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Why Aren’t Fighting Games Mainstream?

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  1. Id love to start getting good at strive but its simply too much

  2. I think i will rewatch the video of your grind to celestial.

  3. What's the name of that anime moba. Pls I must know

  4. we definitely need fighting games to bring back the concept of grinding to get secret characters. smash bros may have adopted DLC but they still have characters in the base game that are locked until you meet certain conditions. they even still do this in games with daily and weekly missions. in yugioh duel links theres a secret character called Scud, who is a complete joke and was very briefly in the newer Dark Side of Dimensions movie but fans loved that he challenge to get the meme character.

  5. The difficulty is the reason why fighting games don't get popularity like Among Us, Fortnite, or Call of Duty.
    and new players need a lot of time to learn frame data, combos, character archetypes, and mechanics. It is one of the hardest game genres out there in my opinion. Popular games like Fortnite have easier controls, the mechanics are easy, and even noob players can win.

  6. With a huge rise in BR games maybe using the concept of the SF6 where it’s a 3D world and once you engage in combat you go into the actual game might be a fun idea like a survival mode with players instead CPUs

  7. The end of the arcade saloons and the rise of the FPS LAN parties on cyber-cafes and/or college campus with Counter Strike during early 2000, sealled the popularity of the genere, a lot of people that played Fighting games on arcades and consoles switched to CS, WoW, Halo, CoD, GTA, sports games (Maddem, NBA 2K, FIFA), Mario Kart… and never look back.
    The online matches on those games are more forgiven that the Fighting marches. The dead of the arcades and one vs one game on Home consoles truly damaged the Fighting genere.

  8. Lacks crossplay, terrible at teaching new players, difficult inputs for no reason, Traditional mechanics that has no business being alive, Gives very little for what it costs compared to other games, Refusal to evolve, expects players to buy specialized controllers just to play fighting games, difficulty playing casually.

  9. Because fighting games that aren’t named mortal kombat, street fighter, or tekken market toward niche fan bases of niche weebs, if you want the truth. Mortal kombat because it’s edgy and one of the easiest, most streamlined, and mechanically well-crafted games, street fighter the same minus the edge

  10. One of the main reasons is play space. You're confined to a very small play space where the arenas or levels are basically moving pictures.

    It gets tiring seeing the same thing over and over again, especially when there aren't even many viable characters to choose from.

    This contrasts with the open worlds of BR for example where there's a lot of stuff going on.

  11. The skill gap. Any idiot can get lucky and win a match of Fortnite. It takes practice to win in a fighting game.

  12. Because they're hard and you can't blame your team.

  13. Is that Danganronpa music I hear in the beginning?

  14. Single player experience is bad in fighting games like really bad, i refunded some games just for that because the devs focus so much only in the vs mode that the arcade/story mode is just lack luster overall,

    At least that's my main and only reason to had refunded some fighting games and only focus on things like XenoVerse 2 etc

  15. Simple
    In fighting games, you almost exclusively compete, but rarely if ever toy
    In most mainstream games, you can almost always toy, and sometimes you can compete
    Most regular people see games as toys to play with rather than competitions to sweat over

  16. Too many fighting games to choose and sometimes some of them are expensive .

    Gotta pay extra money for rollback to play online (sometimes) .

    Landing combos is hard

    very few people to play with
    there is a high chance of winning in FPS and MOBA games than in fighting games .i remember playing KOF 98 against many people who used to play that game way before i did and getting my ass kicked all the time .

  17. This is a terrible analysis. First off you skipped by FAR the biggest issue- entry and skill gap. fighting games are very complicated and extremely hard. both mechanically and strategically. Just being able to do inputs cleanly and consistently time combos that are even intermediate level is going to take hours of practice. At any level past beginner, people start getting into frame data and meta gaming. You arent a casual anymore if you have to dedicate hours practicing against dummy AI, learn every characters moves even if you dont play them, and start worrying about frames

    Second, you harp on marketing but fighting games HAVE marketing. ex. Mortal Kombat 11 was everywhere, even on like network TV. We've also seen games with tons of marketing fail miserably- ex. bf 2042, redfall.

    Third, game communities only matter to a very tiny portion of players for almost all games. MMOs are prob the only exception. Solo queue is the norm for games like overwatch and most shooters…which are the biggest games right now. Fighting games have very strong communities but theyre tiny and insular and only for competitive players really.

