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We have a LOT of experienced Street Fighter V players on our roster, and what better use of them than to force them to discuss the BEST CHARACTERS IN THE GAME? We gathered our FGC PROS together to discuss. Do YOU think Rose is top tier? Let us know down below!

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Capcom’s latest entry in the iconic Street Fighter franchise is Street Fighter V! This 5th iteration has tons of fighters from past entries such as Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Guile – and more. Most recently, the latest patch of the game introduces Akira and Oro to the game, with Luke coming soon. SF5 is available on both Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 (PS4).

With top rosters in games such as Smash Brothers and Street Fighter, heavy-hitting influencers on Twitch and YouTube, and our own unique hardware offerings on our shop — Panda is just built different.

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  1. Ngl, punk is the only one who should make a tier list for SFV. That mofo plays EVERY character and had PLAYED against every character more times that I have blinked in a week.

  2. You can't be skipping explanations like Ryu and Dan… Cmon

  3. Where is Punk from? His accent sounds kinda weird to me (English is not my first language).

  4. M.Bison being my favorite character, i am very pleased with this list

  5. Punk: Says I have the best Seth ever
    Brian F: Am I a joke to you

  6. Cody is the kind of character where if you want to do less inputs but high damage Cody is your guy

  7. Poison has "less favorable" matchups. Zeku is a good example of somebody who probably 6-4s her. But any of the really fast characters. Claw is another winner, as long as it's offline.

  8. If this was based on the players, little mac would be top tier

  9. wake up get up get out there as opening music.
    I love it.

  10. Dat Karin and Kolin downplay. Gimme a break guys 😒 Y’all trolling and this video is wack.

  11. Tell me that Dhalsim placement isn’t butthurt from RBK 😂😂😂

  12. Zeku top tier lmao they did not even mention him in the video and saved him for last even tho he is my main players have seen all his tricks by now.I have only fought against 5 of them ever.

  13. Kage has the most pointless high execution combos in the game. You're doing so many inputs and vtrigger activations for like 35 percent bruh.

  14. Justin is right, strap my boy Nash up.

    Also real talk I don't think he's that bad after the buffs, he's definetly not the greatest character in existance but he's got some good stuffs and goddamn he's still on of the most fun character in the game imo especially not considering dlcs.

  15. Nooo ROSE WHY??? she is fun T.T ….Punk you monster. seen Justin defending Rose and Punk trashing her is the most hilarious thing XD.

  16. i though gill has lackluster normals till i played oro lmao

  17. What is this trend with people skipping Menat 🧐🧐

  18. Tell bonchan and infiltration that nash is trash!!

  19. As much I love my main Honda as good as he is won.t able to be top 10 his defense not good his bad matchup even with shoto.s his worst ones are sagat fang gulie even though vskill1 helpful on fang mu in my opinion to deal with poison smoke on the ground overall it fine just got to be patience and defense problem x show that at evo it was very good the way of the character even though thecomebackkid is the best knows the character and matchup is my sensi taught me well I would never got what I am today of course train very hard for ranked or tournament.

  20. Justin wanting Rose to be in Top 10 is so funny to me

  21. This tier list is on drugs bruh, how there only 3 placements (But I do agree with some of it)

  22. “She’s the only character with like no bad matchups”. Lol, pretty sure cammy, bison, Mika, Honda, ibuki, urien, and guile beat her pretty bad

  23. Top 10 is so broken the rest of the cast doesn't really matter.

  24. Saint Cola had the good takes until his main showed up lol. Rose is not trash. Good enough for me. Buff Ibuki

  25. Damn, couldn't you have given an explanation for Lucia? I main her.

  26. I didn't know Punk was that young. I thought he was my age.

  27. Is there a full video of this somewhere? I don't like how a lot of characters are skipped over.

  28. I'm so Confused how nash is in trash yet won evo in Brazil.

  29. the way this was cut up is horrible. why skip ryu? :shrug:

  30. The music it's a little bit high, but the video was AWESOME o love to hear the arguments, that list will help a lot Haha

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