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When You Counter Someone in a Fighting Game

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Nothing feels better than landing a well timed, perfect, beautiful counter! A real gamer moment I say.

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  1. That one amazing set of Parry's in an old SF3 tournament.

  2. A friend of mine convinced me to play fighting games with him, I beat him 10-0 in a series of DBZ Budokai games and we haven’t spoken since.

  3. If the music in the start of the video is made by you well…you should become a music artist as well
    And if not does someone know the name of the song

  4. 0:25
    Random dude casts a counter spell!

    You and his friendship is ruined!

    Edit:also,detroid smash

  5. I was abusing counter mechanic at every incoming attack when Im litttle but I was not good at attacking a little bit and still it was working on mortal kombat. Because my mate was always using regular spammy combo attacks

  6. Me when my mon found out my newsletter Note (Bad English srry)

  7. when the subtitles said "DETROIT SMASH!" I lost it 😂

  8. That’s impossible! controller smashing noises

  9. My subtitles when white guy one died: {top 10 saddest anime deaths}

  10. He countered so hard he charged infinite power

  11. What if you tried to make a robot game about this animation?

  12. Dream uses sword

    Techno’s fist: *DETROIT SMASH

  13. This is beautiful I like seeing some parts with like animation

  14. Lmao hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha you lost

  15. Me who has a eternatus: alright no counters here.
    A f*king trainer with a wobbuffet spamming counter: nope

  16. Someone:*Smash!!!!!!!!

    Deku: This guy is awesome AM

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