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When You Counter Someone in a Fighting Game

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Nothing feels better than landing a well timed, perfect, beautiful counter! A real gamer moment I say.

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  1. The fight was so intense he ended up actually animating

  2. That is my playing super smash with my brother I win all the time

  3. Me: *does literally anything*
    That one dude for no reason at all: 0:30

  4. I think he meant “blocking”, not “countering”.

  5. He really just went “I like your cut G”

  6. When a foe Pokemon at 1 HP but your Pokemon miss be like:

  7. When your playing with little kids and our about to win the battle your characters are having:
    Adult: and then i delivered the final blow with my (insert name of weapon/attack)
    Kid: no,i went back in time and dodged it so it didnt countt!!
    Adult: -_-

  8. If miitopia was multiplayer…

    A man can dream😥

  9. Ayo uh, May I ask what you animate with?

  10. It feels EXACTLY like this. That feeling is the reason I got into fighting games. Nothing will beat the feeling of an intense match of countering/parrying each other until one person is declared victor.

    Toying with spammers is pretty fun too.

  11. we gonna just ignore how he actually showed us an animation at the end rather than recording his phone and dragging assets around right? XD

  12. half of the time counters hit like a wet noodle and are near impossible to do but the other half of the time they hit like a nuke and have like a three minute timeframe to activate

  13. Friendships are lost relationships are broken

  14. How it feels to pull off a Parry for the first time in dark souls

  15. You forgot the part where he says “LAG, IT WAS LAGGG”

  16. The counter was so heavy it became frame animated

  17. you forgor💀 the 30 minute animation of his bones breaking and doing an unfair amount of damage

  18. The great animation is just the cutscenes that gone too serious

  19. Both Health Bar should empty towards the middle

  20. It's impossible because he was right in front of you

  21. “I saw you coming a mile away!”
    “No! That’s impossible! I was 5 feet away…”

  22. That's literally Everytime when to boys play smash bros

  23. The graphics in this game are extremely good
    The friend: what it’s just pixels

  24. Plot twi-


    SHINEI [insert your name idk]

  25. That's why I have been banned from playing every FE-Character(Ike being my main man since Brawl), plus Little Mac and Shulk when playing smash with my friends…

  26. Boi he must be the new replacement for deku

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