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When the Person You’re Fighting Fights like a Video Game Character

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I promise you better run in the opposite direction if you see someone fighting like this 😂 they played too many video games they gotta know something!

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Mark Phillips – @SupremeDreams_1
Affiong Harris – @CleanUniform
Desmond Johnson – @l0v3andPeac3
Leland Manigo – @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel – @DylanPatel4_
Benjamin Skinner – @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton – @PlayThatJohn

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  1. haven't laughed that hard in a while when he fuckin side kicked him

  2. When he side kicked Mark I shed a tear🤣☠

  3. I bump that outro on a daily 🤫 Good work guys

  4. What is that beat playing from I know it’s from a anime can’t remember which one though

  5. I remember when y'all are 500,000 I know y'all are not going to read this comment but damn I want to meet you

  6. my nigga be lookin like Micheal Jackson out here 😂

  7. Dude fights like mokujin . Copying skills

  8. This man… I can't even say shit about this man

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    Can you share the message below?

    "All the people In the world are sinners and sinners goes to hell but God so loved the world He gave His one and only son Jesus Christ and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life Amen"

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  10. Oh Shit! I'm on the floor!…that is too funny! I'm done I'm done! That nigga just kicked me!

  11. This video is legit the “why do I hear boss music” ??? meme

  12. When u’re familiar with the characters too

  13. I keept thinking that dirty lens at 1:17 is my screen that's dirty

  14. He mid Kicked him lmfaooo mark was like nah nah he kicked me 😂

  15. Bro this reminds me of when I had my first fight in middle school bruh and I was in Karate lmao Dragon 8 lmao

  16. Mark, wth is that fighting stance lmao you look like a mechanic. Go to a gym and learn some proper combat sports

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