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Why are Grapplers so feared and hated in Fighting Games?

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So the humble Grappler! While they do what they know to be right, they are scorned, feared, and repudiated! In fighting games there is little more feared than the grappler, so lets talk about why that is!


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  1. The truth is the command grab just hits different and it leaves everyone salty but it feels so great to do

  2. I have the biggest grin on my face when I get hate mail for playing any grappler

  3. Grapplers are almost always underpowered. If you get your ass kicked by a grappler you are the worse player
    Ps: I think the reason people don’t like them is because they make you feel powerless in a fighting game. People hate not having insta prio and grapplers take away your ability to just mash buttons with no consequence. They skew your safe options by either countering or removing them all together.

  4. Fantasy Strike player here. From my perspective, a Grappler (Rook) helped me learn how to zone properly, react to their every move, and when they get close, I have to guess (Jump to avoid command grab, or do nothing to Yomi Counter a normal throw) or end up in a cycle. You don't want to guess in the first place, so you fight to keep them away until they fall. Hard hitting, long range characters (Onimaru) are also scrub killers there, requiring you to take advantage of their long start-up to react correctly.

  5. I hate grappler for the unblockable special moves. It's like you could defend against a fire ball only by jumping.
    But I don't know if it's in every game because I only play street fighter.

  6. Grapplers i love to play.
    Potemkin in every Guilty Gear he appear.
    Zangief because "for mother Russia"
    Kira Daidouji, hail the grappler loli.
    Shermie, the boobs can kill you know?

  7. I like FighterZ's grapplers like super broly and 16 because they feel much more fast paced and seem to be more about working grabs into combos rather than just punishing a mistake with one big high damage grab.

  8. Especially in games that are much more into the back-and-forth, like the original Street Fighter games for example, grapplers took away your agency with their extended animations. Grapplers are also hated because the computer-controlled grapplers can perform their moves without needing to memorize and perfectly execute the often excessively complex stick and button inputs to pull off the command-grabs.

  9. Grappler > attacker
    Zoner > grappler
    Attacker > zoner

  10. I think the big thing with grapplers, such as king in tekken, or Potemkin, they have throws that are pretty much 50/50s, you have to guess the option and if you get it wrong that’s half of your health bar gone instantly, I think it’s frustrating when you don’t know how to break the throws

  11. I like to play grapplers because the animations are fun to watch

  12. grapplers are feared and hated because i suck at fighting games

  13. I don't HATE grapplers, afterall I do BJJ irl, so how could I hate grappling? But…sometimes the grappler character just feels cheap, going against someone doing combos and mixups to get damage in, and then being a grappler getting one or two hits in and dealing massive damage just feels cheap. I prefer to play combo characters because I think they are cool, but when playing against friends that are better than me at the game, and then winning with a grappler just doesn't feel great. And it feels even worse getting beat by one

  14. Grapplers are the beeves and butthead of fighting games.

  15. ye for me it is all about the fact that it locks you into their animation for so long… that "taking away of control" is tilting and they do a lot of damage … so it feels like they have to do fewer hits to kill you and they often have a lot of hp so you have to do more work…. the way they are designed is tilting even if they are balanced and fair…. they are designed as bullies and that why people don't like to face them… but I think it is all good and I am glad there are different type of characters like this… and when you beat one it feels good

  16. I think . . . every character should have a bit of grappler in them and that perhaps no grapple should be easy to perform making it a more respected ability. That or simple grapples could be made to be worth less for Grappler characters in terms of output and how long they get to "keep" characters for.

  17. this video is just another spd on us all

  18. Man, I can't hate grapplers. For example, if I get grabbed by Potemkin, I (usually) know what I did wrong and I deserved it very clearly. I got too close and/or was careless, so I get grabbed as is right and fair.
    You have to just accept that you need to treat the fight with a slower pace and need to keep your space properly.

    In contrast, if I get knocked down by Millia once, I will then repeatedly fail to guess the crossup and mixup and I'll just eat shit unless I have burst or meter (or Millia screws up lol). If I guessed wrong at the start of the match against her, I'm in for a much worse time than if Potemkin does a round start kara buster on me, haha.

  19. It's really tough, I usually play either the speed/mix-up character; but more and more I find myself enjoying grapplers. I loove the animations and how they pummel you or slam you around. It looks so savage and sick! But because of the hate it deters me from "maining" them. I don't want to be known as "that kid who plays Potemkin/Zangeif." That being said I actually don't like throws that can potentially be one-shot like King or even Ice Climbers from smash if you want to include that. Those I stay away from. But I mainly like them just by how the move looks once you get it.

