need to understand in all fighting games, footsies, zoning, range control, frame data, plus-negative advantage, knowing your tools and how to use them, the weaknesses of every character exposed. And then a multiplayer system that keeps you in a pool of players with the same skill.

    No character DLC, a high tier character locked behind a paywall, causes issues in the player base, it’s difficult to train against or learn.

    Should just make money off skins, if a game is fun enough, people will buy it.

    Also maybe add 2v2s, a lost is always easier to take with a friend. Or you can make yourself feel better and blame the lost on them.

  15. I just uninstalled Street Fighter 6 and I am watching videos to help me self-diagnose why I lost interest so fast. Instead of playing the game and getting better, I realize that most of my time over the last several weeks has consisted of me watching J.Wong stream the game on Twitch and talking shit about modern controls on the game's Steam forum and various YouTube videos.

  16. A few reasons I quit undernight was because I dont like the mechanics or the characters. I also hated how some mechanics were just hidden and I had to find them outside of the game (vorpal traits)

  17. the main problem when you training with bots then you raise the difficulty to make it more challenging suddenly the bot either turns into bruce lee or mike tyson. The skill gap for this is too high

  18. I can think of a few other reasons why fighting games die quick compared to others. The game itself didnt have the widespread marketing. DNF Duel for example, i never would have found out about this game if i didnt watch Maximilian Dood. I think a lot of ppl missed this game until it was too late which also contributes to low player count.

    Content. FighterZ has a lot of content imo. There's there story for both the Z Fighters and the Villains, arcade mode that adjusts to your performance, online pvp and boss co-op, and tournaments (i think, dont remember), and you can customize ypur lobby character and add stickers for social effects. Guilty Gear Strive on the other hand is online pvp, a story to some extent, and then there's some films u can watch in game lol
    Ppl want to keep their 'main' fighter game. Its quite time consuming to learn another character in another game and then get good at it. I put a ton of hours into Killer Instinct way back in like 2014 or whatever, but any other game i didnt put much effort into. These days my skill can only get so good until i hit my limit, and by then others with my skill level have already quit and im stuck with better players. Yah, its no fun not laying a finger on the opponent. (Also the main reason why i quit FighterZ. Ppl just come up with these infinite combos the moment i get hit even once, plus the fact they can extend their hit count and restart their juggle since there's 3 characters to a team. Irritating as crap)

  19. The actual problem is that fighting games are developed with hyper analytical and hyper focused gamers in mind. Mostly people that play barely many other genres but keep playing fighting games for like a life. These fighting game professionals now also dictate directly or indirectly to developers how fighting games must work in order to keep the competition strong and alive. That is not exactly what I as a seasoned gamer need to deal with. I play many games in regards to different genres. Fighting games were once great when it was about live arcade or couch co-op and the mechanics were kept simple yet fun.

    Today, be it SF6, Takken 7, KOF15 or whatever you pick, each game is too technical. If you want to succeed properly it is as if you have to study gaming. There is no other genre where such an issue exists. Studying a game to understand it and maybe even get somewhere beyond normal difficulty setting is a nightmare. Not worth my time.

    As with Street Fighter 6, first impressions I had were so that the game would be approachable in higher difficulty settings without losing my mind. I was lead to believe such. I was wrong. It too is all about highly technical gameplay. Sorry. I remember when Street Fighter II was all about knowing what button deals what damage and those three or four special moves. The rest was pure luck and patience, specifically against other human players. But today it is all about e-sport-esque competitive gaming where people like Daigo dominate how things are going. SF6's rpg mode can not change the facts.

    And that's it with all fighting games now. Fighting games be developed with the world's best Daigo type gamers in mind. It will never be the same again.

  20. I just started playing DNF Duel and I couldn’t find anyone on ranked. I tried custom rooms and got destroyed. Sadge. Only will be playing story/training content now 🙁

  21. Fighting Games should turn into RPG Fighting Games, where you can invest in specific skills and develop them, stats like strength, dexterity, mana, HP. it would be something extraordinary and highly addictive.

  22. fighting games deserve to die themselves lol

  23. My theory is that the player-base skill issue. Someone could play a fighting game, take for instance SF6, Skill-based fighting games can often create an environment that excludes less skilled players. The steep learning curve and high skill ceiling can discourage newcomers or casual players from engaging with the game, even With the grind. This exclusionary dynamic limits the player base and community growth, potentially leading to a stagnant or declining player pool

  24. I could get an engineering degree for the effort it takes to get competent at fighting games

  25. There's just nothing there, there's only so many times you can climb the arcade ladder before you get bored. Most fighting games also don't have many interesting characters, usually settling for humanoids who look bland. Take MK for instance, besides Scorpion and Sub-Zero, there's very few characters I'd care to play as, most of them are boring or ugly. You beat the game a few times with the characters you like and you're done. What's the point in repeating the process again with all the other characters I have no interest in when I know that they'll be virtually the same thing but with slightly different attacks?

