Watch this if you think you're not good at fighting games -

Watch this if you think you’re not good at fighting games

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I’m playing Gordeau’s trials in Under Night In Birth, but I also got something important to say to every person out there who thinks fighting games are hard, they’re not good at them, or think they can never improve. I talk about those plus other things such as thoughts on Guilty Gear Strive and preparing for that and also what I look for in a fighting game

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  1. I would try the beta if it were on PC but NoOoOooOOOoOO

  2. I think people who have been playing fighting games for a good while and started really young don't actually know what makes fighting games hard. I came over from other competitive games and started playing FGs in my 20s and the amount of hours you need to be an above average player is ridiculous. Not only the mental part of it but also the mechanical part of it.

  3. Strive is an anime mk/street fighter..just think about it,and your welcome lol.

  4. Fgs is hard because u r poor and u have no controller.
    And the game want u to do 63214 while 214 is free.
    Why devs? Why?
    Why don't u allow casual to play ur game.
    Also fuck 360 and 720 input.

  5. Only reason I don’t play fighting games that much. Is cause I have no patience. Regardless of how good my defense is. I always wanna mash after the first hit 😭😅

  6. There need to be more fighting games made for people

  7. I just have a tough time adjusting to games like guilty gear because of the crazy weird animations of the attacks. I play sfv and a little tekken so it's just hard to know what moves are what in these other games. Of course that just goes along with learning how to play it, I just can't pick it up as easily.

  8. dragon ball is harder than rev2 change my mind

  9. I have a really hard time with button spam personally, not random button mashing mind you, but specific button spamming. For example, say in a typical action game, there's a combo that goes, "A, B, C," but my input looks like, "A-A-A-A, B-B-B-B-B, C-C-C-C," as I switch buttons as I see the next animation start. Most games are forgiving in that sense, and it works 100% fine, but fighting games seem to want you to only press the buttons exactly when you need them, and it's a really hard mental hurdle to overcome when you've been doing it one way since you started gaming as a kid in '98… Another side effect is games that have harder to distinguish animations, either because they each contain many rapid movements or are just very similar, are trickier because of this effect. (I'll take great sword over insect glaive in monster hunter, for example)

  10. I like fencing tho fencing isn't a combo game it a poke/spaceing game.
    I kinda like Ramleatal in that Gulty gear strive beta tho she was fun felt kinda like spaceing and pokeing alot (whitout too much combo needed to make her work overall and the knock back on her sword kinda put thing back into neutral where fencing is alwas at 100% of the time there no adventage or disadventage in fencing outside of being in the corner where you lose if you go back more)

  11. My g, do I beginner guide for guilty gear if you haven’t, you goat fr fr 😫

  12. oh dont worry i know a couple of games like the back of my hand, practically every interaction and even knowing the exact frame data on half the moves in the whole game and everything. and i still aint that good at em lol
    my fundamentals are just bad and i am a professional combo dropper

  13. What's hard about fighting game is the learning curve. When you pick a game, you can struggle and then, you get much better, but you fall back into that plateau-like state, and you have to learn more than you did before. Again and again. At the end, it comes to knowing the game in its finest details.

  14. I hate the street fighter controls. Anyone got tips or a source for imptovement?

  15. C O M B O S is the hardest for me

  16. These combos are insane (like 20 parts consecutively!) That said I tried doing very simple stuff like this on DoA6 back when it first came out cause each of the characters had a similar move list you could follow through on screen. I think the biggest motivator to practicing is how much one is enjoying the game, and for me that's the characters. Right now I love one character going into Strive, Ramlethal Valentine, which is enough to practice on. But if they're gonna start chopping & changing her due to all the public hate I won't have anyone left…

  17. That’s why I don’t play that blazblue shit

  18. Hardest part of all fighting games is input delay.

  19. Hardest part is…


  20. I think it's fairly ignorant to say that statement at the start. Execution is what makes the games so difficult most of the time (in the case of SF). Some of the execution and required reaction time is absurd for your average person let alone someone like me who has dyspraxia.

  21. I used to think myself adequate at playing street fighter.. My crowning achievement is an akuma combo that finished in raging demon.. I've managed to do it once

  22. To me the hardest part of fighting games on a fundamental mechanical level is charge characters. I cant for the life of me figure out how a character archetype designed to be easier for players who can't do complex motions ended up being nothing but a hurdle for everyone Ive ever known play fighting games me included. It breaks my heart for me to see an awesome character, want to put time into learning them, only to find out they are a charge character and I cry as I go back to my shoto bois because they work and make sense. Quarter circles? Child's play. Half circles? Easy. 360s? Yes please. DPs? DPs make me feel safe. The pretzel? That one scares me but I can do it semi consistently. But charges? I never know when Im done charging and either get blown up because they don't come out because I didn't charge enough or I get blown up because I wasted my opportunity charging too much. They suck and I hate them.

