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Which Platform Fighter Dies Next Tier List

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This tier list goes over which platform fighter game is shutting down next, which one dies next and which one of the Smash bros like games will live on.
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  1. Melee was riddled with problems that will never be fixed and somehow THAT is the game not dying compared to Ultimate????????????

    I rather take only one person dominating the scene with varying characters, acola with Steve or sparg0 with Cloud rather than 24/7 snooze fests with 10000 Fox players.

  2. a thing that marks rivals is the workshop. Because they will switch to 3d l know that they will take workshop off.

  3. Ssf2 is dead because they left it for frey makers… but it’s easily the best smash clone

  4. Had the opposite experience for Flash Party and Brawlhalla. Flash Party felt incredibly clunky, slow, and messy. Smash and Brawlhala have a unique characteristic of melding characters to the same cohesive art style and feel. Flash Party just looks incredibly ugly and it feels like playing hard-clashing art styles. Can't critique the game hard enough. Hated it.

  5. Genuinely, I dont think RoA 1 is going to die, yeah Rivals 2 is coming out but Rivals 2 have ledges and shields, wich makes the game easier and arguably less competitive, plus since it uses 3D models it will be heavier so low end users probably wont migrate to it depending on it's requirements and it will also be harder to mod because of the aforementioned 3D models, as I can say it is much more consuming to make a 3D model than a 2D sprite, but that is just my 2 cents as I dont do 3D modelling, just pixel art

  6. There a not many new players coming into Melee. It will die. Its only played by people who grew up with it

  7. The fact that Rivals is less popular than fucking midhalla makes me so sad, bc it's by far the greatest platform fighter, if not fighting game in general of all time

  8. So…yall still mad about ps all stars for being a "sMaSH CloNe" stupid reason to hate the game. Was the only "smash clone" that was done well especially compared to the other smash clones

  9. Nah your opinion on rushdown revolt is bad just sayin.

  10. Just watched this for rivals tbh, used to be a top 300 player in rivals and honestly I miss it. Incredible game. Strongly suggest for everyone to play rivals 2 when it comes out, if it’s anything like rivals 1 you can easily get over 1k hours and still have a blast with the movement and everything you can refine in your play. Shoutout to rivals for getting me into broader fighting games. God bless.

  11. I'm honestly real surprised rivals of aether is not that populated. I do find some matches but only 1 on 1. The game is pretty fun and with the whole mod support makes it even better. So many people created really cool characters on it

  12. I remember playstation Allstars battle royale and i always played that game all of the time. It was on the ps3 and the reason it died because sony shut down the ps3 community so it is very hard to download and it was the best game for me.

  13. I don’t think this guys knows how to cook 💀

  14. Brawlhalla ain’t dying any time soon. Has one of the most active e-sport scenes, huge population with crossplay, free to play, bunch of skins coming out every couple months. Also it’s the most balanced platform game I’ve ever played.

    Also if you watch how the pros or diamonds play the game it’s completely different. Once you master the dash cancels and dash jumps it’s not floaty and it’s very fast paced.

    It’s cool. Play brawlhalla.

  15. Nintendo said that the next console is likely to have ultimate port

  16. no way you acted like rivals isnt alive still when smash bros is just a overrated pice of trash

  17. Alright I'm just gonna say it…
    You missed PlayStation All Stars.

  18. Trust me, I'm a smash player, and I used to say brawlhalla was trash until I really sat down and gave it a try. After understanding the mechanics then I realised the game is a masterpiece.

  19. I love rivals I’ve been playing sence it dropped and rivals is my favorite platform fighter of all time

  20. Flash party got rid of their level up system recently so now the game is way more accessible for free to play players. Really underrated game. Super fun and great balancing.

  21. I think what keeps Brawlhalla players playing is the fact that the skill ceiling is incredibly high, while the entry to the game is not committing at all.

  22. You were right about Rivals of Aether. I still play it but the second Rivals 2 comes out I'll probably leave it

  23. No dude, brawlhalla is dying. Shifting meta around new characters and weapons to sell more skins, spam toxic emojis etc. More and more content creators and high elo players quitting the game for understandable reason.

  24. Nick All Star Brawl 2 is my "most excited for" game rn

  25. Very sad how Fraymakers and Multiversus was bombed faster at launch, They deserved better.

  26. Rivals is my favorite fighter art style and mechanics but sadly it just doesnt have rnough base game content and little to none tournament scene

  27. Rivals of Aether might survive the release of RoE2 just because of the workshop

  28. I love flash party but the que is very long and the micro transactions are stupid. I hope they make a flash party 2 or something because it’s really

  29. I wish Cako didn't kill Rushdown Revolt, it was incredible in open beta.

  30. 0:17 Im convinced that the smash melee community only sticks around to spite nintendo

  31. im the opposite way, i have very little time on smash and other platform fighters, but the movement in brawlhalla is so unique and fun to me that i can't enjoy smash anymore:/

  32. You'd like brawlhalla if you knew how to play it correctly. honestly one of the least "floaty" of the list and very fast gameplay with tons of combo options and imagination work.

  33. This thumbnail was really click baiting for brawlhalla players

  34. I don't think rivals 1 will ever truly die
    on top of playing different than rivals 2 (since rivals 2 has shields, grabs, throws and ledges) it has the pixel art character maker
    even if rivals 2 has a similar steam workshop, most of the community is not gonna take the time to learn 3D modelling and animation to make rivals 2 characters lmao
    just for the custom characters and pixel style the first one will forever stay with at least 100-200

  35. Rivals 1 is never dying, not with the absolutely insane modding scene and competitive community. When ROA2 releases, it'll be the Melee of Rivals

  36. Bro doesn’t understand a bit about this kind of games 💀💀💀💀

  37. I like Brawlhalla because all the other games have to much flashy light that blind people from detail and in brawlhalla its more simple and you can appreciate the small details they put on each character

  38. ya know, i'm currently working on a melee-like game. but the more and more i continue, i realize that melee is just too perfect. however i'll still finish it just because.

  39. Wtf are you even talking about?

    All those play dough games (aside from Melee, obviously) you talk about in the first 4 minutes died because the gameplay was bad… Not because the devs abandoned it, not because of eSports. They were bad games. If a game dies, 95% of the time (probably 100%) it's because it's not good enough. It's not rocket science.

    You then go on to talk about Brawlhalla, the first one that isn't dead with good gameplay; and THAT is the one you say is bad? Bro…

    All your "opinions" are based off 15 year olds from reddit.

    You: Icons died because it was too similar to Smash Bros.
    You: Rivals succeeded because it was similar to Smash Bros. BUT IT WENT IT'S OWN WAY AND REMOVED LEDGE MECHANICS!!

    So according to this guy, Rivals succeeded because it removed ledge mechanics.
    Spoiler: Icons was a bad, REALLY unpolished game, and Rivals 1 wasn't. Rivals is actually coherent which is why people play it. Most of all platform fighters literally feel like shit to play. The ones that don't; succeed. It's that simple.

    Have you even played them?

  40. brawlhalla is "floaty" because u dont know the mechanics

  41. “People are looking forward to rivals 2”
    I am not, im still gonna play rivals 1 more and i think everyone agrees due to workshop

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