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What is the BEST Fighting Game Arcade Stick? (ft. Kizzie Kay, Justin Wong)

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From the classic Qanbas, the cursed Mayflashes, and the controversial Hitboxes, Kizzie Kay and Justin Wong rank the best and worst arcade stick controllers in fighting games! Whether it’s because of it’s price, it’s quality, or it’s functionality, see which sticks our FGC pros think are worth your time!


Kizzie Kay

Justin Wong

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  1. ranking things you dont know or never tried is mindblowing…

  2. How the hell do you play fighting games without a Joystick?

  3. The madcatz ego is just some Chinese arcade stick
    It goes under multiple names and is something that's easy to find all over the Internet

  4. Starting with a Qanba Drone. Probs gonna stick with it but I want a korean stick for Tekken 8 so I'm planning to get a Hori Alpha and mod it with a Crown lever

  5. The F500 Elite has been my first official fight stick. I had a friend turn an Xbox 360 remote into one, used that for a minute.
    Unlearned quite a bit of habits from playing controller (playstation remotes) and really began to understand mechanics a lot more over the few years since the beginning of the pandemic

  6. My main man is still a Razer Atrox (360, no drops) but I keep my Drone 1 around just because it's so dang cute and light and the little cord cubby was such a great idea. Sad that they got rid of the honeybee motif

  7. Bias and missing some real gpod ones….

  8. The Evo was such trash compared to the OG Panthera/Atrox.

  9. The mayflash was really confusing to set up but it has a switch on the top if you’re connecting it to a computer you have to switch it to pc for Xbox or PlayStation you have to change to controller and connect a controller to the usb for Xbox 360 you MUST have a wired controller

  10. I'm currently using the Mayflash F300 and I'm loving it. It's my first Arcade Stick so it took time getting used to it, but after while I got the hang of it and now I can't play fighting games without it.
    So far I don't have it modded yet, but I do play on doing that in the near future.

  11. Still rocking the MC SF4 special edition stick.

  12. is the nacon daija arcade sticker any good?

  13. I miss those cool cgi fps videos that dude used to make

  14. What about the RAC-J500H Happ Arcade Fight Stick

  15. I'm a little disappointed I don't see the SF: 15th Anniversary stick on that list someplace. People were modding it when it first came out and has been a solid base ever since.

    btw, where does the original MAS stick still stand?

  16. You left out the S++ Tier VIRTUA STICK HIGH GRADE. Still the best of the best IMO.

  17. lol puts panthera in S tier but mayflash f500 in F when they're the same stick

  18. You got the stick for 10$ from a garage sale and it was broken, so it must be trash? Bruh be wondering why he got scammed, if he bought a PS5 for a 100 bucks of ebay.

  19. Mayflash F300 was my first stick and it served me well. I have transitioned to using a leverless (flatbox) controller, but that's because my wrist would start hurting a bit from rocking the stick all the time. But as said, it served me well for the four years I've had it for. Definitely recommend upgrading the stock parts to Sanwas for longevity and better feel though.

  20. the hori mini isnt even a fight stick its just trash. I bought one to steal the pcb out of it and i couldnt believe how bad it was.

  21. I love the comments being filled with people who took exception to Justin's immediate trashing of the Mayflash sticks. I love my F500, too.

  22. I had a snack box. Ended up getting rid of it. It's just too small. Bad choice for my first leverless.

  23. I got 3 arcade sticks. I got the qanba pearl which is super nice out of the box and doesn't need any sort of customization, I have the Hori Fighting Edge, which I put a Crown lever and sanwa buttons in it, and the last one I have is the Hori RAP Soul Calibur 6 Edition which was the first arcade stick I ever bought for myself.

  24. Hi Justin, great video! 😀How to reach out to you for a product review request? I can't wait to hear what you say about our new product!

  25. The Mayflash is awesome and so moddable for a cheap price don't overlook it since they just defaulted it to the bottom tier. It's not.

  26. F series is awesome i change out the buttons and its awesome. I like smaller sticks more comfortable

  27. yo guys i am new to the genre and want to get a stick. What stick should i get pre builts only

  28. is it possibleto use thesnackbox on a ps5 with ps5 games

  29. Man, why in the world is the f300 even on the thumbnail XD I came expecting at least some mention about whether its good or not, instead you get "I never used it" and "i bought it used and it was broken so I didn't use it… therefore its trash"

  30. can some TLDR give me a reco for a 1st buyer with huge hands now aged 39 and for playing 99.9% at ahome

  31. Are any of these good for low low single father budget but have a good feel? ive gotten into emulating arcade games and realllly miss that clicky arcade stick feel!!! :C

  32. Qanba drone was my first stick now i have the hori rap4

  33. Buys second-hand product, assumes all other instances of said product are also bad. What a wonderful and objective review… Not saying Mayflash is amazing or anything, but if your entire opinion is swayed about a product because you bought a BROKEN SECOND-HAND PRODUCT… Well, then, you've lost all credibility.

  34. Where are the names for most of these I've seen two of them online but the rest i want to look them up

  35. I have a Mayflash F300, it's really good so far no problems and I've had it for a year. If something happen I plan to change the buttons for sanwas. I definitely recommend it! . Maybe if I changed, I would buy a victrix and that's only because I want it to be fully compatible with PS5.

  36. I have a few pricey arcade sticks like the FighterZ Panthera, Soul Calibur 6 Hori and honestly, I've been using a $50 AliExpress flatbox for a hot minute now and adore it.

  37. I ordered my first Stick yesterday the qanba drone 2 i Hope it will be worth it

  38. I have to say while the Snackbox Micro is nice, I have some regrets about buying it as my only stick, since I'm new to the scene. The miniscule buttons at the top floor things like stick press, select and start are super uncomfortable when labbing, where you are going into menus often, hitting select to reset, amd using the R3 and L3 for practice mode shortcuts. The stick is great for normal play and I love every other aspect, but I think it's a drawback worth considering if you're getting a SBM as your only stick.

  39. What is the name of the last stick?

  40. The Mayflash F300 is what I currently use and it works really well. It obviously isn’t the best option but it’s affordable and plays just fine. 8/10 in my opinion and I would recommend it to someone with a budget.

  41. My buddy got me an F300 yesterday for christmas brand new and its my first stick. Its fun, I've had some difficulty but thats just because im used to pad. I'm excited to try tekken with it because tekken feels awful on pad.

  42. i have the f 300 and i only purchased because cheap but it works and i smash all my shit works fine for me
    did have to change the stick guide plate from rounded square to octagon so small mode that came with it and punching that shit but hey it works

  43. I made my own Ergobox cuz I'm built different

  44. I own the original drone with a modded sanwa lever. The value for money is unbeatable and very easy to mod. The only thing I dislike about it is its too light, so it moves around a lot

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