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What are the WORST matchups in fighting games?

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What are some of the WORST matchups in fighting games? And what makes them so terrible? Matchups are everything in fighting games and while everyone talks about the good matchups, we’re diving in to some of the ones that are truly horrible.


0:00 Intro
0:59 Zangief vs Seth
1:42 Zod vs Lex
2:58 Thorsten vs Kim-Maree
3:37 Sabretooth Vs Gambit
4:27 Iori vs Chin
5:39 Awesome Patrons & Outro

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  1. SF4 Hugo vs Gouken. Medium fireball anti airs and hits hugo standing full screen. Very similar to Zod vs Lex

  2. There was an old video by Daigo I saw where he talked about Victor in Vampire Hunter having a 0-10 matchup against Pyron. Mostly because Victor was so damn slow.

  3. Freiza vs Z Broly in FighterZ. virtually all of Frieza's offense is rendered useless. As a zoner, Frieza's ki blasts are some of the fastest in the game. However, Broly doesn't care as his ki blasts are better in literally every way. Even without that both of Frieza's heavies are counted as projectiles which are worthless against Broly as he has an anti-projectile shield. Also, add on top Broly's super armor and it makes Frieza's entire gameplan non-existent. (I haven't checked if the Season 4 patch fixed any of this please let me know if I'm wrong)

  4. Die monster! You don't belong in this world! says:

    Min-Min vs Ganon in Smash bros ultimate. That match up has to be 90-10 maybe even 0-100 in Min-Mins favor.

  5. Sol Badguy vs the entire cast of Strive

  6. 5:02
    Iori doesn't waste time. He's getting into business already. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I thought for sure I would see something like Melee’s Puff destroying Peach. Then I watched the video and realized, no, they mean actually unwinnable matchups.

  8. There's always the famous one: In one version of Street Fighter 2, E. Honda begins close enough for Zangief to pile-driver him at round start. This is unavoidable, and then leads to a chain of forcing him to block a leaping attack, and pile-driving him again. 10-0 in Zangief's favour.

  9. Magneto haggar in mvc3 is pretty unwinable also

  10. Chin would get back on Iori the next year with his manual prone tho

  11. No surprise an NRS zoner made the video. Fuck NRS zoners

  12. In the fighting game Double Dragon for the NeoGeo
    Abobo has a godawful matchup with the Lee brothers (Billy & Jimmy) where if he manages to block a tatsu (+4 btw), they can link into 2A and tatsu again forever, abobo also cannot crouch the tatsu and is forced to either block forever or get hit

  13. Shout out to Tager from Blazblue who has MULTIPLE 9-1 matchups

  14. Nine vs Iron Tager is a tragedy.

    Nine's disgusting normals makes it so Tager needs spark bolt in order to do anything, and if he misses he has to wait and charge another one while Nine can just keep blowing wind in his general direction to keep him away. Missing sparkbolt just so happens to be particularly easy with Nine because her teleporting dash has so many i-frames.

    Seriously, if Tager didn't have spark bolt Nine would never lose under any circumstances.

  15. Sonic vs Ganondorf in any smash. The fastest vs the slowest (if you don't count Incineroar). No effort required for Sonic to beat Ganondorf. Ganondorf have to do some perfect timing with his move to hit Sonic. Your random warlock kick can not save you too…

  16. Vanilla Street Fighter IV Zangief vs the Zangief from that one version of Street Fighter II where he can round start SPD E. Honda…

    Ok just image the buff doge vs the crying one

  17. Twelve vs Elena SF 3rd strike
    She pretty much out prioritizes Twelves normals

  18. Sheik vs Bowser in melee is depressing.
    Not bullshit levels of inplayable like the last one in this video, but just watching bowser being outdone in every aspect with so little effort is so sad.

  19. People say grapplers are paint eating idiots, yet usually always suffer from the worst matchups.
    Make it make sense.

  20. Where would SSB Brawl Metaknight vs Ganondorf be?

  21. This only has classic fighters. Can we get one for platform fighters?

  22. Brawl Meta Knight vs. Everyone is the worst matchup.

  23. Need more of this content, old fighting games (kusoge) is so full of this thing

  24. Zod's overly confident and apathetic animations just make it all the more hilarious and tragic.

  25. T.Hawk vs Honda. The slowest and most helpless loss you will ever experience in any game. T.Hawk's only option for winning?

    Get the first hit and pray Honda doesn't take the life lead before Time Over

  26. The worst matchup is me vs adult responsibilities

  27. This is super niche and doesn’t count because it’s not two high-level players in the scenario. But:

    Super Smash Bros. Melee, CPU difficulty level 9 Mewtwo vs. anyone on the Donkey Kong stage with the waterfall. He instantly jumps, double jumps, and careens over the edge without fail, so long as the other player does nothing.

  28. Little Mac vs Pac-Man in smash 4 🙁

  29. Sheik vs Bowser in melee is actually so depressing

  30. The Iori vs Chin matchup looks like something that leads to a fist vs face matchup in the arcade lol

  31. Guile vs boxer in Sf2 Champion Edition is a 9-1 (Even 10-0 according to sf wiki). Guile beats everything Boxer does and Boxer cant even deal with sonic booms properly since he has a horrible jump in. And boxers moves also get trip guarded by pretty much everything. Even his lows get high crushed.

  32. In terms of platform fighters, brawl meta knight vs ganon might be completely one sided lol

  33. Chin is so fucked lmao, i don't know if you can just hit the infinite from the start but he can only hope to be left alive and hit the sdm.

  34. Another bad matchup: Mileena vs. Sheeva (MK9) is a solid 9-1 matchup

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