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What Fighting Games Were Made For

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This is the greatest wrestlemania of All Time


  1. It took me all this time to realize Rolf was using the Hat of Discipline as his weapon.

  2. I low key thought Spongebob was fucking Kiryu

  3. So Charlie isnt a one piece fan and that showed by him not knowing who sanji is 🤣

  4. I need this game I don’t know what it’s called

  5. 4:58 You clearly have not seen the show if you think that is nothing like Courage.

  6. Will smith destroyed mr krab's rear with that knee

  7. Peppa got bodied 😂😂😂😭😭😭🤡

  8. The Alex Jones character looks more like Senator Armstrong.

  9. The newest jojos' bizzare adventure episode is out~ penus is unstoppable!

  10. Someone needs to make karen , anti vaxxer and flat earther

  11. “Kronk just dropped the new fucking groove on em” lmaoooo

  12. 1:47 Isn't it obvious Charlie? Lava girl is way stronger than Samurai Jack.

  13. Soul Edge AKA Soul Blade – The beginning of a great yet underrated fighting game series.

    SoulCalibur/SoulCalibur II – The peak of the series popularity and hype and best installments.

    SC III / SC BD – The downfall in quality.

    SCV – Tried WAY TOO HARD to be different and unique but failed miserably while also trying to appeal to everyone yet appeal to no one. A big failure.

    SoulCalibur VI – NamcoBandi: "It's not TEKKEN, so lets kill it."

  14. charlie playing and commentating makes this game 10x better

  15. I clicked on this video without thinking about it, and now I'm overdosing on nostalgia!

  16. garrosh sure showwed that neck beard the power of da horde

  17. The fact that I've made a SpongeBob that's actually butt fucking scary looking is funny to me every time I look at the bootleg

  18. He said Franklin and gir. I thought he said something else though.

  19. Do some of them not know you can make your armor and stuff unbreakable?

  20. Rule of thumb: The more stupid the cosplay, the better the player

  21. Sanji is the suave fighting cook of the straw hat pirates!!! Watch One Piece!!!

  22. I just realized the final boss of metal gear rising is Alex Jones

  23. The uneven viscose mathematically fancy because brace certainly gather down a freezing hamster. ambitious, ambitious tramp

  24. And yet infinte still nowhere to be seen

  25. I watch this crap when I need more ideas for character creation

  26. That garrosh was freaking perfect, amazing.

  27. I couldn't hold my laughter in for five seconds, that Robotnik is amazing.

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