    Fourth, you dont like battle passes but want constant rewards and progression? thats literally why battle passes exist. pick one side to be on

  18. I have a positive win ratio in mk11 rn. But my god every single person I fight is so good I have to try my ass off and get caught by so much gimmicky stuff I should have stuck with it since launch cuz years down the line at the end of its life cycle it’s full of people who are really REALLY good and it makes it hard to get into it. Best bet is to learn with friends and compete that way then dip your toes into online here and there until you’re ready to take on randoms. Just try not to get tilted you’re gonna lose a lot and get flawlessed and feel like the dumbest human alive but trust me you will get better. You can only get caught by certain things so many times until you eventually learn

  19. I feel like hitstun is what makes fighting games not go mainstream, unlike games like League of Legends and Fortnite, even though platform fighters exist and they're somehow mainstream than that of traditional fighters, and also Fall Guys… it had stuns when bumping on literally anything in existence.

  20. 12:57 why did he say smash like this? That's such a weird thing to do.

  21. I didn’t watch the video. The answer to the question in the title is that 90% of people who play fighting games are ego maniacs who are full of shit.

  22. because fighting games require a minimum of two brain cells to rub together, fortnite does not.

  23. It's a combination of community and the learning curb. It's too time consuming and sometimes it's not worth it for most. The time spent getting good with a character can be spent getting good in your life whether it be exercising, learning a new skill, honing creativity or better yet, learning real life martial arts.

  24. Mortal Kombat is somewhat mainstream. Whenever a new game gets released, it gets huge hype and popularity and then it dies out after a month lol.

  25. The sad thing is while fighting games are cool no one wants to play them for months on end to just be decent or good at the game meanwhile other games doesn’t take much skill to hop on and just do your thing.

  26. It is because unga bunga fornite players cant do fighting games because they require intelligence like doing motion inputs or footsies because all the know is spam buttons

  27. Don’t get mad at me, I’m not trying to be elitist but fighting games aren’t main stream cause they aren’t dumb enough for everyone to play, but also they kinda suck at making single player content and I feel like they really could do better. The skill ceiling of shooters can be wherever they are, but they aren’t as fun for the players that suck as shooters are for players that suck at those games.

  28. Its not mainstream because there is nobody to blame when you lose. Ppl hate confronting themselves.

  29. I would love to dive in and get better online, sadly i am from the philippines, finding a game for me takes ages

  30. Because skill issue, it will always be because of skill issue. Fighting games are perfection for the pure competitor, but very few people in reality have this mindset. Fighting games are not the only pvp game with skill expression, but they’re the only one that CONSTANTLY forces you towards self-reflection. When you’re too good compared to your opponent it’s a wash and only fun when you can show cool stuff to your friends, when the opponent is too good you get washed and don’t even understand most of what happened while playing (you can definitely learn upon review, but review enjoyers are even more of a niche). Similar skill level matchmaking is the ideal for fighting games and for fighting game fans it’s like crack. But for most players it’s the most direct confrontation of skill issue, because you can see the opponent making mistakes but you lost, and most people cope and get mad instead of review.

    Meanwhile other more popular pvp games have tons of more excuses to cope with after a loss most notably teammates and RNG. Even in the games which try to have skill-based matchmaking, there’s too many players for this to be consistently satisfying which actually ends up benefiting the game producer for the aforementioned reasons last paragraph. Then there’s the next level of random/queue time prioritizing matchmaking seen in FPS and especially battle royales, which Ruin competitive integrity but create the absolute ultimate excuse and there’s enough scrubs out there on the match that if you’re good the match basically becomes a beat-em-up game.

  31. fighting games are not popular because they're not f2p. You can NOT tap into the competitive games market by saying "Hey, complete new-comer to this genre, compete in my game for the low low price of $60". This also has the added effect of making the game COMPLETLY inhospitable to new-comers months after launch because simply there won't be many other new-comers to play with making all your matches unbalanced.

    Another very big factor is controls, in most competitive games, you can literally play for a few hours and feel comfortable piloting your character, you won't be great, but you'll have a decent level of self-expression. Fighting games? as a complete newcomer you'll literally spend 10+hrs and doing a super will be just as awkward.

    As it stands, the value proposition of fighting games is straight up ass "Hello, pay $60 to get your ass beat for 30hrs by people who have 500hr+ lead on you, and by the end of it you'll be lucky if you know how to do the most basic combo in real matches."

