Watch this if you think you're not good at fighting games -

Watch this if you think you’re not good at fighting games

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I’m playing Gordeau’s trials in Under Night In Birth, but I also got something important to say to every person out there who thinks fighting games are hard, they’re not good at them, or think they can never improve. I talk about those plus other things such as thoughts on Guilty Gear Strive and preparing for that and also what I look for in a fighting game

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  1. One issue with fighting games is that people don't see the Work that happens behind the scenes. Knowing why you lost a set sounds like it should be easy to figure out but it can be tricky as a beginner. Also the concept of practice and training isn't discussed enough.

  2. I bought this game on sale and saw these videos going up and I'm just like… Assuming they're old videos but they're not and I'm just like:
    H u h

  3. Fighting games are complicated because the combo string can be so hard, im a dbfz player and i didnt understand rev 2 and its inputs are crazy but are so fun when u archive a combo

  4. I dont think this video is a coincidence that appear

  5. the hardest part about learning fighting games imo is fundamental. U can look at all the videoes in the wrld on combos n tech, but 9/10 the person who can do basic juggles, keep out, n keep away usually win

  6. The tough part in getting into new fighting games IMO is the knowledge and execution barriers, which can vary depending on the game but in general are always present in a game. Like Street Fighter has barriers in needing to know and be able to do the links and a lot of frame data. Not just the frames for your character but also the opponent's. Tekken is a slew of knowledge barriers with needing frame data but also stuff like even "which direction to sidestep and when, and should I step or walk?" Games also don't structure the means of teaching combos very well, at least not in general. Trials tend to give combos that test for mastery rather than giving players ones that they can apply easily in matches (though I just picked up Uni a couple weeks ago and its tutorials are really well designed in general).
    SF is pretty easy but even then there are beginner walls like getting stuck in block strings without having any method to punish or on the inverse being if you're against someone like Guile and unable to put up an offense because overheads suck, the can throw out safe normals, and you can't jump due to the ease of being anti-aired. Fighting games often have players thinking, "So I just can't do anything against this?" And there may be solutions or may not be and devs leave it up to the players going into the lab to find them instead of giving advice in either tutorials or just directly.

    And if you ever want to switch characters you need to completely rework your game plan since stuff like buttons you could use to poke, timing for your anti-air, and the moves you use to punish all change.

  7. I went back to rev 2, use to play baiken when she came out but picked up ino these past few weeks and now she's my best character

  8. Your channel is Dope!!! Why??? Because you have fun & you don't talk 💩 Keep up the great work my brother 💪🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  9. When the beta for Strive comes out, do I have to pre-order it to play?

  10. When you gonna do Blazblue Cross Tag Battle? Gordeau is awesome in BBTAG

  11. Hardest part about playing fighting games is trying to explain to people that full screen rolls as Yang is a free win and yet they still get hit by it.

  12. I picked up rev 2 last year and definitely understood how to play it due to my experience in playing blazeblue.

  13. 1:08 BBTag. I really don't understand the hate that game gets. I bought it a few days ago and its very fun just to do combos, and I normally don't like 2D fighting game combos because they are so tight with the timing of their combos but bbtag doesn't really have that problem. They are still hard but the combos don't require you to attack during a 1 – 3 frame window just for the combo to work or to get actual decent damage. I haven't played online and I dont plan to (because I'm waiting for strive and I bought it for switch because it was $5) but I dont feel like I need to. Most of the criticism I see is people not liking the combos because they are "easy" or they're "auto combos" but thats all bullcrap. If they are excited for strive then they like bbtag for the same reasons they like strive.

  14. 4:58 Not gonna lie, I thought Rev was hard too when I first bought it. I never played Guilty Gear before and there were so many unique system to the game like Roman Cancels and Tension. Left the game for years, came back after I became comfortable with DBZF, and suddenly everything was a lot less overwhelming. And overwhelming was exactly how I would describe it, not impossible to learn (fairly easy in fact) just a hell of a lot

  15. Fighting games are hard because youre playing piano but the song has a bunch of random parts that you have to adjust to based on what another person playing the piano against you is doing

  16. Difficulty is subjective and has lots of different dimensions. Fighting games are "hard" because they strive for depth and pit you against another human player. The deeper the game, the wider the skill gap is between players, and thus the "harder" the game will be perceived to be for newcomers.

  17. Fighting games are normally hard because people don’t have good hand-Eye Coordination

  18. For me, who has played SF since I was younger, learnt how to play DoA and VF at tournament level. I will say one issue is when I go to different games , not accepting that they’re different right away. Can’t find a main. So, I hop on easier FGs so that I may learn at an acceptable pace to fight my other friend or it plays like SF where I can use my skillset. I can’t see myself go through the process of learning and feeling like a noob again because I payed my dues already. Played with the old heads and learnt/now teach others here and there.

    I know what’s it like to beat up noobs all day and don’t want people to feel that burden when I decide to play outside of my comfort zone. Fundamentals are there to an extent but other times, I feel like the process of transferring my skills isn’t happening at all. That what I know feels useless. Feels like an old dog can’t learn new tricks scenario. Even if things do seem to be going well, I grow bored of the game. Happened with UNI. Was doing ok but got bored.

