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When and why you should give up in fighting games

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The FGC has opinions about people who don’t finish a set in ranked online play.

Is it really a big deal? And who does it hurt the most?

Let’s talk about it.


  1. Considering how many people complain about gimmicky characters, maybe there should be an opponent character filter in ranked. When you start winning consistently, move on to the next type of character you want to fight.

  2. Sadly I disagree, a surrender option would just encourage people to not learn and not get better, oh I got hit, surrender go next, once something goes wrong they just quit and keep on losing someone else’s time, that’s why it’s the most hated option in league, cuz for mid to low level players they DO NOT know when it’s an actual no win situation, and they rob their teammates of a chance on winning, if u plug out, u know what u did, and everyone will know what u did. Might sound harsh, but learning how to take the “L” will make you better, everyone stared at the same footing as you, they just kept on moving. Sure I’m not asking everyone to aim for #1 ranking drive, but don’t just give up… I HATE and DESPISE people who just stand there with the “kill me already” sign, I u are not going to play, don’t: buy the competitive game, get in ranked matchmaking and accept the match to just throw it and cry.

  3. People need to grow a spine and learn to take an L. If people can't take an L in an online fighting game, a place where there's barely any chat and the match lasts less than 5 mins, they can't take an L anywhere. It's pathetic.

  4. I have this weird addiction to keep playing the guys that beat me in casual to eventually get the upper hand or make it competitive. I get so much good competition in that by the time I step in ranked, I don’t feel any pressure until I start hitting the top 3 ranked brackets in the game. Everyone is different though and some just want the titles easy without the skill.

  5. This was a well versed and enjoyable video to watch and listen to. Your calm and collected demeanor really underlined your arguments in a profound way. Keep up the good work !

  6. I don't think I can accept neither surrender nor a ragequit, I'd rather not fight someone who'd ever consider it in the first place.

  7. The only way to fix first to 2 Rank matches in all fighting games is to penalized any player who is unable to finish the set. Any player that leaves first before fully finishing a set should be deducted rank points. Anybody that has an issue with this is part of the problem and why this video had to be made. Tekken 8 faulty rank system created this issue.

  8. Im gonna be real i will never lose quit even if i know i have no chance of winning. Especially in ranked. If you cant try your hardest even in the face of death i do not think u will go anywhere

  9. @ 8:25 their is a fighting game that lets you surrenter is called mortal oKmbat and i think injustice. mortal komal x,11 and 1(2023) let you quit the game mid match. The character of the person who quits falls down and dies and the other person's character makes a victory pose and they get their rank points and the other person loses points.

    Then you go to the next match. it's the only fighting game where you can ragequit and not rob the other person of their reward.

    Funny so many people talk down on mortal kombat but it's the one game that found a way to fix this problem…looking at you tekken 8. I still like street fighter 6 more but still.

  10. We really need to bring back voice chat, sometimes I lose the set in sf6, and I want to run it back, in a custom room.

  11. My desire in fighting games is not to win, but to play in a way that makes people watch and agree with this video

  12. It's ok to not have or no longer have the drive to be the best player. There is no problem to have no desire to win and to just have fun.

  13. As someone once put it, learning a fighting game is like an anime arc, you suck and will lose a lot but eventually with enough practice you can become stronger and better and that's why I always complete the set, this is a fault of mine since I can't play Tekken without always taking it seriously as for whenever I want to play "casually" I always end up losing. If you don't want to learn the match up that's fine but why not do that in casual? I hate Dragunov but if I get 10 of them in a row there's nothing I can do about it but learn the match up instead of losing to the same moves I SHOULD have learned. I understand you don't always wanna go tryhard but in a fighting game like Tekken where you need to constantly react to anything at any given moment it's something you gotta do. You wanna play casually? What if I spam different grabs all match? What if I only attack low? You wont like it but you need to learn how to deal with these things so you wont keep getting annoyed by it.

  14. One and done is the result of an instictually simple logic equation of playing the odds. No need to risk losing if you won and if you lost, cut your losses, risk reward.

    This is reinforced by the outcome of an established first to two set not providing any incentive to complete it. In any other scenario it is considered a forfeit. If I concede, I hold the L.

    However, any incentive implemented would give validation to something so superficial such as points or a shiny rank. And yet although playing the game is fun a validating symbol of progress, as superficial as it is, just feels good.

    The answer to this perhaps lies within the lack of incentive I previously mentioned.
    Its up to us to discover or unveil, on our own in our own time, the superficiality and accept the invitation to join in the fun and run the set.

  15. Great video!
    Absolutely believe in the last statement! Have talked about this myself before as well.
    Sometimes it helps to move the goalpost back a little when simply "winning" is out of reach.

