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Why blocking is good in fighting games, actually

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Everyone always tells you to block, but no one ever really explains WHY you should block. Let’s break down the advantages blocking on defense gives you and how to utilize it in street fighter.

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  1. Blocking has always been OP… unless your opponent has a command grab.

  2. Exactly. Blocking means you aren't getting blown the F up. Low rankers stay low because they don't BLOCK!

  3. This game Is so confusing dont know how to use ultimate ,dont have all characters I've done the tutorial and still Confused also dont know how to do the attacks that make you glow orange

  4. Coming from a non sfv player, listening to him two people that blocking is good is almost feels like parody

  5. If everyone who was intrested in learning fighting games should start with this video. Cause this talks about any moves in specific. This video was executed perfectly.

  6. the only time a streetfighter player reacts is when they get mad about something said on twitter

  7. "Hey Brian F blocking doesn't do damage"

    I was about to type that in the comments the second the video started and he beat me to it. This man is a fortune teller…

  8. Is that a really pale person in underwear laying in the bed to your right in the background?

  9. Wow…. Didn't think this topic needed to be discussed but apparently it is an issue people face, How hard is it to hold down back and wait for a punish.

  10. Those misplaced shadows on the dummy Balrog's arm are so distracting.

    Also, I'm pretty sure blocking is a Chinese conspiracy made up by my opponents.

  11. Wait, should I unsubscribe so it's less of a 50/50 if your viewers are subscribers? If enough viewers unsubscribe we can make this a safe guess.

  12. Subscribe and notification is how you option select that 50/50

  13. I had no idea non-light normals do grey health damage in this game

  14. 12:00 I think 50/50 subbed/unsubbed is pretty great.

    I've watched some smash tech videos where they complain it's 2% subbed, 98% unsubbed

  15. Blocking is definitely apart of the left agenda 🤣

  16. Best "plis subscribe" ever, I got hit and it hurted. gg

  17. I came for a meme video about blocking but ended up getting a nice theory video

  18. Oh man I never thought to look at pushblock being a reward of blocking. That's a really interesting perspective.

  19. really awesome and informative video. still glad they added another defensive mechanic. I come from a Soul Calibur household so not having a "fuck your button" button makes me break out in hives. it's been fun tryin out SFV though, really forces my spacing to be on point

  20. Hey Brian F, blocking is a social construct meant invented by top players to keep scrubs like me down I'm gonna mash every time and you can't stop me

  21. This video really hit home. I often find that I will be so scared of either buttons while I'm downbacking or scared of being thrown that I lose sight of the fact that what I'm actually looking for is that pressure to be unsafe, the jump after a blockstring, or if who I'm fighting can throw me from that range etc. I sometimes get frustrated that I don't know X about a certain character but what I'm actually frustrated by is my inability to notice how effective the block string I'm in actually is, and when / what I should do about it.

    Hoping to take this awareness into my matches today and be more patient and thoughtful while blocking. Thanks Brian!

  22. Arcade kids learns to block early, cause we use real money to play.

  23. F you brian, since you made this video people in my rank (rookie) are beginning to block! DELETE THIS NOW!

  24. Don't forget that SFV is one of the few games that doesn't allow chip kills from specials. Only by blowing your whole load with Critical Art can you chip kill.

    Blocking is powerful.

  25. "Blocking makes your mashing more powerful"

    Mashers: "I am my own God."

  26. Fact Check Brian! Nash can recover health with ex tragedy assault.

  27. Blocking makes me lose my claw. Think I’ll pass on the blocking stuff.

  28. Watched this video and instantly went from Super Gold to Ultra
    Who woulda thought that blocking makes my mashing more powerful. Thats all I needed to hear lol

  29. Blocking is for the weak especially if you're playing casual 🤢🤮

  30. blocking does'nt do damage definetly came from a sf player

  31. Easy. Some characters are way to fast against other characters. Like im a geif player and blockin is a must!!! He to slow to go frame for frame. Example…Kens!!!

  32. I don't even regularly play fighting games but now I know

  33. I hate the blocking animation and sound in sfv, it's like there's a forcefield around the character

  34. 11:54 lol i see people asking to subscribe all the time using the statistics, but so far it was the best attempt.

  35. Does anyone else get distracted by the pillows that look like a human sized doll behind Brian?

  36. Blocking goes both ways. If someone is blocking them in control of that sequence

  37. I held block down all day in mk11 but in sfv the gray life scurrs me

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