  19. Trying to get into central fiction, after a bit I’m actually landing small combos

  20. I got into fighting games about half a year ago and recently found a discord group where most players are from my region, so now I don't have to worry about lag, esp in Rev 2.

    Thing is, whenever I match against most of them I get my ass beat every time. Lately I've learned that I should "hold 4 and don't fucking let go until you see an overhead" and practice and memorize different sorts of combos before you try and make some up yourself straight away in a match; to get a feel of the character and understanding what can cancel into what.

    It's tedious because I'm still in that "hold 4" phase and am having trouble defending against mixups, so right now it's a game of "how long can I block and not get hit"

  21. I came from fighterz but the beta for strive got me super intrigued so I preordered the standard edition, cause fighterz servers are annoyingly bad and it takes forever to find a game against someone with good internet, when I go against someone with decent internet it still lags

  22. bought Guilty Gear Xrd as my first fighting game (technically my my second if you count Smash Bros) but I don’t get the game at all. Its not like Smash Bros where one button does it all but theres like 4 different buttons that do attacks and I’m just like, wow this is hard. Even the movement feels hard to execute like a simple dash requires precise double flicks instead of jerking the stick twice in one direction. I hope to get better at these sorta games. This video really convinced me to open the game up again. Thanks!

  23. The hardest part about fighting games is the COMMITMENT. I legit love fighting games but the time and work you have to put in makes it hard to commit for the general gamer because there's so many fun games out there that take a fraction of the effort

  24. Funny that interaction is considered important… because since SFV came out… its interaction has been Block and take the throw, mash, and every once in a whole if the opponnent pressures over extends use VRev if Ur character works …
    SFV was only kept alive by fanboys, the game has been mediocre mechanically speaking with no real def mechanics, and the lack of dev by the community on VShift make it so the game didn't changed

  25. The hardest part of fighting games for me is finding people anywhere in my entire country that play them.

  26. I play accent core plus r and I find it hard to time my attacks for combos. I am always a bit late or early. I am able to predict what the other guy will do and get a grab on them at times but I just can't do any combos 🙁
    But hey getting ass kicked is fun too

  27. yt recommended this video… what is the algorithm trying to tell me?

  28. if it doesn't end in assimilation , its not a gordeau combo
    lmao i never played unist, but I played uniel a lot.

  29. I don't think I'm bad but whenever an FGC content creator holds a pep talk, I'm all in for it

  30. i want to get better but playing fighting games makes my hands hurt, i even bought a stick and it still hurts :,(

  31. Gordeau sucks becasue he has literally no winning matchups they're all either even or bad or really bad. Only favor'd match up is Wald. He also has some of the slowest buttons and no reversal so getting out of offense is hard.

  32. When it comes to fighting games it is combos as I struggle with them so much that I don’t focus on the other parts. So I try and find characters with easy combos so I can focus on the other aspects.

  33. i feel like fighting games are only hard for a non fighting game player the hardest thing for people who play them imo is playing 2 dif ones regularly that have different combat system like how i play tekken and i play SFV both a lot it is kind of annoying then having to learn the fundamentals of 2 different combat systems

  34. Learning Martial Arts is extremely beneficial, not just on the aspect of learning how to defend yourself, but also it provides self confidence, discipline and appreciation to other human beings. It makes you avoid conflict so much because it teaches you the consequences of violence. Great videos dude 🙂

  35. Any anime fg just takes one 5 hour sesh to get a feel for tbh

  36. I suggest everyone play Granblue if waiting for strive, or just because it's such a solid fighter. It's honest and will teach you fundamentals that will carry over in EVERY fighting game

  37. Kizzie + Muay Thai? Hell yeah. Love the content! Always has something fun or insightful to bring up. Martial Arts is something I would recommend 100% to people. Some will claim Martial Arts isn't for everyone and not everyone can be a Fighter, but I disagree. It's not about the Fighting only, but other valuable life skills you learn also while training, like discipline, patience, and humility. Not only are the Fitness benefits amazing, but you will also meet some great people along the way. Hopefully your able to find a good gym/dojo to train at and wish all the best from a fellow Muay Thai and BJJ enthusiast.

  38. I don't understand fighting games. I just know I'm not going to never understand them. Online just get my ass whooped. They always say get good but I know I'm not capable of memory. I'm just going to keep doubting myself anyway. If I start winning and get over confident I fail more. I feel I won't accel no matter how I look at it. Tutorials or training mode never helps just make me feel like I'm missing some points

  39. Unfortunately I know I'm not good at fighting games. I'm more of a Collect-a-thon Platformer and RPG gamer guy than a fighting games kinda guy.

  40. whats funny is that 40 thousand people (including me) clicked on this

  41. Imagine watching this video thinking you'll get a convo but you get the one sentence twice. The title doesn't even fit. That's a completely different convo than, why fighting games are hard, opposed to, your not actually bad at the game. I got baited into thinking I could send this video to friends who don't like fighting games and to ease em into them but no, I got a guy saying, it's easy, only the mind part is hard, and continues to do combos on a fight stick.

  42. Top 2 hardest things in fighting games imo

    1) Learning to be okay with losing
    2) Finding someone your level

  43. You right Kizzie I don’t understand Strive. But from what I’ve been seeing from watching the beta it’s looks easy.

  44. Naw hardest part of fighting games is coming up with new excuses for why I lost🤔

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