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Why combos are the easy part of fighting games

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Let’s debunk the popular perception that fighting games are ONLY about combos. Yes there are VERY difficult combos that can exist, but the strongest players have to know much more than just combos…


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  1. In my early days of sf4 I learned this big Balrog combo. I was so proud of myself for about 45 minutes. One of my older brother's friends beat me by picking Vega and hitting crouch strong over and over and anti airing me. I was almost on Scrubquotes after that. After the salt died down, my eyes were opened. Some people just need to learn the hard way.

  2. Scrub is a mindset not just a lack of knowledge haha

  3. 8:40 Daigo lands it in a match, what's likely is that enemy will actually die midway.. By the time you get stunned you usually have 1/3rd hp or less. 90%hp combos that rely on CA+VT+Stun are all just lab gimmicks.

  4. A random comment in one of your videos said : fps games are easy because it's about one button click to win. It really makes you think…

  5. I remember seeing this argument about combos in smash vs combos in tekken. The tekken guy was like "combos in tekken are harder because of the situation, the hp, the wall, etc etc.." But I just had to side with the smash guy, because the interaction doesn't end when a combo starts, your opponent still has input while being comboed. In other fg you can make the situation as hard as possible for a combo but at the end of the day 100% of the time the button sequence will be the same under the same circumstances, unlike smash.

  6. Wtf this is longer than a minute, I don't have the attention span for that!

  7. Back in sf4 complained about me spamming a combo on them. I was doing the standard chp starter E Ryu combo. I hit it like 3 times in rep rounds. I just told the guy to start pushing so many buttons. The higher ranks ones goes the harder it is to hit the juicy stuff.

  8. Also refer to Daigo hitting the Rufus with the Rufus E Ryu combo in a real match. Or when Nero plays anything.

  9. How would you even have that much stun without taking damage, the combo couldn’t ever happen

  10. Combos are the easy part. The hard part is waiting for the 2021 Fall Capcom Cup balance patch that got delayed into March of next year for Zangief to get buffs.

  11. This is one of the most useful information I have seen in a while…speaking the truth.

  12. Idk how to keep playing this game tho tbh it really has become smurf fighter V from bronze-gold. Really killing the game for me chief, so many 95-99% win rate guys in there. My blacklist is quite full. I'm just using SFV as a platform to learn and then when SF6 comes out im hoping I can hit the ground running and reach gold on release at least.

    Thanks for the good content tho! Makes me want to keep getting better and improving.

  13. Combos annoy me from the sense that I'd rather not spend a lot of time in the lab doing nothing but practicing execution. I'd rather spend that time labbing interactions or you know, playing the game.

    The absolute best decision made with the Tekken 7 home release may have been the bare bones practice space they give you while searching for a match so that you don't have to dedicate time to getting down the muscle memory for the combo you found on YouTube.

  14. Isn't it literally impossible to land that full combo in a match? For the opponent to have that much stun built up they have to take damage right? Meaning even if you had that situation with full resources and everything you would kill before finishing the combo so it would be better to do an easier shorter combo that uses fewer resources to kill.

  15. "Combos are the easy part" looks at hands that can only do a 5 piece at most…. lmao

  16. I just have so much trouble with this game because of how sexually charged it is.

  17. you forgot to mention that combos are what make people want to play the game, atleast new comers, which is why they think that's all the game is about

  18. They will leave the Oro fall fast in the game because it's sick as fuck. Nothing more; nothing less.

  19. I play Tekken but I've learned a lot from watching your content. Good stuff and look forward to seeing more 👍

  20. For me personally I have no interest in learning combos and games with high execution turn me off because I just want to play neutral

  21. combos are “easy” and i still can’t seem to do a single one 🙁

  22. there's also people that consider specials as combos

  23. If even one person sees this video, understands, and is saved from scrubbery, this video was worth Brian's effort.

  24. I feel like it's a bit different for some other fighting games. I mostly okay anime fighters and in a lot of them, characters can get stray hits and convert them into their main bnb in a way. Maybe that's what some of the people that say this are talking about?

    Great video btw

  25. "Fundamental play always comes out on top, don't try that shit on me I've been around the fucking block" -Brine_F

  26. Yeah. Just a day ago practiced a combo for a frame trap and people either don't mash or I don't have resources for it. It's a different situation but I feel like my focus on this combo really hurt my gameplay trying to do the same thing over and over.

