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  1. bro's thumbnail really is Zoro, anyone think someone actually tried fighting with swords in their mouth

  2. I am so glad you found this game! It's a shame you didn't even try to pronounce characters names

  3. i dont no how i got here but the commentary is so funny!!!!

  4. There’s a game similar to this on psn …just forgot what it’s called

  5. I saw a video of a bloke getting stabbed, then chasing his attacker and knocking him out, so how is it realistic that these swordsmen pussy out when they get slashed?

  6. Slice dice and rice Is a game like this, with no health bars and instanly death at one slice.

  7. I know it's been a month but GOD DAMN, toonz looks so fuckin clean as Zoro ngl!

  8. Love the commentary and the laughter… u guys are awesome 😂😂😂

  9. I used to play a PS1 game like this, the gameplay is the same but it's a japanese game.. forgot the name though..

  10. I'm gonna need to see what's under that robe

  11. The drunken fryer feels no pain.😆😂🤣

  12. Even before you guys got used to the game…that commentary is fuckin PRICELESS. Once y'all got the feel of it… BRILLIANT.😌🙏😌😊

  13. "Back off!!! U don't know my LIFE!!! U don't know..,who trained me!!!" Fucking BRILLIANCE. Great chemistry and constant. Shine Fam.😌🙏😌😊

  14. This game seems like a new Bushido Blade, nice to see two friends having fun enjoying it.

  15. Anybody here remember "Bushido Blade"?..you would actually lose mobility and function of limbs as they got damaged in battle..
    I loved bringing someone to one leg and arm in a fight..just to watch them swing and crawl in desperation..but it didn't always mean victory, because as long as they could touch you in the right spot..it could be over in an instant..
    Then theres the actaul hands on training and practicing you had to do to get better and or refine your chosen style and moves.

    I think a remake or reboot of that game would do great these days..

  16. This game looks like tekken but with a sword fight.

  17. Absolutely thee funniest shit ! My sides hurt from laughing.

  18. “You’re a nerve agent of the law!”

    Such a way with words 😂

  19. This game has been out for 2 years and it still early access

  20. You need one of those futuristic tampons? 😂

  21. You two are hilarious😂😂😂😂

  22. "Cut them titties off"…okay thats enough internet for me! 🤣

  23. ‘I’m sorry bitch’ 😂😂 best passive aggressive statement ever

  24. That map with the bodies hanging is crazy in terms of scenery in a game wow

  25. I can't believe people still yell into the mic ,learn audio control during editing dic

  26. 14:15 – How does a man who says shit like this have a wife and kid? Lmfao

  27. I saw toon-zoro 3 sword style and now I'm here

  28. Man, bushido blade got a good fucking upgrade.

  29. How long before they realize the Long Guard makes it so that you can not block ? .

  30. You guys rly enjoy eachothers company, that much is TRUE, and the exitement you show for the game is unreal. LOVE IT 😀

  31. playing this at half speed makes them both sound drunk lol

  32. I wish your body parts didn't come back after they get cut off in the previous round.

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