    F2P + simple inputs = mainstream material. Which is why Project L will be a massive success albeit it has the advantage of the 2vs2 format.

  32. Oh easy. There isn’t enough Bridget. We all need more Bridget in our lives in order for fighting games to breach the mainstream.
    I propose another 3 figures for Bridget.

  33. "The fighting game comunity is an amazing place" Riiiight, talk about the most toxic comunity that is the most useless method of seeking for advise on how to deal with something in specific you might be strugling with on a game. That offers stupid advises like "Having trouble dealing with X AI enemy? Then jump on online, you'll find your answers there"
    Then you jump on online and while against the AI you at least could win a round, on online you get triple perfected after another with some players spamming things that the AI would never logically fricking do. Hehe, so much for having "the comunity" as a good point. More like one of the biggest reasons it keeps on constant downfall

  34. honestly I'm not sure if you want fighting game to have an audience like LOL, popularity comes with all the shit that acmes attached with it, toxicity and more

  35. Ive started plaging strive over the past few weeks, its my first fighting game outside of the SSB series and i got into it due to my cousin. Strive is from what i can tell one of the biggest fighting games right now, and i had litterally never hward of it outside of my cousin, and seeing pictures of bridget onkine cus trans. It is insane how little people know about such a massive and interesting genre.

  36. the reason i play strive is bc i quit smash and i thought the combo's looked cool

  37. Good Luck trying to get Gen Z to learn these 1980s controls.

  38. 1:18 has to be the worst way to finish 4th in a game of fortnite 😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Seeing eternal return this far into the past is so weird since i just got into it

  40. It's weird how Brawlhalla doesn't get much attention when it has 100 million players with 20million monthly players (crossplay). Insanely good tournament entries online and LAN, massive prize pools, consistent developer support, extremely active community. It's not nearly as recognized as Smash (it does not have the massive legacy or storied history of it), but it deserves some praise imo. It's different from Smash in basically every way but the genre. People are very quick to discount it without giving it a serious try and how good high level competitive play is. Also one of the most balanced fighting games ever.

  41. It's quite amazing (in a bad way) that you did a video on fighting games and 11 min in still no mention of the biggest franchise Mortal Kombat where btw you do have a lot of things to fight for at least in MK11…

  42. Lot of people that I know play MK is because they have a bond with the cool characters.. I mean who doesn't like Scorpion or Sub Zero or Kitana, Jade & Mileena… You again failed to mention this.. Are people playing SF an Tekken just hate MK that much?

  43. I think the biggest issue is the perceived barrier of entrance. I felt this when I first started to play fighting games with MK X. Granted, i only got it because it was free on PlayStation+ and MK11 had been out for years at the time, but it was still impossible to play online. Evetually i went to MK11 and had the same experience, then I thought I could finally break that curse by playing MK1 from day 1 aaaaand, the same thing happend again. Street Fighter 6? Even worse, going 0-90 in my first 10h of the game. For what ever reason I still enjoyed fighting games, tried strive for the first time a couple of months ago and finally I got a tutorial mode that actually teaches the game somewhat decently. But getting friends into it is almost impossible, since everyone is affraid of getting stomped and lack the motivation to spend 2h going through basic tutorial stuff and learn the basics.

    However, there is a chance project L could finally make people more interested. With it being a part of the league of legends "franchise" a lot of people that never played fighting games might actually try it and see how good they can be. Ive also heard its a very simple game when it comes to inputs, which will help a lot as well.

  44. Part of a fighting game is learning. That is a huge part of the game. Most people find learning as torture and cant find the joy and accomplishment in it, they just want to get good as fast as possible so they can play the "real game".

  45. 1:30 because they are niche. and have their comunity and you can't do anything about it. it's like Quake 3 Arena or GunZ or Classic MMORPGs. They are stuck in a past and people like this this is why tgeir comunity exists.
    And there are "casual mainstream" fighting games, they just have lezs competitive comunity and serve to be a party games rather competitive games with rancked ladder. the games like Smash, Tekken or MK

  46. If person won't play Arcade mode. Why they have to want to play Online? If they are not playing the Arcade it means they don't like mechanics – it's simple. The don't like the mechanics and gameplay – they don't like fighting games. You can't do anything about it

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