    There's just no content. Fighting games don't really focus on variety as much as they focus on ironing out the gameplay, and the gameplay is just 2 guys hitting each other against a few fancy backgrounds. It's too simplistic, fighting games feel like they never evolved, they remained in the NES/SNES era. It's a similar problem with that of racing games, they're all too similar, borderline identical and bare bones. There's nothing new to hook in most players.

    What you're left with is only the satisfaction of mastering the game mechanics just for the sake of it, so you can be competitive or whatever. But the casual gamer doesn't care about being competitive in a game because no matter how long you've trained to become super skilled, at the end of the day you're just some dude mashing buttons on a controller. So there's no dopamine hit because of how pointless it feels. For the casual gamer who just wants to turn on the game, see something new and goof around, there's just nothing there.

    From the average persons perspective, you're paying for a roster of characters that's mostly similar to what was in the previous games, with most of the characters not being of interest to you, so you can play against those characters you don't care about, in an arcade mode. You can also follow some bare bones, badly written story mode you're not invested in or go online and get obliterated by people who will clap your cheeks 500 times before you even press a button.

  26. people dont play fighting game becuz it is obsolete lasted from 1980s and not really evolved since then. same mechanic for 40years

  27. a thing sadly nobody mentions is how incredible "toxic" the figthing gamers are towards "newcomers". Not saying that in every genre specially in the fps shooter and LOL is not suffering the same thing. But only the example someone told me too kill myself only because is suck at figthing games comes to a point where its just not funny anymore(if wishing someone dead is funny in the first place but whatever). I feel also like most people here mention that the lack of new mechanics and actual intresting character is the principal cause people just dont stick so long to it. This is specially true with the new MK1 game that in my opinion looks just like all the others only that they managed to make the characters even worse and more cartoney. Baraka looks like a fukin Goblin to me(shouldnt have watched LOTR before playing i guess lol).

  28. Well, let's see why most of us drop a fighting game after a few weeks of play. Leeeeet me thinnk….
    – They rely on an absurdly overcomplicated imput system that requires hours upon hours of practice to be able to even have your character doing what you're telling them to do.
    – A comunity which when you ask for help, 8 out of 10 coments you recieve are gonna have some degree of toxicity, pushing you further into a burnout or multiplying exponentially the salt levels.
    – Single player modes that have the identical balancing systems that arcade machines of the 90s had, designed to make you lose by thousands of differend BSes over and over and over….
    – A gameplay that demands things to be more or less on a similar level to be any fun at all, either to play or watch but that is extremely difficult to even have even on friendly matches.
    – Many frustration inbuild situations like having to wait for the enemy to finish it's stupid entire super move so you can move on to the next round so you "maybe" could take the upper hand.
    – Characters that behave completely different against another, forcing you to learn each and every one of the matchups to even have a chance at winning against a new opponent.
    – On top of all the previously mentioned aspects, the PVP (The only thing those games truly care about) relies on online play, with ping issues that destroys acuracy and thus matches are random.
    – A genre that is very infamous for having abusive and "necesary?" DLC practices that force you to buy new characters to have a full roster so you can have a fair chance against them.
    – The extreeeemly hollow the gameplay feels respect the reward you truly get out of investing hours on them cause like…. Where's the loot? Where's the level increase? Where's the unlockables?
    – Simply the fact that even when fighters companies try to appeal at casual audiences with things like SF6's World Tour, they STILL manage to screw up big time for keeping all the previous points.
    And I could go on but…. I think you already get the picture XD

  29. Because new games come out. Fighting game communities need to understand that most people don't care about online fighting and just want to have fun. Then when the next big release, be it a fighter, shooter, action game or whatever is released they play that instead.

    This is why offline content is so important.

  30. There a super easy reason only party game last but unlike every other genera like shooters we can play the game and win but figthing game repeative and once you meet a new rank you get stuck in the DEATH OF THE GAME DEATH LOOP SO NOW IM HERE WINNING ANDNLOSING AS EVERYONE PUSHING TONPLAY HARD .-.

