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If you’ve never played a fighting game before, you can trust our Panda FGC pros to guide you on your FGC journey! This is the perfect tier list for you to know which is the easiest or hardest fighting game to try. Your hand’s health is also taken into consideration as well! Let us know if you agree with our tier list!

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  1. Hello guys I'm kinda new to FG I only played MK11 on ps when come out. I moved to pc and I want to go back to fighting games I love the online cross platform aspect so which choices do I have? I know MK11 got cross play with pc same as guilty gear any other options? I want a fighting game with healthy population to play against every day after a long day at work. I appreciate any reply from you or the guys from the chat.

  2. Skull girls is THE most controversial game when it comes in on this conversation. I see people say it's extremely difficult and then I see others say it's easy to get into.

  3. This was the probably the stupidest, least helpful intro to fighting games I could imagine, these pros can't even grasp the concept.

  4. Tekken 7 is the easiest out of all the games shown on the thumbnail

  5. Hi everyone, my name is Ron Smoorenburg and I decided to make my own movie- fighting game style called RECHARGE, the concept is based on CHAIN LIGHTNING — it has been 5 years of research – Id love to invite you to my page –

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rohRtxncC4 💢

  6. tekken hands dont work my guy never reached above orange rank

  7. melee would be "hands don't work" only because you have to play on a GC controller

  8. I'm a bbcf player, when I try to play Strive as a new player, it's very easy, even learning the attack patterns of the stage 9 boss isn't too difficult

  9. I'm an old gamer but what "hands don't work" mean?

  10. I dunno lately I only play MK because of the way they just let you use a basic controller and never feel at a disadvantage it’s purposely built with a controller and d pad in mind

  11. You are misleading fucking everyone putting kof in A tier LMAO also, funny that 3 guys who don’t play kof think it’s easy

  12. Them: “FighterZ is easy as hell”

    Then there’s me who can’t even do the base vegeta ki blast loop…

  13. GGST is definitley A bc of the system mechanics imo

  14. Being 100% incapable of Korean Backdashing in T7 on a stick is what brought me here. That felt good to hear.

  15. No, UNiB is definitely not "Hands don't work". Only if you're playing Vatista, because she's very different and a charge character in a game which doesn't have charge partitioning nor charge buffering. UNiB combos are a LOT easier than KoF franchise, because they're not character-specific nor have 1-frame links as well as Dark Angel inputs. KoF: almost every super in that game is a Dark Angel input. It belongs in A with the exception of Vatista and Yuzuriha, they are B at the very worst.

  16. they say dragon ball fighterz is harder than KOF 15???? Trust me I'm a pro at this game and it only took me a week to become an advanced player. Learning to characters in DBFZ is like reading a book and it stays in your brain. Just mess around for 15 mins and you will be loving the new character.

  17. if the target of this video are new FG players, Tekken 7 should have a new tier at C, it's not hands don't work, but no way it's only 1 step below other games. It doesn't help that the game have no new players, you must have a training buddy to play with you or it's impossible for new players to get in. Adding to the game's own difficulty, and everyone who still players Tekken 7 are actual good players or smurfs, either have someone to train with or don't tough Tekken 7 until you mastered another FG

  18. This list is kind of elitist and really misses the mark on what an "easy" fighting game is because you are excluding different types of fighting games.
    The first area anyone should look at is Nintendo. (And I'm not talking about Smash.) You have Pokken Tournament (Pokemon), Kirby Fighters 2, and ARMS.
    Beyond that there are games like One Strike, Nidhogg,
    Then you have games like Gang Beasts and Gummy's Life.
    And then arena fighters like Brawlout and Nickelodeon All-Stars.
    Another one worth mentioning is Power Rangers Battle for the Grid.
    ALL of those games are also fighting games, and perfect for beginners, and casuals.

  19. Then i am the only one who thinks SFV is not that easy.

  20. That description of Skullgirls was so accurate 😛

  21. Can somebody enlighten me to what a “hit box” is? Is it a certain kind of fighting stick?

  22. skullgirls was my first game in the fgc :C

  23. Execution alone took way too much priority over other aspects of game difficulty

  24. Never could get into a fighting game with a guard button

  25. fighterz. for my money gotta be fighterz.
    u can just spam triangle for a powerful combo on any character

  26. really, come on bro. where's soulcalibur at?
    that game is one of the best games for new players to get into fighting games with!

  27. Eddy player saying Tekken is easy game because you can get strings by mashing is the most Eddy thing I've ever seen

  28. The only fighting game I can play is tekken

  29. Blazblue is so fun but so difficult me and my friends mash and fk around but lately been wanting to hit up combo trials

  30. As someone who isnt good a fighting games but likes to try them streetfighter is insanely hard and mortal kombat is very noob accessible

  31. Me : start with KOF13 on month ago and clear Iori and Kyo trials 💀 Now i can flex xD

  32. Guilty gear is THE WORST series of Fighters I'd ever played in my life 🙁

  33. hi, i think a good sequence for starters could be fantasy strike>blade strangers>koihime enbu ryo rai rai.
    Fantasy strike teachs u the basics and the zone control without very complexes moves. Blade strangers adds enhanced skills, and more variety to combos but still without hadoukens, shoryukens, etc. And then, u can go to koihime enbu, where u can apply all what u learned and learn the new movesets(hadouken, etc), improve the zone control and use the stunts movements of the game.
    When i say no hadouken i mean u dont need to make the input only u must use directions and buttons for fireball and things alike.

  34. as a skullgirls mobile player, I find it very easy 😎

  35. I suck at even the easiest ones lile Granblue Versus or BBTAG even if i practice a lot.. i could only really be ok at Pocket Rumble and Fantasy Strike cuz the execution barrier is super low.

  36. I'm perplexed that you guys didn't put any of them into garbage tier based on the online for them being trash.

  37. Man mk9 was insanly hard and stressful.

  38. What? Who is this for? "Hands dont work, yo", "Hands be safe", "on a hit box". I have no idea what you are talking about. Thanks I guess.

  39. Honestly skull girls is way easier than guilty gear

  40. I just simply cant get into strive and i dont know why. Like i even play undernight something that is on the other end of the tierlist yet it just doesnt feel right

  41. imo at the very lowest level (people who don't play fighting games and press random buttons), Tekken is easier than SF or Strive. In Strive everything is either a normal attack or requires a motion input. in Tekken if you press random buttons you will do something that looks cool

  42. They’re all easy once you go to practice mode

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