    As far as fighting against eh. I don't like them but I don't hate them. If I lose just don't get grabbed next time lol

  20. You could say the same a bout zoners, people got really salty when I said that was my favorite playstyle

  21. As a Rushdown main, graplers are my kryptonite and can't make an objective critic so thank you for just making this

  22. As a rushdown main, I actually really like fighting grapplers. I like the dance that a squishy little glass cannon versus a huge tank where I have to hit them a bunch of times while they only have to hit me a couple times. It's a thrilling dance that I live for

  23. I tried to wake up at 7pm but Potemkin commandgrabbed me on wakeup for the 3rd time in a row

  24. My biggest problem with grapplers is their players have largely just given me bad experiences. I get steamrolled because I don't know the matchup, and then try to ask questions afterward. Occasionally I'll just get very unhelpful advice ("well if I mess up the setup you can…") but more often I get called a scrub and ridiculed. It's been feeling especially frustrating vs Pot in GGST, but it's a problem I've run into pretty much every FG I've played

  25. The reason why people hate grapplers is because nobody can handle 287 pounds of folded steel and sex appeal

  26. The path of grapplers is a path through pain and hardship to the end goal of reaching power and self satisfaction

  27. just learn to break grabs and they become realy predictable

  28. 137 salty people who got heavenly busted today.

  29. I am pretty much dead convinced that NO ONE can figure out how to get around a character being just a little bit big and a little bit slow, because grapplers and big guys are almost universally treated as low-tier even with quick attacks and incredible damage output.

  30. I have mained grapplers in every fighting game I ever played since I was 6, starting with fighting vipers on the Sega Genesis (let's see if anyone knows this gem). I've learned to feed off the hate.

  31. All of fighting games are advanced rps scenarios but grapplers by design tend to simplify them, and they reduce the number of rps scenarios on their end while increasing it on yours. The tradeoffs they often have matter and once you learn the game and matchup better you see how tough it can be for them in most matchups, but that's only after watching yourself lose to them after you feel like you put in twice the effort they did every time for a while. They tend to be very difficult matchups to learn and be confident in no matter how good it is for your character, and you probably won't see consistent results against them for a while compared to other characters imo.

  32. If you play a zoner, you dont have the right to complain. Get grabbed

  33. Grapplers make people scared to do anything due to the high damage resulting from either the grab or basic combo is huge, and thrive off it. Similar to how Zoners thrive off frustration.

  34. Reminds me of the time I went 45-0 against a friend on Fantasy Strike as Rook

  35. Grappler players are cool change my mind

  36. I am surprised there is so much hate for grapplers. They honestly have some of the most entertaining moves in the game. I guess a lot of people feel the same as the director of Wreck it Ralph.

  37. The fact that grapplers get super armor is what annoys me. I just dont get to punish and in fact get punished.

  38. Whenever I face a good king in tekken7 I always end up screaming internally "STOP RUNNING ME OVER LIKE A ROAD ROLLER". In my eyes a big key to any fighting game is that "if you dont let your opponent do his stuff, it dosent matter how good he is" (this is why im a filthy eddy main). And a grappler does just that. They are hard to interrupt and WILL interrupt you a lot. And god forbit they know combos besides the grabs. If a rushdown character is a hardly stoppable train that tries to hit and flatten you the grappler is the guy from Final Fantasy 6 who SUPLEXES THE GHOST TRAIN. I think that sums the feeling up.

  39. Lets be honest

    People hate grapplers because most don’t know what to do on wakeup nor pay attention to their opponent on wakeup

  40. Grapplers: Nooooo. You cant go away from me. Square up face to face. You're trash :'(.

    Also grapplers when they grab you: Ahah. Get gud. Dont get grab, kid 😂

    Me: ????????

  41. I think most of grapplers being low tier is the reason they are hated. Think about it.

    Most of them are big and slow guys with a lots of health, which means that, even if it's usually easier to land hits on them, deplleting their health will be a slow process. Add to that a lackluster set of normals that, despite the big damage, are usually terrible to control space, specials that sucks in most situations, and a command grab with good range, damage and leaves your oponent close enought to start your offense, which is usually another command grab.

    What do you think most players will do? Exactly, rushing to the opponent in the clumsiest way possible, land the command grab and put the opponent in predictable and repetitive vortex until they die. It's not a good strategy because experienced players will just punish your predictable offense, or exploit your even worse defence. But it will work on inexperienced players that still don't understand things like poking, basic spacing, or that grabs beat attacks if they are close enought.
    I know this why people like using grapplers, but I think this overcentralization on the grab is what makes them hated, and also low tier.
    And that's also why nerfing doesn't fix the situation, because it just forces them to depend more on their grabs and players being inexperiened.

    It's similar to the shotgun hatred in fps. People complain they are op, they nerf the range, forcing player to use tactics like "ambush players and shoot them point blank before they can even react" which is not even good because they usually die before getting close enought, but it's still and irritating strategy that works wonders with inexperienced players, which means more complains and nerfing.

  42. So in this video I try to keep the memes down to a minimum(even though this whole video should have been nothing but me dunking on people who don't like grapplers and calling them bums), and try to look at exactly why do people dislike and hate grapplers so much in fighting games. As a post video editorial comment I will add its probably cause they are all cowards!!!

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