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What happens when a Pro FPS player plays their first Fighting Game?

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So one of the events of the AT&T annihilator cup happened, and that event was Street Fighter V. Many pro players/streamers from various backgrounds were in this tournament, and the majority of them feared and stressed about Street Fighter above all other events, because its a fighting game. So while looking at this, why exactly are fighting game so scary, and can it be alleviated?

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  1. Fighting games are hard because they have a lot of backwards compatibility. All the way to 1986 with side scrolling beat em ups. You learned footsies from final fight, shinobi, mario, before street fighter ever came out. People learning to play fighting games need to play GOLDEN AXE for SEGA to learn intermediate footsies. That cpu will kick your azz in footsies

  2. Players who I know who got good at fighters did it over a long period some much longer than others they sure as hell didnt memorise all the information at once and instantly apply it lol and that goes for all games. On a base level fighters are probably the easiest to actually play its literally just press buttons and in a traditional fighter at least the only hazard is the opponent.

    Most will never get really good but if you want to get there it will require more top down learning than most other genres but you can get pretty decent by limiting your top down learning to just move lists (or key moves if there is lots like in 3d fighters) and you can proceed to just learn bottom up like most games by playing and its the only way to learn stuff like fundamentals properly. You want to efficiently learn stuff like frame data and combos though yeah time to hit the books.

    It is hard to feel like you can do anything against someone much more skilled than you in a fighter than a shooter but I think that is just the way people look at it. Getting 1 kill in a shooter doesnt really matter if its not going to win you the match just like hitting someone in a fighter doesnt mean much if it doesnt kill. You have to consistently do these things to win but getting that one kill feels better than one hit most of the time.

    Only genre I can think of that makes a new player feel helpless against a skilled one however is strategy and especially RTS where everything is built upon knowledge and swift execution neither of which a new player has and unlike fighters where pressing random buttons does stuff that aint gonna fly in these games. I can maybe take a game off one of my friends in a fighter if we play 100 matches and hes not concentrating much but Id never beat one of my other friends in RTS even if we played 500 matches and hes messing about. Then again its possibly one of the reasons RTS is arguably in a worse spot than even fighters atm.

  3. You all need to try Jui jitsu in your life. At least a couple stripes. Trust me. You would know why if this video got your interest.

  4. Dude just outed himself as having a micropeen smaller than a sanwa jlf joystick! I'm literally dying.

  5. I think this is probably one of my most favorite videos that you've done. But at the same time, I totally understand because when playing shooting games, I feel the same way. I've had times where i've snuck up on my opponent, started shooting them, at fairly close range, and then turn, take a couple shots, and I'm the one that dies. I don't understand and it's completely frustrating. So much like Mr. Noko doesn't understand fighting games, I feel the same way about shooters. I am terrible at them, and people who can just drop opponents in a few seconds baffles me.

  6. long combos? cool
    Motions? Got it
    tight frame links? :Fk ThAt. lemme buffer my moves ffs. Spending half a long time just to get the timing on a stupid Lp to S.Lk link is stupid and not fun.

  7. I love that Sfv is the easiest street fighter game, but I understand from an outside perspective it’s still hard.

  8. @0:45 I get his rage, I agree for new players who are just trying. However, it is ironic how he doesn't see the slight similarity of his choice of women and the nuances of how it operates is similar to how a fighting game character plays. An AR-15 style handles vastly different than an AK47 or whatever. I do get it but there are some things SF can intuitively do it help the experience. They just don't see it yet. It's cool.

  9. FPS skill translate to each other, fighting game is completely different beast.

  10. As someone that is an over worked , super casual fighting game player who is ducking in rookie or Bronx and Street fighter five with over 2,000 plays, I feel his anger. The only person I know 100% of their moves is Ryu and o still can’t combo correctly

  11. My friends are just like this. They refuse to play fighting games and I’ve been into them for decades. The only competitive games they’ll play are halo and cod, which I enjoy as well, but If they’d just spend an hour trying to learn I’m sure they’d get it. That’s too much to ask for though.