  23. My issue is that it takes hundrets of hours in practice mode to get consistent at combos and to understand timing of certain moves so the work properly. For example, in dragonball fighterz, a defensive move on wake up is lvl 3 or dp because they are invincible. But when i try to do it, i still get hit on wake up and the moves dont come out. Problem is timing of the move. Need to go to training to figure it out. Want to extend combos with different assists? Go into lab and practice. You dont understand how a character works and how to counter what he does? Go into lab and look what he does.
    It feels like you need to study to understand the game like no other genre.

  24. I may not be the best or sometimes just trash at fighting games but I have fun in everything regardless simply just because they’re my favorite

  25. Hardest part of learning a fighting game is coming to terms with how easily your going to lose your first 100 matches.

    The amount of character it takes to handle that failure is more than most people can handle in something meant for recreation.

    THATS why fighting games are hard.

    Games that have removed 236 and 214 proved that inputs don't ruin fighting games, losing in a 1v1 does.

  26. Understanding the game and executing optimal things in a game are two different things lmao

  27. Hardest part of fighting games is winning consistently… because you play against REAL people 1 v 1! Reading other players so that you can take advantage of them is super hard.

  28. To me there are factors that dictate if a fighting game is "hard"

    – Resources for learning (Tutorials in-game, guides online, lots of people playing it to share tech)

    – The age of the game (If a game is too old it might be very obtuse, and have less new players and lots of "necros")

    – The execution barrier (Some games have less reliance on frame perfect inputs, precise windows and overall god-like execution to do the more advanced stuff. Older games usually had engine quirks and glitches/exploits that were hard to do, but now are fully accounted for in newer titles, for example)

  29. Meanwhile, my gord combos in Bbtag: A,A,A,B,B,B, down C, super!

  30. No idea how the algorithm got this vid in my suggested lol 🤣 I only play doa but I like it I guess it's a cool looking fighting game if I was big on fighting games in general

  31. Fighting games are hard to me because of combos. Watching a guy speedrun through extremely complicated combo trials while saying fighting games aren't hard is fucking annoying tbh. I can work on my fundamentals all I want, but if I can't land a damaging combo afterward I'm going to lose the war of attrition every time.

    I can't even fully process what fucking button I'm pressing, and I've been playing FGs for 3 years now with hundreds of hours in practice modes. The combos are what make these games hard, not anything else.

    I don't care that I lose a lot, I care that I can't do things that seemingly everyone else who sticks around with these games can do. I often beat people who can hit long combos because once I adapt they have nothing, but I want to be able to hit those long combos too.

    Ya'll act like this shit isn't hard, but I think you all just have different brains that are better suited for these kinds of tasks.

  32. i simply comment to boost the stats and bcs i kinda love the content to

  33. Honestly I like this guys vibe and how he carries him self (1st impression) catch this sub Kizzie

  34. Well, the question is: when can you call yourself good? Like, I've been playing FGs for the better part of 12 years now and, while I've had some minor tournament success (in a scene that was, admitedly not developed so really it means nothing), I still get my ass handed to me in Tekken, GG and BB regularly. I understand fighting games and can learn stuff at a decent pace, but I've put nowhere near the amount of time real pros have.

    Am I good? Hell no!

  35. As someone thats new to fighting games (i tried mk11 and tekken7 like almost exactly a year ago now and played a bit of fighterz) i dont think im necessarily bad? Im no where near good but i just have trouble with i guess the mental part like everyones always talking about predicting what people are gonna do or having a plan shit like that but i just cant do that like at all

  36. This guy looks like Winston from Overwatch.

  37. I'd watch but what I mostly hear are loud thunks of a controller and random rambling. Got better from 5:35. About time. 😛

  38. God i was so exited to learn and get good at sfv but everyone is so fucking laggy i legit couldn't improve i never learned anything
    whenever i turned up the settings for better connected opponnents i couldnt get a match
    ill never forget fighting M.Bison for the first time Mf teleported and not just with his abilities

  39. "I'm choosing violence? I'm choosing honor bro." instant subscribe.

  40. I've been watching you for a couple days now because you showed up in my feed due to Guilty Gear. Wasn't sure if I wanted to sub or not, but was leaning more towards giving it to you. Hearing you say you wanna learn Muay Thai is what made me sure that I needed to sub. I too would like to learn Muay Thai when the pandemic is officially over, and watching your videos makes me wanna play Guilty Gear.

  41. The hardest part about fighting games is comparing yourself to others. Sometimes we look at pros and other people who are higher than us and disregard our skill

  42. Gordeau isn't very high on the tier list, but every character in Unist is viable so it doesn't really matter.

  43. The hardest part about fighting games is topping evo moment 34

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