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What Would an Avatar Fighting Game Look Like?

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After rewatching Avatar when it was added to Netflix, I couldn’t get the idea of an Avatar fighting game out of my head. So I came up with a concept, made a mock-up character select screen, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Avatar: The Last Airbender Theme | EPIC VERSION:

The Last Agni Kai – Avatar The Last Airbender | EPIC VERSION:

Background for Character Select Screen:

I do not own ANY of the Avatar the Last Airbender characters, and I have no ownership of the show in general. The clips I used are small snippets of a 61 episode journey. PLEASE watch the show if you haven’t already. It’s amazing, and you can find the entire series on Netflix.


  1. use flipping appa in angs move set and please put ko the face stealer in to the game and hei bai

  2. I think it would be cooler if it was set up like the naruto storm series and would play in with the abilitys better

  3. Team ninja should make a fighter with avatar characters

  4. Go on to roblox but legend of Korra and your all set with water,air,earth,and fire with most of the sub bending elements.

  5. Avatar was my dragon ball. And with arc system works having made DBFZ my hopes are high that they make this game

  6. I hope if they do make this game it is made by arc system works. I would hate if it did have footsies but I don’t want the whole game to be DBFZ 2. I want each hit you land to matter it doesn’t have to be footsies based. It better be 1v1 only no teams or tag teams, the official mode should always be 1v1

  7. I think it would be nice if each of the benders had a were an archetype like airbenders blocks had a lot more hit stun that was noticeable so they would be better off dodging attacks which makes sense because aang you know the guy you seen him. And to incentivize that sort of play he will have more i frames on dodges. I don’t know if it would be 2d 3d or something in the middle but yeah. Then there firebenders which are all about aggression earth benders all about defense and then water benders could be zoner types with some grapplers thrown in. Sokka could be as stated an all around bruiser with melee based attacks and some projectile or projectiles with his sword being used sometimes. Definitely incorporate legend of korra’s characters too. And at least the last couple past lives as far back as yangchen and the avatars could be there own archetype of all arounders maybe

  8. The fact that you have every main character in the white lotus except jeong jeong I also want yue the secret tunnel nomad then maybe the old fire lords heru giatso some people from jets crew and Hakoda

  9. I FUCKING CHOKED ON MY FOOD🤣 "Boomy… he'd be fucking insane"🤣🤣🤣 my dude fucking killed me

  10. Imagine there was styles like example aang toph sokka and katara could have the fire nation style, zuko could be a different version with swords so the blue spirit version, and aang could also have avatar mode style(just a look tho to be fair) and ozai could have pheonix king style

  11. you are not alone, i was thinking about modding mortal kombat

  12. Jongjong is the funkiest and coolest looking bender imo

  13. Other ideas:

    Monk Gyatso: basically to Aang what the white Lotus and Kyoshi are to the rest of team avatar, a souped up version of him, showing what DECADES of airbending mastery looks like. I know we haven't seen him fight and Tenzin fills that role too but we know he can hold off on his own and it's be cool to see an old school airbender too.
    Hama: Honestly I'm almost offended you didn't include her. I know she only appears in an episode but she's SO ICONIC. She INVENTED BLOODBENDING, just IMAGINE what you can do with that. Long distance command grabs? Maybe a puppet fighter? Oh my god, remember her fucking flower scene that could either be a move or her entrance. Or both. Also it'd be cool to see a non-firebender villain, which leads me to…
    Long Feng: The leader of the Dai Li, an imposing presence with limitless potential. Is he a grappler? Does he brainwash you? Does he have Dai Li assists? Come on, this man was a major villain too!
    The blue spirit: Come on, the twin swords were SUPER cool. Either make it into a standalone character or incorporate it into Zuko (either by a stance change or as part of his natural moveset), but come onnnn they were. So cool.
    Ong: Joke character, based on the Ember Island players and with a couple of jabs at the live action movie. Basically Dan for Aang.

  14. From legend of Korra I would love to see Kuvira(magneto type of character)
    Zaheer (c'mon he can fly and take the air out of you, maybe he can take the oxigen like a prision type of attack when you have a air ball on your head that slowly drops your health bar for 5 secs)
    Unalaq (I'm not a big fan of this character but his moveset could be interesting, he can use spirits to attack or the water ring he use to captures spirts)
    Lin (she have whips like takeda from mkx)
    Some ideas:
    Sokka could use his bumerang (water), his sword (fire), grabs (earth teach by Suki) and a small version of an air balloon (air from the north air temple)
    Aang air ball can work like Michel Angelo skateboard in Injustice 2
    Bolin only focus on magma bending

  15. I feel like the Fire Nation Royal family should have some power or skills that seem somewhat similar to each other but remain original in their own way like for example you see Zuko's firebending and in a sense some of the move sets can be shared with Ozai and Azula and maybe if he channels his lightning attack, its similar to both the ones he's learnt from Iroh in the episode "Bitter Work" as well as the final episode fights he had with Azula. But again it'd be too much effort to put it in even though I'd like to see influence from episodes and the lore of the story in general.

  16. Looking at Guilty Gear and DBZ Fighterz, I dream that Arc Systems would be hired to keep the 2D aesthetics of Avatar, along with their spectacular 3D skills

  17. 0:43 can someone tell me the name of that game because I was playing it when I was 5 and I really want to play it again

  18. Please have cabbage man as an unlockable character who’s better than everyone

  19. First of all it’s great to hear that someone want this game as much as I do! but I think that some characters would be repetitive and boring like zhao and the paku. I think that instead of some of them you should put The blue spirit, papa and momo, dai lee, and most important of all cabbage guy

  20. On the bright side, Aang and korra are going to be in the nick smash clone

  21. The only thing missing is here is Blue Spirit. I know he is just Zuko, but he fights so differently that you could totally justify a new roster slot and make a unique moveset.