  12. This makes me feel good as a competent Fighting game player.

  13. >1999
    >crazy combos by mashing
    Ah yes, fighting games in 99 when all combo's required frame perfect inputs are easy to do

  14. I just want to say on the topic of tutorials, I don't think you can make a good fighter tutorial. As an example I compete in sc6. I recently started coaching a top100 online player who has never competed, never done set play. even trying to explain the concept of conditioning to him he says "this is way beyond me I have no idea what you are telling me." Even real, simple concepts of the game are hard to grasp at first. Past simple things like X button does this fighting games are somewhat deep or just require a lot of practice like punishing moves on reaction. (my explination on conditioning to this guy was something along the lines of on oki I mainly do a low to condition them to duck on wakeup so I can meaty them for big damage later, and I throw a good bit to get them to duck in X situation for big damage later)

    Compared to every other game on the market fighters take real practice. Learning to play apex is as simple as play the game and improve. This for the most part can not be done in a fighter. To a certin level it can but it only goes to like level 1 MAYBE 2 out of 10 to 20 levels over all.

  15. I'll bet whichever fighting game comes out with a tutorial with combo routes that is basically a rhythm game in and of itself will be the easiest to onboard people with. Like SFV trials but instead there's a rhythm-game like component which teaches people all the exact timings through execution.

  16. The other problem that the barrier to entry creates inadvertently is match ups online

    When you play a shooter cause the player base is so huge there is a d tier you can start out playing against 13 year old kids to stomp building your confidence as you go up to c that’s 70% of the player base and b tier with 20% A and s being the top 10% of players

    But all the scrubs are weeded out due to the barrier to entry and that means it’s like 10% a and s tier 70% b and 20% c tier there is no d tier

    You come into fighting games fighting people equal to you if not better and over the lifetime of the game c tier probably vanishes too

    Street fighter 5 is in its late life hell street fighter as a game has been around over 3 decades

    The idea your going to jump on line and stomp a few people with no practice you’re kidding yourself

  17. As someone who just started dnf duel as my first I feel this 100%. If it wasn’t for my will to improve at things I would have dropped this easily after the 3rd online game of getting perfected lol

  18. Killer Instinct probably has the best tutorial ever. MK11's was solid too

  19. i haven't watched the video yet, but as someone who only played mortal kombat 9 10 11 and dnf duel when it comes to figthing games, i really hope more games would be like these, where they would be acessible and not too overly complicated, afterall that dosen't mean its going to be briandead and it makes more people enjoy that same game you like with no big trouble

  20. Like, yes, fighting games have a learning curve, and sometimes they do make you feel stupid. But why can people play through Elden Ring, and die repeatedly and stick to it, and be ok with sucking at that game until they get better, but then fall apart and have mental breakdowns when it comes to fighting games. Just chill out, it's ok to suck at something at the start, not everything can be pick up and play like shooters. Youre not gonna be good after a few hours of the game, and that's ok. If you just wanna mash buttons then do that, but I dont want devs to see this and be like, a fighting game must be as easy to pick up and play as a shooter, thats stupid.

  21. 10:32 — Can I ask what the second game you were referring to here was? I caught “Street Fighter 6”—and was the other one “Project Owl”?

  22. I play a lot of first person shooters, but I'm good at fighting games.

  23. Noko is exactly what's wrong with the gaming community today, stupid ignorant assholes who only want to put in the minimum effort and receive all the accolades and rep that the other players who actually work at their game do. They're losers. They will always be losers.

  24. lol i bet the silver player bodied the shit out of everyone

  25. Yeah nah all us fighting games went thru the rage when we first started… making then even simpler for new audiences aint the move. I do not think they will change how they feel about it.

  26. As a fighting game player of decades, I understand the salt, even if I rarely(pretty much never) get anywhere near so salty.
    These games are rough, and SFV is an industrial salt-factory, producing at record rates.

