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UNDERTALE Fighting Game | Sans vs Frisk

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Undertale “Bonetale” Fangame! With commentary / reactions.

Game made by Woloned

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  1. But if it in real life i think i will die where i stand💧

  2. When I played this game on my phone what I did was dodging, then yeet frisk, and while he's flying I throw him a Gaster blaster xd

  3. "what! Frisk dodged my attack!"
    Me: . . . you just threw them closer to you…

  4. You can make frisk miss you how power button

  5. REPLAYS: Do not kill sans he is dance :Quarter: not kill frisk

  6. I love how he says frisk dodged it but all that happened she slashed right before the attack and he was standing still

  7. Ja um dia ja joquei usei muito gaster blaste e so quica na quela cabeça Você um. Ovi barulho


  9. Play of ur phone to under'sand' hehe

  10. When you do bedtime mode and then push this queen then then the bedtime mode while I make risk staying at the sink please and tell your stamina go out and I usually go to use and I usually just use that technique to shoot giant that’s the blasters when I push the skin but I’m old and then I just keep spamming giant that’s blasphemous

  11. I like put in this away with it but time or to make you stick on the wall and then I just do bathtime or giant gas to blasters you should try it windy

  12. The strategy is to slam Frisk to the wall sideways then launch bones to Frisk sideways like Sans do to you in the original undertale

  13. Me: that one Leonardo DiCaprio meme you know the one whistling at the TV while pointing at it

  14. this version of this game was SOO craked, frisk literally cannot hit you 'cause you walk, but they got it out, good game creator that game i always forgot

  15. Frisk isn’t a he frisk is a she

  16. Can You use cheat codes
    Because i cannot use it

  17. This game is easy till the last level it took me a long time to end all of it

  18. I think the bird sounds or well, tweets are when Frisk gets stunned when thrown at a wall

  19. I've played this long ago and it was fun!
    Edit: hey murg try frisk character he can 1 shot! Butttt if u go to hard level. U will see

  20. When an npc becomes frisk and does the frisk dance: 😑

  21. I played this on my phone but it randomly made the language some weird stuff I think it was Arabic but idk

  22. Merg do you know that there are more charaters in bonetale you can find in shop and cases and in hard leve you get more xp total of 150 easely using frisk character and more themes

  23. There's is a cheat code but I forget it

  24. I got this idea when you summon a blaster she dodges the attack and then you slam her in the blast so she dies

  25. Be careful i heard about bad time mode waste of your power do not use bad time mode alot and when you use bad time mode frisk started jumping and when you use bad time mode frisk can't kill you

  26. Really bro really you dead so much times bro

  27. I The Great Papyrus would have done better myself Nyehehehe

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