  22. Glad to know that I'm not the only person that thinks that The avatar series needs a fighting game.

  23. I think Arc System Works would make a great Fighting game with ATLA characters, i mean, most of the modern ArcSys fighting games (Guilty Gear Xrd, Dragonball FighterZ, Granblue Fantasy Versus etc.) they were so succesful at turning anime art-style to CGI, and Avatar characters would look so good with that, and Avatar has a very distinct anime-like art style, which might be a problem to ArcSys at some point, but they love to take risks, and DBFZ was an example of that, the only problem is: Avatar is a western animated series, and i have heard Japanese people don’t care about Avatar, so we only have NetherRealm as a fitting one (The devs of Mortal Kombat and Injustice) and they aren’t really trustable nor have they any anime-fighting game experience, so we aren’t in safe hands, maybe Gamemill? Nah they might have the rights for the franchise but they have published some mediocore titles

  24. Came here to tell y'all I'm, from now, starting from scratch a MUGEN Game based on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  25. Avatar fighting game should be like Naruto Ninja Storm

  26. Dude, cabbage-guy and samurai-momo NEED to be in this!

  27. Toph being the equivalent of this game Zangief is the best idea I've ever heard

  28. Yes yes i really like it pls make it be like an app and the link to download the game pls

  29. How would you feel about Kuvira being on board for the roster?

  30. 2 years later, the closest we have is Nick All Stars Brawl with Aang, Toph, and Korra playable. But hey! I’ll take it!

  31. I'm at the beginning of this video but I just wanted to share my own existing concept, since Avatar is also one of my big favorite franchises. Basically, my big overarching idea, is that character movesets come in the form of a skill tree, and as you level them up through the story mode, you get to choose how they progress. This would be a way to ease new and young players into a fighting game with presumably rather complicated movelists and controls, and would also mirror Aang's journey to master all 4 elements – essentially, he'd start the game as he does in the show, with just airbending, and the story would follow a loosely similar plot to the show, giving Aang or the other characters you can choose ample space to gain new skills, fight against new foes, and learn and grow together. For versus, online and tourney play, though, you wouldn't have quite as much fine control – rather, each character might have a couple different loadouts with them specced into different branches of the moveset skill tree, so you can emphasize the gameplay you want, and so that each character on a rather small roster can go a long way.
    In terms of playable fighters, the base game would have Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, and for an unlockable fighter, I would choose Avatar Kyoshi. And then, for DLC, there would be three "Books" of character releases, none of whom would have the skill trees and alternate loadouts of the core game cast, they'd just be more standard fighters on their own: Iroh, June, Pakku and Gyatso would be Book 1, Bumi, Hu, Jet and Long Feng would be Book 2, and Piandao, Hama, Combustion Man, and Ozai (who would already have been a boss character) make up Book 3.
    The other thing is that with these skill trees, you'd be able to include some mook/midboss characters as well for the story mode. For example, a Firebending-centric Zuko moveset could also be reskinned for Admiral Zhao, or trimmed way down to include some of the armored grunt characters. Kyoshi or Long Feng's movesets could serve as a basis for a Dai Li guard. Other Kyoshi Warriors could be versions of Suki, generic chi blockers could be added to the story to repurpose Ty Lee moves, stuff like that for the story mode.

    That is all ATLA-specific, but I did also build a roster for a hypothetical sequel, which includes Legend of Korra and ATLA characters both, and would probably do away with the skill trees, since the story would have to be new and not a repeat. For that game, the base roster would be Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Iroh, Azula, Korra, Bolin, Mako, Asami, Tenzin, Kuvira, Zaheer and Amon. Rather than the Books as DLC seasons, I went for 4 DLC fighters for each of the 4 elements/nations: Water would add Ming-hua, Hu, Tonraq and Unalaq; Earth would add Lin, King Bumi, Suki and Kyoshi; Fire would add Ty Lee, Mai, Combustion Man, and Avatar Wan; and Air would add Uncle Bumi, Meelo, Jinora, and Teo. I wanted to include a good mix of newcomers and veterans throughout both the DLC and base game, on the assumption that this game is a direct folllow up to the previously described concept.

  32. I think Korra would still be on the roster. Just because she’s the avatar, you gotta deal with it.

  33. idk why but cmiiw…avatar aang the last air bender remind me some of similarities on the battle realms game, the kungfu elements, spirits, yin yang, monsters, protagonist want to stop the war (well the dragon path kenji atleast), fire nation remind me of serpent clan, story of four nation(on battle realms are 4 clans), the tarrant and avatar
    and also i read somewhere there is a article that if wonder avatar is genshin like games exist, or rpg…

  34. Someone would have to come up with the plot for the story mode to justify all these different fights. Also coming up with a plot contrivance to explain how Jet can beat a fully empowered Avatar Aang in a one v one fight.

  35. You did zuko so dirty
    He's as much as sword master as he is a firebender

  36. Combustion Man would not be a good idea since, his fighting style isn't very interesting from a fighting game perspective, since he's essentially just a long range fighter and something of a one trick pony. Long Feng would be a much better choice than Combustion Man, since he'd be another earth bender, and a villain character that isn't from the Fire Nation.
    Also, why do you have to compare everything to Street Fighter in this case? That wouldn't work for this kind of game. A much better idea would be something like Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects.
    Also, your Mai fetish is creepy dude.

  37. Avatar the burning earth PS2 missed out on adding more characters yo

    Tai Lee
    Combustion man

    The vs mode would've been larger with this roster

  38. And that’s what happening next so we don’t you’re bum roster because we getting a real. One won’t be biased

  39. If you want to skip to the completed character select screen just go to 23:13

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