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Vs. Modes in Non-Fighting Games

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Today we take a look at a bunch of different games that are not fighting games, but got a lil fighting game mode in them.

Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends PC Fan project:

Revenge of the Sith Discord:

Song list:
-Flighting Layer – Lan-Yinghua’s Theme
-Mega Man 8 – Frost Man’s Theme
-Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends OST – School
-Xenogears: Invasion
-Resident Evil 2: Basement of the Police Station
-The Bouncer: Sion Barzhad’s Theme
-Tekken 3: Nina William’s Theme
-Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance:

Thanks Epsilon for all the help!

Thank you Erika for being my videographer.

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  1. Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams has a vs mode i thought it was neat as a kid, before i eventually figured out what actual good games play like.😆

  2. Metroid Prime 2 has an awesome pvp mode

  3. Now that I've seen you talk about Star Wars Episode 3, I'd love to see you do a little review of Masters of Teras Kasi for the original PlayStation. Not that it's a good game. I just really enjoy it.

  4. I would like an "unlovable fighting games" series that includes the matrix thing

  5. I'm sad Yakuza games don't have a versus mode.
    Yeah, it let's you play stuff like Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtual On with Online and couch multiplayer, but I would like to see them trying to make the combat work on two players versus.

  6. Falcom had no bearing on releasing all 3 of those games near each other, it’s NISA's fault for being shitty at translating and releasing games years after they were finished 🤷‍♂️

  7. A weird one.

    Star wars, the force unleashed 2, a 3d hack and slash, has a 2d platform fighter versus mode.

  8. Dude thank you so much for your recommendations, always love me some unknown Japanese games
    Also I loved yurusei as a kid and I'm glad one of its games got translated

  9. 6:00 I never understood that Xenogears mech design
    Those things are not wings exactly… And that's the titular mech!


  10. Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure is one of my favorite GBA games and the versus mode is so cool

  11. Streets of rage (bare knuckle in japan) 2 and 3 had a vs mode.

    In streets of rage 1 when you reach the final boss, he asks if you want to join his side. If you are playing 2 player co-op, and one of you picks "yes" and the other ""no", you actually have to fight each other until one person wins, after which you get the result of the "yes/no" reply depending on who won.

  12. A more modern fighting game in a non-fighting game has to be cockfighting in far cry 6 please cover it if you explore this topic again. Great video and keep the good work.

  13. Combatribes for the snes was a pretty good beat ‘em up that had a vs mode

  14. If i recall Tenchu on ps2 also had a vs mode.

  15. I hope you cover the star wars games with fighting modes, almost makes me wish they made another that wasn't teras kasi

  16. Warframe, a third person looter shooter, also has a vs mode like this called Frame Fighter. Its fun but very janky, totally unexplored too since there's so little overlap between the games main audience and the people who would grind out a fighting game lol.

  17. Macross plus on ps1 had a cool versus mode, some mechas were absolute poop and could barely fly and lacked the special weapons they should have had, but god the thing is super fun

  18. GOD me and my brother have been gushing about how great MK Shaolin Monks is for literally a decade now

  19. Skate or Die is a skateboarding game (allegedly) with a fighting mode called "Joust". Does that count?

  20. Star ocean 3 has a janky unbalanced as fuck vs mode. You gotta unlock characters by not having them in your party, but by finding character/outfit cards in treasure chests or whatever. Not worth it.

  21. In wonderful 101 you fight the blue hey and it’s a kind of neat 3D fighter

  22. one that you missed, was the vs mode in Zone of the enders 2

  23. For me, it was the VS mode of Guardian Heroes that I played a lot. It was really fun!

  24. Glad you mentioned Revenge of the Sith's versus mode. Used to play it vs my friends when I was younger, great fun.

  25. 9:40 now that I think about it, Star Wars 3 had a vs a mode that was a fighting game

    9:53 NO FUCKING WAY 💀

  26. CEO and Combo Breaker would be perfect venues for an Urban Reign 2v2 tournament

  27. 9:00 60fps used to be the norm for the 6th generation, it was around the mid 2000s that framerates began to tank into the sub 30fps space for consoles.

  28. This is my favourite genre of games, super mario 64 ds is my personal favourite. Me and my friends held tournaments at an after school club and had 20+ people competing regularly. We even had our own tierlist with Wario on top because of his inescapable command grab and Luigi next because if you time his backflip right you can essentially slingshot across the map and then glide were ever you want.

    Nobody actually knew it was super mario 64 at the time so we all just referred to it as "the yoshi game" as they were the base form character in the versus mode. (In case anybody still plays this by the way Luigi can skip the secret slide map and is one of the only character apart from yoshi who can get back up it)

  29. Dragonball Adventure was such a good gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!
    I wanna replay it now, I played the shit out of it and the Mega Man Zero games.

  30. You should make a video about Fighting games with adventure modes

  31. You forgot the Vs mode in Guardian Heroes Advanced on the GBA

  32. it's not a fighting game, but me and my friend would play mario+rabbids kingdom battle versus mode "competitively". The meta just ended up being luigi+rabbid peach and the other one didn't really matter

  33. Didn’t know about most of these, nice vid.

  34. For the longest time I've wanted a versus mode in the Yakuza series, using the bosses as playable character and be up to 4 players, like some super beutal version of Power Stone.

  35. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the Snes has an epic 1 on 1 vs mode for the final boss! Also if i were to stretch a little id say Ghosts 'n Goblins for the Nes' final boss is kinda sorta maybe a versus mode….?

  36. seeing the fromsoft logo jumpscared me so bad, i thought you were gonna talk about Armored Core's PvP 😭 Shadow Tower was a nice surprise though!!

  37. I was eagerly waiting for this one 😄! Love this concept so much (also thank you for the shoutout 🙇‍♂)

    I think a huge part of why it's so enjoyable it's because these modes feel like actual rewards you earn by beating the game, while at the same time surpassing or subverting your expectations based on the original genre of the game you were playing already.

    Another thing I like is that, most of the time, they feel like a dev toybox of sorts, like in Shadow Tower for example. They could've just made a gallery mode and called it a day, but nope, devs went the extra mile adding a Vs mode reusing the assets they already had.
    I absolutely adore it when games do this kind of stuff, it always feels like a treat.

    And speaking of treats, every time one of your videos drops I know I'm in for one.
    Keep up the amazing job 🙌

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