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When Fighting Game Developers Make Overpowered Characters

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Stop making these war criminal characters so I can enjoy your game 🤬

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  1. "Balanced? Ok Avatar listen"
    Underrated line within this skit

  2. Kuma main in Tekken. Please don't nerd him

  3. The worst outcome about this is every plays the same character. So you suffer for trying to be unique. It’s like your paid 100$ Just for dlc match ups

  4. damn so hilarious the grey hair director, can you make him reappear in other videos

  5. DBFZ be like:

    (Saitama battlegrounds roblox when he said: "you know the weakest in the game? Nerf him.")

  6. notices silver hair

    You’re talking about Vergil, aren’t you?

  7. the devs: makes op characters*
    the community: nerf it its to op
    the devs: nerfs it too badly*
    the community: i didnt mean that much
    the devs: why dont you appreciate us we did what you asked your an ungrateful community

  8. Nobody would catch me fighting Deathstroke in Injustice😂
    ◀️▶️⏹ 💀💀

  9. I mean no one would play anymore then 😂 so it defeats the purpose of creating the entire game

  10. When fighting game devs know everybody hates camping characters but just can't stop giving them op projectiles.

  11. same with some other games like minecraft?

  12. What's the name of the background music?

  13. dude its literally roblox the strongest battlegrounds' new characters

  14. "I'll nerf your entire family" WHAT!!! 😂😂😂

  15. Where's Tekken??? Cmon it's Japanese!!!!! and Weeby

  16. 3:00 Rogue lineage for newbies and deepwoken for newbies in big servers

  17. yea right, cos people are going to play a weak ass character, keep blaming the developers, but nobody wants balance, a hype brings people, not a weak, balanced character, just look at the overwatch lifeweaver and illari player number difference

  18. How did you sneak a camera into Blizzard HQ?

  19. Then when the next DLC characters come out, the current characters will get nerfed.

  20. "Don't ask me for $#!t!"

    – Some guy that makes fighting games

  21. Just discovered this channel and already love it. Love the besaid island outro!

  22. lol I once made a game that was really unwindable, people joined the game and was freaked out but also wanted to give it a try. Only problem is what I put lava all over the map and onion could even move. The players go so pissed off.

  23. its because coders dont actually like playing games its weird like half the people in my computing class are amazing at coding and create there own games online but they litterally dont even ever play video games and they want to be a game dev and they never listen to feedback in games and just think its balanced meanwhile im a massive gamer having 3 k hours in csgo and i stopped playing csgo when i was 11 years old and im telling them no this is in no way fair or balanced and there just saying "looks good to me"

  24. I thought they were gonna make that best character a paid only exclusive for a low, low price of $199.99.

  25. Find a way to let people mod the game and the community will fix the OP character.

  26. I work in the game industry, and this is exactly how it is.

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