  16. For me i see winning as winning and losing as just what it is losing

    Also i just see games as games hell even competitive games are just games to me there’s no emotional attachment for me

    Now do i rage ofc but then 5secs later i realized oh 💩 this just pixels on a screen n im not going to care about this in a few hours nor remember it

    Then i just see it as useless waste of my already limited emotional capacity for the day

  17. Quitality in Mortal Kombat games should be the standard. There are many times in SF6 and Guilty Gear Strive that I want to quit because of the characters played. Mainly Happy Chaos, JP, Blanka and Asuka. Its not even theyre strong or top tier or many plays them. Theyre just annoying. For me theyre not viable to win in tourneys. Theyre more of troll characters

  18. I'd much rather have my opponent have the option to willingly concede than simply disconnect mid-match. At least conceding means having the mental maturity to acknowledge when you`ve been thoroughly outmatched. As for win-quitting, I hate the behavior because much like rage-quitting it's a sign of fragile ego imo. But I've learned to not begrudge people who quit between sets because, like you've said, we don't know what's happening on the other side. Personally I only ever win-quit if either I need to cut my gaming session short for an irl reason or if I feel like my opponent is too far below my skill level for me to meaningfully grow my skills.

  19. A mentality I just thought of is that you should aim to be beaten during ranked mode because that means you'll be versing someone at least around your skill level which is the whole point of ranked. Love the vids another banger in the books

  20. I'm not much into competitive sports or gaming anyway, but I'm especially cynical of any overdue focus on "winning" and "losing". Maybe that's just me as a spectator more than a participant, but I wish there was more emphasis on the game, on the plays. As you said at the end, finding the little personal victories in your own improvements, even if it doesn't "win" you the end-of-play condition. When that play stops, that's the biggest loss, and I wish there was more fervor between participants, virtual or physical, for what happened during all that play between them, to marvel at what was achieved collaboratively. And in that vein, I see value in a resignation option. If not everyone's enjoying their time, that undermines what I feel should be the point of playing with each other. However that "enjoyment" incarnates, if someone's not in-the-game, what game is even being had? But there can at least be some intrinsic method to break amicably, even to provide reason as to the disconnect: "Our gap is too great," "I'm having an off day," "I'm not working on this matchup," etc, etc. It provides some closure, so everyone can cleanly move on to their next pursuits.

  21. My first fighting game match was a hugo mirrormatch. I lost 12-0, I never wanted to drop a game more in my life.

  22. Samurai Shodown VSP has an "honorable death" mechanic. You can essentially input a special move with the start button to kill your character. This could be used to save your rage gauge for the next round. That said, I'm one of those that's of the mind that if you are in ranked matches, the assumption is that you are playing people of your skill level and trying your hardest to beat them. Completing the set is much preferable if you are trying to play and learn, plus it usually matches the tournament ruleset, so you are enabling yourself to participate in tournaments and make more friends that play the game. Obviously, if you one and done a ranked match, I'll roll my eyes and try to convince myself your dog just threw up and you had to clean it up right that second. But if you are legitimately doing a one and done just because that's how you like to play, I'll be honest, I don't like it, it's disrespectful to people that are trying to play ranked mode with good sportsmanship. I can understand not wanting to take the ego hit on a "pointless" loss that you are already thinking of quitting, but almost always there is something you can work on in the match, usually defensively at the very least. Even if all you're doing is blocking 1 second longer than the previous match that's improvement. But at least it's understandable that you want the game to be fun, so yeah recognizing when you are getting tilted and taking a break are super important.

    Edit: After posting, thought about it and realized I will totally one and done modern players on sf6, unless they impress me somehow. So yeah, I suppose at the end of the day it's all personal boundaries, but I feel strongly that in ranked you should avoid running from things as much as possible.

  23. Im one of those people who will just remove their hands from the controller when they give up, and I hate how much time it can waste if the other person doesnt get the fact that I'm giving up. I think a surrender button would be a very helpful addition.

  24. Yeah I just lost 56-1 a couple days ago in strive😭
    I don’t know what this has to do with the video, but yeah lol

  25. Shadow Fight Arena, as the option to surrender

  26. Only give up when you decide you’re a hoe 😤 rage queue all the time!

  27. Naa if you one and done you’re a scrub that’s a fact common now let’s not cope man

  28. l'amour que je te porte quand j'entend l'accent, j'espère que quelqu'un éprouve ça pour toi irl
    encore une bonne vidée merci monsieur

  29. for me the most important thing in a match is actually to let me fight! win/lose is a secondary thought but at least let me fight, struggle and learn new stuff. i feel no satisfaction winning a match by spamming the same move/combo over and over or losing by getting oneshot in 1 combo. the same counts for me with meta abuse…whats the point of winning with a broken op character? (tbf pre online gaming where way worse in terms of balance because they was no patching ect to balance characters)
    skill expression and character look/style is what makes fighting games interesting to me not a win/lose ratio.

  30. I have decided that (unfortunately) I play not to win, but to have memorable moments. Landslide victory in that light – feels almost as bad as landslide defeat.

    Now that we've established that I hurry to quit; here are the moments I got when playing granblue Beginner Brawl tournaments on wednesday, and others:
    Getting Bye on first possible opportunity 4 tournaments in a row. (How's that even possible with 15-20 players?) Having Mirrors of Charlotta and Uno on stream, when they were one of the least played characters at the time. Making Grimnir shoot air U backwards, for some reason. Probably frame perfect dodge after landing, while corner is covered in super animation. Chip kill with second hit of Soriz super, and next match was to last hp. 0-2 to 3-2 comeback. Spectate bugged out and my best match of the tournament being at double speed on stream. In general, making switching character help, more often than not.

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