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Why Do Fighting Game Characters Get Banned?

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From SF2 Turbo Akuma to DBFZ Lab Coat 21, a lot of fighting game characters have been banned from competitive tournaments for a variety of reasons.

Today we’ll take a look at some reasons that lead to characters getting banned and some of the notable examples throughout the history of fighting games.

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0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Console Exclusive Characters
3:08 – Boss/Hidden Characters
5:18 – Overpowered Characters
10:01 – Conclusion

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  1. 4:33 OH SCREW YOU! Why did you have to tease me like that? I was so excited to see Blazblue FINALLY get some respect and attention that it needed for so long, and you just led me on and tricked me and went on to talk about Guilty Gear instead, just like EVERY. SINGLE. FIGHTING. GAME. VIDEO. EVER. What a normie.

  2. This is the most ignorant comment section I've ever seen. 💀

    If you sort by new, almost every comment is saying shit like "bro they just need to get good" or "competitive players are crybabies". Bro that's like going to a Basketball game and complaining about the foul system 💀, like wtf

  3. Fahkumram? I just hope in Tekken 8 they add too brothers called Sack Madek and Sack Makok 💥🔥🔥

  4. He told sonicfox to change his character like he won't get folded anyway 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Kids banning Items in smash brothers.

    The whole game is balanced around this main mechanic. Even the creator curses the way kids play his game.

  6. I fought in a Soul Calibur 2 tournament many years ago, and luckily the console exclusive characters weren't much of a threat . It pretty much came down to me as a Nightmare player, Killik, Yunsung and finally Maxi making it to the finals. I made 3rd with Nightmare!😊

  7. Guys, the sound mix and volume is all over the place. Please spend more time polishing those videos, thx.

  8. Since we talking about Banned and Nerfed Characters.

    I need Metwo X nerfed on Pokemon Unite. Mewto damn near 1v5s, sometimes he can do it before X mode.

    You add that damn flower Comfey, and he is DAMN NEAR unstoppable.

  9. People are just fed up getting their asses kick. 😂😂😂

  10. I remember when they banned one version of noob saibot because it was ridiculously powerful. I think it was master of souls.

  11. Cause the broken af. There saved you 10 minutes.

  12. Steve my favorite character Broken fighter games Banned for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for dlc Fighter Pass 2 Steve Broken Smash Ultimate

  13. I only have one question. Where the hell is the Switch port of SCII, with Link?!?!

  14. i would have to say because the people banning them are softies and dont want to really play the game at true skill level

  15. Half these problems wouldnt be there if some of these dudes just showered

  16. in mk x , cybersubzero was playable as a hidden character but was he banned?

  17. People find anything to complain about instead of just getting their skills up!!

  18. Indirectly attesting all those opening rage clips to unbalanced characters is kinda disingenuous. There are so many factors. People's mood control is the biggest one of them lol

  19. I like the dlc bans 😂 so much for pay to win.

  20. Low tier god is the king of rage quitting in SF

  21. Meanwhile I'm stucking wanting to be a Lily main in SF6 :/

  22. bruh steve isnt even banned at the most important majors -__-

  23. Metaknight was such a menace he was even banned in my middle school game club, which was fairly chill and no one really was there to win. Still hate that one sound effect. You all know what I’m talking about.

  24. Remember, it’s only not fun if you’re losing

  25. the thing about smash is that unlike some of the others, Nintendo couldnt care less about even the newer smash games. they've wiped their hands clean of it, and they will likely never patch it ever again, just as they did with smash 4.

  26. Bayo in Smash 4 literally ended all my interest in the game, because she immediately BECAME the meta after release.

  27. If I still have some of these characters for some reason could I sell and make some good money?

  28. I think with they deliberately Overtune DLC characters so people buy it.
    Then put the Nerf a few months later

  29. Still think it's silly people want to ban Steve in Ultimate. The recent Smash Con had… 2 Steves in top 48. Meanwhile in DBFZ you mentioned 33 whole teams had A21, and so did 7 out of the top 8. A Steve player did win Smash Con, but that's just it, 1 single Steve player in top 8. I can't understand how people want to ban basically 1 guy winning with Steve when Meta Knight and Bayo completely took over top 8's in their respective games.

  30. I love the thumbnail. Android 21, Akuma, and the most terrifying of all…

  31. Soul Calibur 4's Hilde wasn't banned quickly. Infact, she's the reason Soul Calibur 4s competitive scene died out.

    People wanted her banned early on, however they didn't. This caused the scene to die off, and when she was finally banned most the hype around the game was over, so it killed off the game.

  32. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති says:

    Video title: Why Do Fighting Game Characters Get Banned?

    And you know this, man!.mp4

  33. "One one person chose not to run 21"
    That man went on to win EVO

  34. Steve was broken since launch, but got banned once people found a tech. I forgot what the tech was, but steve got banned everywhere so it had to be busted

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