Watch this 1 Daigo match to learn 14 Fighting Game fundamentals -

Watch this 1 Daigo match to learn 14 Fighting Game fundamentals

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Today we’re doing a match review of Daigo vs Xian from Capcom Pro Tour Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Check out the full match here:

Check out David Sirlin’s SF2 guide here:

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  1. crouching medium punch/sweep option select blew my mind

  2. A thing I need as a new player is how to actually practise these things once I have learned about them. If there are 14 fundamentals here, should I go online and get destroyed while I practise one at a time? Or should I go into training mode, which is often boring?

  3. The missions in GG:Strive were super helpful

  4. Too bad low rank is random mad spamming & threshold a little too high I need to learn a 30-hit combo at low rank not really worth it

  5. this is a very important video. thank you JM. I'll remember these as i continue to play the SF6 Demo ahead of the open beta next weekend

    thinking about this these are the basic things for fighting games and its a shame they are not in the games themselves for new players.

  6. List of Fundamentals:
    Full Match no Pauses – 1:24

    1.) Controlling Space – 3:51
    2.) Pressing the Advantage – 4:09
    3.) Frame Traps – 5:05
    4.) Poking – 5:53
    5.) Tick Throw – 6:45
    6.) Option Select – 7:30
    7.) Whiff Punish – 8:49
    8.) Reversal – 10:00
    9.) Cross Up – 11:17
    10.) Anti-Air – 12:49
    11) Air-to-Air – 12:49
    12.) Hit Confirm – 13:59
    13.) High/Low Mixups 15:40
    14.) Bait and Punish 16:54

    Thank you so much for this video.

  7. Maybe a how to train from beginner to ok player when the 6 comes out. I always wanted to be pro but never find a way to train efficiently so if possible if not still great video

  8. Love this video concept! Would like to see the same idea but applied to something like marvel with fundamentals like pushblock, DHC, "chicken block" etc.

  9. This Daigo AND XIAN match can teach you 14 fundamentals. Don't undersell my boy Xian!

  10. I think the nomenclature "whiff punish" gives the false impression that you can reach to a whiffed attack and punish. Oftentimes, a whiff punish is anticipating an attack, and using an attack of your own in preparation to attack that contested space.

  11. One more thing I noticed that wasn't covered is to attack while the opponent is knocked down to build meter.

  12. Just bought street fighter IV yesterday for $6 love it. Reminds me of Capcom vs SNK2

  13. I just got my mayflash f500 elite v2 and got back into USF4, evil Ryu is still a menace, been a while since I've used a stick so I'm still getting used to it

  14. Vf4 Evo best tutorial
    Better would be a story mode like 6

  15. Watching this makes me realise how much slower modern fighting games are.

  16. 00:29 not true for a beginner, ppl just push a lot button. I think the only mindful thing I did doing sf6 beta is do a 26 motion+jab to bait my opponent, he did a super, I won that round.

  17. Chip is in sf6 but only when opponent is in burnout

  18. and then daigo does the "kara demon" which to this day i don't know how he does it

  19. I would definitely include buffering in neutral. It’s definitely an advanced technique though, since your spacing has to be such that you only connect to whiffed buttons.

    One of the harder ones was gief cr jab to green hand

  20. Whose idea was it to slap a giant bald head bang in the middle of the action?? 😂😂😂

    Seriously, such a brilliant analysis marred by a seemingly obvious oversight.

    I suppose it’s a good analogue for fighting (games), life, etc…

    “Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” Bruce Lee

  21. In term of difficulty, frame traps are very high. Miles ahead of options select for instance, as it requires a TON of knowledge to use them, depending on the situation and the character you are facing because it's closely related to your opponent's move list and related frame data. Very advanced topic.
    OS in another hand are usually a lot less hard to handle as they are most of the time always the same for a dedicated character and not necessarily depends on your opponent's character, at least in a much lower extends compare to frame traps.
    In short, the OS are more of a generic things: you remember 4/5 of them for your character and you are good to go while you need a deep understanding of your opponent's character's frame data to use your move list properly in order to land your frame trap.

    Moreover, I think your are missing some other key concepts :
    – know how to guard (most important factor. Should be number one);
    – know how to unthrow (kind of related to previous point);
    – know how to read your life and your opponent's life related to your stock(special/super) to apply a certain game plan;
    – your 13th point could include throw as well as it's part of a mix-up strategy;

  22. All this stuff goes way over my head… Still searching for a place to learn. Throw some comments below what you would recommend.

  23. Having you on the left or right side of the screen would be more nicely to watch

  24. I've been bad at fighting games since street fighter 2.

    I don't want to be bad anymore 🙁

  25. "There's no chip in SF6"

    Laughs in exhausted state

  26. Why would you put your face right where the footsies happen…?

  27. You can chip kill at SF6 if your opponent is burned out

  28. This is super cool, what order would you suggest folks practice these things?

  29. Okay, this is just terms and meanings, and not even close to learning. You are just spreading terminologies and that's all. This fight is not special that containing all these concepts, and most of the pro level fights shows all these concepts or even more. Pathetic.

  30. Yo thanks for the video I love looking back at the fundamentals regardless of creator /player it's always a good thing to refresh your fundamentals I really would love a friendly match and talk and learn more if you ever get to this thanks

  31. Punk is a hit confirm GOD lol. He has the craziest confirms

  32. I' pretty sure your verbal fellatio is appreciated by the community.

  33. I'd like to know more about how to bait and punish. One of my biggest weaknesses is not being able to read the opponent. I also struggle knowing when to air-to-air and would like to know more about that.

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