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Why blocking is good in fighting games, actually

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Everyone always tells you to block, but no one ever really explains WHY you should block. Let’s break down the advantages blocking on defense gives you and how to utilize it in street fighter.

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  1. i remember it took me really long to understand these concepts lol, good stuff

  2. That is probably the best 50/50 I've ever seen at the end

  3. I gave Brian F a meaty by mashing that big red button right as the video ends

  4. Depending on who am I going against you don't want to block to much because they have mean grab range lol

  5. I saw this already on Brians stream 2 out of 10 who am I

  6. Brian, can you cover this topic? If tier lists are only for the top players who can maximize their characters, is matchup advice also only for top players?

  7. Its really simple, blocking is bad in anime games cause they have insane unreactable mixups. So anyone coming from these games, which are the majority of games having these sorts of mixups, is gonna be mashing all the time cause you basically never wanna block there.

  8. Now I have to sub for that smooth as heck transition

  9. 50%.. you know that's actually great metrics – it means that not only do you have a returning audience, but you're also staying topical; to have continually new eyes on your videos.

  10. Typical Gold league ranked match:
    me: "man this guy is crazy he attacks like there's no tomorow let me wait until i get my turn."
    me when i get my turn: "well apparently this guy doesn't know how to block and i end up crush countering him every wake up."

  11. Blocking is acting like you won't get command grabbed, f a c t s

  12. It saddens me that this is an actual video and not a meme

  13. Blocking is a mindset that i don't believe in

  14. I love the 50/50 note at the end…glad I'm already subscribed. Great video as always…

  15. Lol the subs mixup is real af hahaha great content Brian!!

  16. Just subd to your channel bro. Good info.

  17. the virgin blocking vs The Chad Eating a Frame Trap

  18. That 50/50 mixup tho…*kisses fingers* puts quarter on cabinet n stands at the back of line

  19. The fact that i did not know crush counters or a combo withe a trigger activate reduces damage is new to me. That i learned from brian f!

  20. The only time blocking is bad is if your opponent is doing a throw (normal or command grab). Otherwise, there's reason not to block Vega's sharp metal claw or Akuma's chi energy with your bare, unprotected arms

  21. Surely players who don't block don't exist past Diamond.

  22. mans talks about how easy it is to react to boxer's overhead while duffing people with it all the time

  23. "Blocking will make your mashing better"

    I shall now consider learning this sacred technique

  24. Make it a 70/30 situation? Ok, Brian, im gonna unsub then! 😀

  25. Good idea to use the mirror match on training mode to lab that linda stuff, nice content.

  26. One of my issues is I don’t take risk when pressuring I force people to respect my air tight pressure but I never mix it up, hopefully I’ll keep this in mind.

  27. Damn…I had to check myself with this one… I'm not mad about a person mashing…. I'm mad about the accurate timing of when someone mashes… thanks for the insight..

  28. The fact that Brian_F is sporting a 50% subscribe rate makes me think that Twitch chat is right about YouTube.

  29. I'm 3 minutes and I understand he's talking about chess in terms of how to think ahead

  30. People don’t block?? Everything I do gets blocked.

  31. I actually subscribed after the 50/50 on the end! Sick setup

  32. Have to disagree, if you block you basically tell your opponent that you're too weak to take a hit and too scared to try and hit him.

  33. Blocking? They're called fighting games, not blocking games ok!!! JK great vid as always.

  34. I love blocking, my sagat is so fucking lazy lmao, ranked mode hates it

  35. Blocking has always been OP… unless your opponent has a command grab.

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