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What are the WORST matchups in fighting games?

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What are some of the WORST matchups in fighting games? And what makes them so terrible? Matchups are everything in fighting games and while everyone talks about the good matchups, we’re diving in to some of the ones that are truly horrible.


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0:59 Zangief vs Seth
1:42 Zod vs Lex
2:58 Thorsten vs Kim-Maree
3:37 Sabretooth Vs Gambit
4:27 Iori vs Chin
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  1. Another bad matchup: Mileena vs. Sheeva (MK9) is a solid 9-1 matchup

  2. Guilty Gear Xrd is a very well-balanced game, but there are some notably polarizing matchups. Probably the most famous and most immediate is Sin Kiske vs Potemkin (although it's still likely just 7-3 numerically).
    – Potemkin is a big body grappler with no airdash or forward dash. He relies on a charge move, Hammerfall, to advance because it has 1 hit of armour.
    – Sin is a footsies/zoner character with a tonne of overpowered special moves that he can cancel into each other: the catch is that he spends a resource to do each one, and if he runs out then there's a huge punish window where he can't do anything.

    Sin notably has Beak Driver, one of the game's best special moves: it's a giant, halfscreen, disjointed, 2-hit poke that is safe on block and leads to a huge combo on counter hit – but only the second hit. If the first hit counter hits, then the second hit normalizes it, and Sin gets nothing too crazy. The problem with Pot is that if he Hammerfalls through the first hit, then the second hit is guaranteed to counter hit, which means Sin can just do Beak Driver and completely invalidate Pot's primary ground approach tool.

    Then there are all the things Sin can do that defeat Pot's grappler pressure: great backdash, a reversal he can special cancel into a move that's safe on block, a command jump that lets him fling himself around the screen, two incredible supers to enforce mixups, an incredible AA if Pot tries to jump . . . Sin even has disgusting setplay that he can loop in the corner using the game's Dust attack > homing dash combos.

    The one caveat to this is that Pot can delete any character if he gets corner control and has 50 meter, and Sin does have slightly below average life. But it's a ROUGH matchup unless the Sin player makes a mistake.

  3. Suggestion for another bad match-up: Sanji VS any female character in Jump Force. The game literally programmed it so he can't damage them.

    Using Jump Force is probably cheating tho

  4. The worst matchup in all of the FGC has to be SonicFox VS Perfect Legend. 13-0 😂

  5. How about the round-start spd for zangeif vs E honda? Its only on the snes port of sf2 I think, but yeah it’s an actual round start infinite

  6. Goukei vs Hugo is a matchup I can’t stand. It’s actually almost impossible. There is barely any resources for Hugo to you with goukei’s fireballs and specials. T.hawk vs dhalsim sf2 is also insane. What I will say though. If you get in. Once you get in. You feel like literal fucking god. I’ll always love grapplers

  7. Can't forget smash 4 little Mac vs cloud…. ugh

  8. Bison gets stomped by Guile most of the time.

  9. As is, KI 2013's worst MU is Aganos VS Kim Wu. Kim can't deal with Aganos' chunks (super armor) as well as the rest of the cast can and it is pretty much a 8-2 or sometimes even 9-1 in favor of Aganos. Most players will tell you that if you're Kim Wu, your best strategy is to drop the controller and then select somebody else who can deal with Aganos much better like Riptor. As balanced as KI is, that MU is gnarly.

  10. Smash Brawl, Ganondorf vs Metaknight a straight 10-0 for Metaknight.

  11. Blazblue: CT Iron Tager vs Nu-13 is the worst matchup I can think of. Its like a clash between the character with the worst ability to get in against the one with the best ability to keep out.

  12. Nice vid you should continue with this series

  13. Although not as onesided, King on the Tekken trilogy on the PS1 was a scary matchup against most fighters because his grabs can go on forever and be a TOD.

    The window to DI away Is fairly short as well.

  14. Meta knight vs Ganondorf in Brawl

    Or Bayonetta vs Ganondorf in Smash 4

    Or Pikachu vs Ganondorf in Ultimate

    They really do dirty him 🙁

  15. Dude… You're gonna give yourself a concussion if, you shake your head too much like that. Calm down..

  16. The funniest bad matchup imo is rosalina vs ness/lucas
    Whilst it is winnable the main issue is that ness/lucas need to hit themselves with pk thurder to recover and rosalinas down b can just straight up steal it making it impossible to recover

  17. Fighting games shouldn't be built like that. Every character should be equal in frames and such and it should be all on the skill of the individual gamer. But that's in a real gaming world not this algorithm slot machine casual pay to play world. Everything is better with limited audiences because when trying to appeal to everyone, you actually appeal to no one.

  18. U forgot in GGS Sol vs all characters except him ofc, before the latest patch. He was so busted.

  19. Killer Instinct: Aganos vs. Kim Wu (Around 9-1)

  20. Netherrealm games don't know how to design a fair zoner

  21. i would suggest sonic vs ganondorf in smash 4 specifically as sonic had some extremely strong defensive options alongside the highest run speed in the game. all sonic really had to do was get the percent lead and camp him. ganondorf simply didnt have the speed or range to put any real pressure on him

  22. Me when we get to Saber vs Gambit: "Okay so the theme here is how grapplers get killed by zoners, I get it."

    I was not ready

  23. We not gonna talk about pikachu vs ganondorf? Alrighty then

  24. Sophitia vs nightmare
    She is made specifically to beat nightmare

  25. Ok, I'm actually kinda triggered by that Iori vs Chin example… A matchup so bad, you literally lose before the fight starts?

  26. Bro you should have saved this video for October the fear of these hard mismatches is bone chillin

  27. Meta Knight vs. Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 10 – 0 no question.

  28. Sanji vs any Woman is the worst matchup lmao

  29. Honorably mention: Tekken, Steve vs Kazuya, steve deleted all Kazuya package: tools, fundamentals, block/whiff punisment, better frames counters tools (b1 is 13f, EWGF and df2 is 14f only 13f in neutral or side step) and lock down the vortex, with b1 and other side steps set ups back turn

  30. Vanilla MK3 Kabal v. Sheeva?

  31. I'm surprised that SF2 E. Honda vs Balrog isn't in here. Hundred hand slap wins

  32. This was an amazing video, I wish it was longer

  33. Probably been said.
    So every little mac match up in ultimate

  34. Umvc3 magneto vs haggar. Watching that match up at top level is so mind numbingly dumb and frustrating since both characters are easily in the better tier of the game

  35. MK9 Kenshi vs. Sub-Zero should've been included here. Can't forget MK9 Kabal vs. 90% of the cast either.

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