  27. Me as a menat player when I hear my main mentioned

  28. Brian getting savage is a gentle kinda savage I don't want to invite upon myself

  29. the real hard part of fighting games is to not say 'i teched that'

  30. I always appreciate these finicky, stupidly specific combos that end up with ridiculous damage. I do try to learn them, just for that one shot of absolutely and utterly annihilating somebody in the actual least practical way possible. Since I am a Cody Silverback Gorilla main, I enjoy seeing people do all the kinds of dumb shit with VT2 Cody corner combos.

    edit: i said "i always" 4 times in one paragraph and i lost sleep over how repetitive it was.

  31. You can call that shit all you want situational of course but it is shitty that the game allows such damage and be honest I feel the Street Fighter 5 is the weakest of the series that have a number behind it.

  32. Honestly, whenever someone says shit like "you just need to learn the combos and then get a lucky hit", I ask them to play a quick set of Fantasy Strike. The game is by no means perfect (I haven't really played it in months either), but it's great to show the importance of fundamentals. I explain the basics to them, we play, they usually get bodied, and then they either: a) get frustrated and say shit like "you're just countering everything I do, this isn't fun" and end up learning absolutely nothing. Or b) they actually start to understand that there is a thing called "neutral", that there is "defense", and that being patient and methodical about how you approach (or keep someone out) is way more effective than just jumping and mashing (after losing entire rounds to nothing but anti-airs). This is where they actually start having fun, and want to keep playing.

  33. Thanks for using a melty blood ost jiyuna, it's always nice to see how deeply you support the new game

  34. If he stun.. the life gauge also would not be full, more like to be at least in the middle… its more than unlikely, its straight impossible. Anyone who thought this gonna happen in a battle is a completly ignorant in fighting games yet…

  35. This is so true tho lol. Like I play MK and tekken alot but I'm not touch of deathing my opponent, half the time I'm defending and using random bait moves to draw out my opponent so I can strike them when they're vulnerable. The hard part is figuring your game plan and how to trick your opponent. Combos are easy but you need to know how to improvise in situations otherwise your game is visible as day to your opponent.

  36. I think people just look at marvel combos and see massive bullshit lol

  37. I love this. They're spamming combos? Well you're just spamming the wrong defensive option. LOL

  38. Actually if you're playing NRS games… you kinda HAVE to mash combos because of how strings work. If you have casuals that have only played MK11/Injustice, I can see where the idea of "fighting games just buyton mashing". I dont like it personally because its feels like too much of a commitment. That being said I love some Injustice 2 with my gf.

  39. Most people aren't gonna be able to do that balrog combo in the first place, or basically any real combo, so they never really get any reward for outsmarting their opponent.

    It feels like complete shit to fuck up a combo when you baited something or you drop your punish over and over. That's why people think these games are about combos and why this genre is perceived to be so difficult, you can win the "human interaction" part but still consistently not be good enough to get any real value out of it.

  40. People are dumb. They love talking even about things they know nothing about.

  41. combos are just the executional part, the neutral, the offense, the defense those are all important too, it's not just 1 part that's important, however if you are good at all 3 of those except combos it will take more situations to get through before you win so i can understand the sentiment of "spam combos" because they only need to be right 3 times out of 10 instead of the opponent that might need to be right 10 out of 10 to win.

    but combos is literally just time investment to learn while offense, defense and neutral is all about experience and brains.
    that's why it usually doesn't matter for someone who are good at fighting games if they switch game because they understand the fundamentals of the basics and they know they can get to a pretty competent level pretty fast by just learning the combos because everything else they allready have for free.

    but what is the bulk of a fighting game? it is the fundamentals of the offense the defense and the neutral so i believe that people who are more in the early stages of learning get to have more fun in a match because the match goes on for longer and there's more situations each match than you would get higher up the ranks simply because of combos.
    but eventually as the newer players play they start to get the combos down and get to have fun with that part of the game aswell so it's not exactly like you lose out on fun just because you get to guess less as you get better, it just makes things more high stakes.

  42. Thank you 🙏🏾 man makes a lot is sense that last part about defense and but this was a really good video to point out y’all need to put some respect ✊🏾 on daigo’s name 🗣🗣🗣

  43. Spot on. A combo does duck all when the first few hits are blocked or otherwise countered. Combos are an opportunity to gain an advantage over your opponent which is why optimal doesn't necessarily mean max damage. Best combo any new player can learn when picking up a fighting game is a punish 2-3 hit combo that leads to a close knockdown. It will teach you 3 things: 1) when to punish, 2) the importance of pressing an advantage, and 3) how to mix up.

  44. Combos are the hard part for me. I can very well understand spacing and mind games. That’s why I stick to smash, I don’t have the brainpower for all of those inputs 😢

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