  31. What. Can helpbif they make it where when you swap out a player its a force 2v2 so 2 players figth who wins now wait for the other two fight in the background so it feels not like 1v1 but a 2v2 and so now matches have 4 players heck you canndobit 3v3 and why cause lets say i suck well if i get a great player he carry i win especially for kids that how cod is 2 dudes carry the team or 1 in some cases matches have more player and more players means more mayhem especially on the chat when you can get a player mad. Cause i rather play a game thats makes me mad then a game makes me board think about it games are competitive

  32. Scrub realize they suck, better players become gatekeepers, META sets in, if not properly balanced; Everyone leaves…

  33. High barrier for entry and then when you do want to learn the sweaty nerds who have been playing these games for years don’t even allow for new players to learn

  34. The reason why I’m not playing them as much is because of how unbalanced they are, I’m sick of playing the same character over and over again

  35. And I played fighting games religiously for so long from tekken to do’s to mk to injustice I just quit after awhile despite playing is cause they provide no adventure and take up too much with too little reward

  36. Imagine handing someone 2 plates.

    One is a plate replete with a variety of food with different textures, colors, flavors.
    The other is a plate with a thin, coin-sized slice of steak with a well-made glaze dripped onto it.

    Both of them are the same price. One gets you more content, more variety, satisfies your hunger and is eyecatching. The other has almost no food, so you're still hunngry, is one-note, but the glaze has layers and layers of flavor complexity.

    Very few people on a budget are going to get Dish #2 ever again.

  37. As someone who's tried and failed to get into mobas and hero shooters, I'd say the "barrier of entry" to fighting games is not that bad. It's just people are way less capable of handling any barriers at all in 1v1 formats. When you can't share any of the emotional weight of trying to win with teammates, and the main way of playing the game is against other people, people feel much less okay with just playing the game. The responsibility weighs on them and they feel like they have to get better constantly. They can't just play without working to improve and then it starts to feel like a job. So they quit.

    The only successful 1v1 games I've seen are ones that fulfill one of these:
    A) They're simple and have almost non-existent barriers to learning and playing.
    B) They take the focus away from the opponent so you can feel less responsibility and almost ignore that there's another person playing (turn-based gameplay helps with this).
    C) They have other things supporting the game, like single player modes or a community that you interact with by playing.

  38. I've always preferred playing arcade fighting games offline. I just like simple stimulation over competitive play.

  39. Not covered in the video:
    a) Lack of crossplay – playerbase is split right from the get go and PC side will just disappear. So a game might be recommended on console and have a playerbase, while not being recommended on PC since there would be no one left there. As a result, a portion of the people who would have bought and played the game will just buy something else.
    b) Terrible netcode – primarily for japanese games, their devs didn't give a shit about people outside Japan for a long time, and Japan has excellent internet so its not a problem for them. Now however the situation seems to have improved for the most part.

  40. What made me move on: Not having any friendly rivals, skill gap, crappy online or UI/UX, dwindling playerbase, bad functionality, asinine design like charging for frame data, the game not having or getting my favorites (C. Viper, ABA and such).

  41. I play them cause I’m bored so I just learn a combo here and there🔥❤🔥❤

  42. Yeah it’s couch co op or nothing. Plus when they don’t have a story mode to teach controls I don’t really care to spend 10 mins reading control and combo buttons 🤷‍♀️

  43. Niche within a niche whithin a niche within a niche.

  44. I think 'Davi's DLC' may have stole your vid, the name, thumbnail and even the points you bring up are very similar. His vid releasing on 2 months after this one.

  45. When I was a kid, watching older guys go on the skateboard and do sick tricks was amazing to me but I was so afraid of breaking my bones.
    The same happened with Fighting games but you know what? During the pandemic I grabbed a mini Hori from Amazon and started training, 4 years later I can switch to whatever fighting game and just do combos cause fundamentals and now imprinted in my head. so what's the moral?
    If you really like fighting games go out there and practice, we ain't talking of starting a healthy fucking lifestyle like wake up at 6 and go run, just grab the fucking controller and learn if you really want to, if you don't you just want to press X X X on Modern control and say you can do combos. No offline or whatever can save fighting game, just sheer passion and people nowadays just want to take the game and be good. Fucking bunch of brazilian modern Kens lol

  46. The time it take for me to actually get good at fighting game can be use to learn the martial arts that the characters in the game are using.

    That's just stupid.

  47. Its actually very difficult to get people to leave the games they're playing. the big three have gotten tones of new players into their series but the majority of Tekken 8 and SF6 and even Strive players are gonna keep playing those games. meanwhile games like GBVR just become flavor of the month games that everyone leaves after a month or so to the games that matter. Remember when all the fighting game streamers where playing GBVR? Now its like that game barely exists.

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