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What Is The Best Controller For Fighting Games?

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  1. i actually liked the leverless controller idk why

  2. Don't sleep on the joy-cons, that 4-button dpad is deceptively good.

  3. I’m kind of a newbie with fighting games and I started playing tekken 7 and later sf6 with my ps4 controller and it just felt so… bleh. I tried playing sf6 on my steam deck and IMMEDIATELY preferred that. The joystick on ps4 sucks ass and the d pad just doesn’t feel good to me

  4. And not one controller was recommended FFS…

  5. Honestly as time goes on, SOCD on leverless controller is become a bit of a non issue. With snackbox, victrix and Brookes offering firmware updates to comply with capcoms guidelines the “cheaterbox” crowd has less to talk about nowadays.

    There are shortcuts to certain inputs but with how lenient developers are getting with inputs anyway, it’s hard to see it as a big deal

  6. I've been playing fighting games with the Nintendo switch pro controller, but I guess that's basically like an xbox controller lol

  7. Another key thing about the leverless controllers, is that they're super ergonomic. so if you have wrist or finger pain, or joint issues; you may want to consider them

  8. I have been play mixbox for over 2 years now and it was the most natural controller I have used. I have tried all three and the mixbox just clicked with me. And I have never looked back. And honestly i have never been called a cheater because I legit have my socd set to off and then unhooked the switch. And once they figure that out they don't complain anymore

  9. don't forget to mention that learning a stick takes actual time, it's an entirely different set of muscle memorization. also, the actual stick part isn't an advantage, you can pull of moves easier with a pad, the advantage is the face buttons for pressing two or more buttons at the same time. for people who play on pc and want a good fighting game controller, you can't go wrong with the sega saturn wireless pad from retro bit, it's amazing, best dpad on the market still for fighting games.

  10. Bro quoted Nietzsche when showing the home made controller 💀

  11. 1:45 nah, I will not stop xd.

    632146 on D-pad turns into 632148 cause of pressing 4 and 6 causes 8 being pressed.

  12. I have, and I kid you not, modded the shit out of my Xbox-360’s kinect to be able to play Hftf on my PC.

  13. Lol alot of pro street fighter players use PS5 controllers, so don't say you need you need a stick or a hitbox to play competitively.

  14. In my opinion it is different for every game. (not including arcade sticks)
    I do really like to play Mortal Kombat and Tekken with Xbox Series controller because of its precise d-pad, but i HATE to play with it Street Fighter 6. Like i cannot do 1/4 on d-pad in some ways and really struggling with it and i can`t really understand why.
    And for Street fighter 6 my choice is playstation 4/5 controller with a great d-pad for that.

  15. I'm having to look for a new gamepad with a six button loadout so I can bind all of the inputs to my hearts content

  16. "Using your middle finger to move forward feels strange".
    Me, a user of VIM for 10 years: I think I have finally found my call.

  17. I get the same feeling with Tekken😅. I don't know how to hold my controller when play and I feel like I could do more if I could just get the buttons off. It's just I have big fingers and playing with the d-pad is like.painful😮‍💨

  18. I can't be bothered watching the entire video that's seemingly nothing but introducing different kind of controllers.
    Could someone tl;dr me the results, if there are any?

  19. Part of that small and ever growing group

  20. I think I'll just stick to my trusty fighter stick. I spent too much money on it to customize it.

  21. Thank god, I thought I would have to buy a game pad to play Guilty Gear. Although I already played through Elden Ring on a keyboard, which I think is more of a sin, to be honest.

  22. EZ answer. Dont use a PS5 controller. Its the worst DPAD. PS4 controller all day

  23. Comment ppl help me out I play on a ps4 controller and am celestial in strive but I don't feel good as one a d I wanna get better but I feel like my controller holds back should I get a arcade stick

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  26. I seriously play pad with analog movement, switching to DPAD for certian movements. I started this habbit in preschool and refuse to change for anything lol

  27. Ps4 controller feels best. Arcades stick feels exhausting. Hit box has most advantages and maximum potential

  28. 20:05
    To be honest i always had problems doing motion inputs with pads when facing left so it didn't change a bit.

  29. it depends of the game really. i use pad and yes i use analog. i also have the 8bit arcade stick and i used it sometimes its def more accurate than the pad but my execution of combos dropped a lot cause i wasnt confortable with that. last time i played with arcade stick i was 8 old and now im 27 i dont have muscle memory of them anymore so i dropped it entirely and im lazy to relearn it again xD. if your new to fighting games start with arcade stick. it easier to learn at the begining than in the middle like i tried to do

  30. am I psychotic for using a keyboard cus idk if anyone talks about that

  31. 24min where you don't show a controller for a single second. Im here for controllers , not to watch gameplay or listen a podcast. Useless video

  32. Logitech F310 isn't bad and it's need to be considered for a budget pad. It's quite durable and accurate for fighting game. one issue is its dpad is made of plastic not a rubber so if you are not used and play for long hours its dpad and grip design feels a bit rough for your sweaty thumb and palm grip.

  33. you mentioned something between a bat and a ball top. What is that type called? I'd be interested in checking that out.

  34. “Am I playing on pad or stick? I’m playing on a controller from China that I can barely read.”

  35. I currently use an SGF Zappa, which is leverless and is a local company for me. Genuinely I think leverless is the best for me because of the way my wrist functions with finer movements that stick requires, but I would be lying if I said a certain primal part of my brain doesn’t like the feel of stick. As for why the Zappa, simple. The buttons feel AMAZING. I just wanna keep pressing them

  36. Keyboard is good as a hitbox at home

  37. Victrix Pro BFG, overall best option, cheaper , great build , works on ps4,ps5, and pc,
    Standard PS5 Controller is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE for fighting games dont say i didnt fckin warn u, if you dont play stick, dont play stick, the people u see using them have been using them forever and are cursed to be stick players , u wanna get into fighting games quick and efficiently? Get u a nice controller with a solid d-pad , the biggest make or break will be ur d pad.

  38. I tested 15 pads today and Sega Saturn is by far the best one for precise inputs

  39. The hate for leverless is insane 😂. I’ve noticed that Arcade Stick players usually have the most stigma towards leverless.

  40. Floor 10 [US East] I-No here to say:

    You can be a good gamer on analog. I got to floor 10 using only analog. Now to be a god? If you're actually used to analog and committing to it, I recommend getting either a custom faceplate with 8-directional notches to make your inputs more consistent (like a gamecube controller) or customizing it yourself.

    I personally haven't gotten around to swapping my faceplate. I've been told I could be a Celestial player if I swapped to D-pad, but god it's 10 million times more uncomfortable than stick.

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