  27. They should put fighting games into that cup more often

  28. Fighting games are not that different from fps games. At least with destiny you need to learn efficient combos to down your opponents consistently just like a combo. And using the maps for cover is the equivalent of learning how to block. Now i guess fps players don't think that way and don't connect the fundamentals with each other.

  29. I wonder what they would have to say about rhythm games

  30. calling noko a pro fps player is like calling ltg a fighting game savant.. that dude does two things and its bitch constantly or get cooked

  31. thought he was gonna get into the scott steiner math at the beginning of the vid

  32. Just recently started playing sf5 after watching my friend play the sf6 beta. He told me for now just stick to learning Ryu and the basics with him, It took me over a week just to complete his first 10 trials. With For Honor being my only "Fighting Game" experience, I was in for a world of pain. Yes it does get easier after a bit sure but good GOD I still have a mountain in front of me and can't wait to get my booty handled on June 2nd

  33. Motions are NOT an entry barrier. Virtua Fighter and Tekken combos are mostly strings of buttons and command normals. Yet Virtua Fighter is among the hardest games to learn. And it has just a punch, kick and guard button. Simple inputs and a few buttons don't stop it from being deep and complex. If you want to make a button masher break down… play Virtua Fighter with them.

    That said, fighting games have a high entry barrier because of numerous elements and mechanics to understand. Movement is simple enough in most of them, unless they're Guilty Gear, Under Night in-Birth and Melty Blood. And then come the attacks. It's not just a simple click, you need to understand that each attack has three segments: startup frames, active frames and recovery frames. And that's just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. To love fighting games, the player needs to enjoy the learning process. Sure, everyone wants to do cool combos and all… but they're not the only fun part by themselves. If getting to that part isn't fun too… then fighting games are not your genre.

  34. Let's just say street fighter has cost me $160 in controller's 😡💨🎮🧱💥😢

  35. "Why can't I button smash?"

    Go back to Apex

  36. Motion controls need to go, otherwise Fighting games will keep staying unrelevant and dependent on Discord servers to find anyone to play with.

  37. I was late to fighting games starting with sf5. I remember thinking “this should be easy I’ll just block and press buttons while blocking” thinking this would somehow allow me to attack without getting hit, lol… yeah its been a long journey.

  38. I understand why people get salty over losing in fighting games. When you lose in an FPS, you can say "he got lucky" or "my teammates are braindead" and still have some merit. In fighting games? Yeah, that shit won't fly. When you lose, its purely because of your lack of skill. Oh, people can still blame every single thing on the planet, but deep down, you know you're the reason you lost, and that is a harsh blow to anyone's pride.

  39. As a long term fighting game player The games have tutorial for beginners but it isn’t supposed to sugarcoat and teach the player everything there is to know about the game. Another rebuttal would be that motion inputs are very easy we just tend to make them way harder than we think they are

  40. I’ve played ranked in Tact shooters, MOBAs, BRs, Hero shooters and fighters.

    Fighters are by far the least tilting because it’s all on you, you are in complete control of your side of the competition.

    This guy just has weak mental and an ego.

  41. Damn bro they could’ve been told and practiced before hand lmao. Couple days in mk1 and I’m already 12/5 in ranked

  42. Its funny cuase i always tgought fps were way harder for me to play then fighting games. My aim is shit 😢

  43. aaahhhh vindication thank you random pissed off AT&T tournament participant

  44. No he's right, tight frame windows for necessary combos are bullshit.

  45. I’ve been interested in fighting games for 2 years now and I still couldn’t get into it because I can’t do motion inputs precisely

  46. So if you are rushing to the comments before watching all the video, the various rage and salt from the event can be funny yes, but the purpose of this video is not to make fun, but rather to say that I totally and completely understand where they are coming from. Fighting games are hard and scary, and it gets way harder and scarier when you don't know what you are doing and there's money on the line. So in looking at this AT&T event, basically makes me think why are fighting games considered so hard from an outsiders perspective anyways?

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